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Galatians 1

Gal 1:1 Paul, an Ambassador— not from people nor through people, but through Jesus the Anointed and God the Father who raised him from the dead—
Gal 1:2 and the brothers and sisters with me, To all the Congregations in Galatia:
Gal 1:3 Favor and peace to you from God our Father and Master Jesus the Anointed!
Gal 1:4 He gave himself on account of our failures so that he could lift us up out of this evil age, according to the will of our God and Father.
Gal 1:5 Honor to him forever, absolutely!
Gal 1:6 I am astounded that you are being moved from your calling by the favor of the Anointed into a different Gospel—
Gal 1:7 which really isn’t another Gospel at all. Someone is confounding you and trying to distort the Gospel of the Anointed.
Gal 1:8 But even if we or a Messenger from heaven should bring you a Gospel that isn’t the one we brought you before, let them be cursed!
Gal 1:9 I repeat: even if we or a Messenger from heaven should bring you a Gospel that isn’t the one we brought you before, let them be cursed!
Gal 1:10 Do you think I’m trying to impress people or God? Am I after people’s approval? If I were still trying to please people I would not be a slave of the Anointed.
Gal 1:11 I’m telling you right now, sisters and brothers, that the Gospel I brought you was not from people.
Gal 1:12 No, I didn’t learn it from people; it came by means of revelation from Jesus the Anointed.
Gal 1:13 You know very well how I once behaved in Judaism. I severely persecuted God’s Congregation and tried to wipe it out.
Gal 1:14 I excelled in Judaism beyond many of my peers and was very loyal to the traditions of my ancestors.
Gal 1:15 And yet it seemed good to God, who set me apart from birth and called me by means of his favor,
Gal 1:16 to reveal his Son in me, so that I could bring the Gospel to the non-Judeans. I did not immediately consult flesh and blood,
Gal 1:17 nor did I go to Jerusalem to see those who were Ambassadors before me, but instead I went off to Arabia and then returned to Damascus.
Gal 1:18 Then after three years I went to Jerusalem to interview Cephas (Peter) and stayed with him for fifteen days.
Gal 1:19 I did not see any of the other Ambassadors except for James, the brother of the Master.
Gal 1:20 These things I am writing to you are the honest truth before God.
Gal 1:21 Then I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia,
Gal 1:22 and I was still unknown to the Congregations of the Anointed in Judea.
Gal 1:23 They only knew that “the one who persecuted us is now bringing the Gospel of the faith he once tried to destroy!”
Gal 1:24 And they honored God because of me.
Gal 1:1 παυλος αποστολος ουκ απ᾽ ανθρωπων ουδε δι᾽ ανθρωπου αλλα δια ιησου χριστου και θεου πατρος του εγειραντος αυτον εκ νεκρων
Gal 1:2 και οἱ συν εμοι παντες αδελφοι ταις εκκλησιαις της γαλατιας
Gal 1:3 χαρις ὑμιν και ειρηνη απο θεου πατρος και κυριου ἡμων ιησου χριστου
Gal 1:4 του δοντος ἑαυτον ὑπερ των ἁμαρτιων ἡμων ὁπως εξεληται ἡμας εκ του αιωνος του ενεστωτος πονηρου κατα το θελημα του θεου και πατρος ἡμων
Gal 1:5 ὡ ἡ δοξα εις τους αιωνας των αιωνων αμην
Gal 1:6 θαυμαζω ὁτι οὑτως ταχεως μετατιθεσθε απο του καλεσαντος ὑμας εν χαριτι χριστου εις ἑτερον ευαγγελιον
Gal 1:7 ὁ ουκ εστιν αλλο ει. μη τινες εισιν οἱ ταρασσοντες ὑμας και θελοντες μεταστρεψαι το ευαγγελιον του χριστου
Gal 1:8 αλλα και εαν ἡμεις η αγγελος εξ ουρανου ευαγγελιζηται ὑμιν παρ᾽ ὁ ευηγγελισαμεθα ὑμιν αναθεμα εστω
Gal 1:9 ὡς προειρηκαμεν και αρτι παλιν λεγω ει. τις ὑμας ευαγγελιζεται παρ᾽ ὁ παρελαβετε αναθεμα εστω
Gal 1:10 αρτι γαρ ανθρωπους πειθω η τον θεον η ζητω ανθρωποις αρεσκειν ει. ετι ανθρωποις ηρεσκον χριστου δουλος ουκ αν ημην
Gal 1:11 γνωριζω γαρ ὑμιν αδελφοι το ευαγγελιον το ευαγγελισθεν ὑπ᾽ εμου ὁτι ουκ εστιν κατα ανθρωπον
Gal 1:12 ουδε γαρ εγω παρα ανθρωπου παρελαβον αυτο ουτε εδιδαχθην αλλα δι᾽ αποκαλυψεως ιησου χριστου
Gal 1:13 ηκουσατε γαρ την εμην αναστροφην ποτε εν τω ιουδαϊσμω ὁτι καθ᾽ ὑπερβολην εδιωκον την εκκλησιαν του θεου και επορθουν αυτην
Gal 1:14 και προεκοπτον εν τω ιουδαϊσμω ὑπερ πολλους συνηλικιωτας εν τω γενει μου περισσοτερως ζηλωτης ὑπαρχων των πατρικων μου παραδοσεων
Gal 1:15 ὁτε δε ευδοκησεν ὁ θεος ὁ αφορισας με εκ κοιλιας μητρος μου και καλεσας δια της χαριτος αυτου
Gal 1:16 αποκαλυψαι τον υἱον αυτου εν εμοι ἱνα ευαγγελιζωμαι αυτον εν τοις εθνεσιν ευθεως ου προσανεθεμην σαρκι και αἱματι
Gal 1:17 ουδε ανηλθον εις ἱεροσολυμα προς τους προ εμου αποστολους αλλα απηλθον εις αραβιαν και παλιν ὑπεστρεψα εις δαμασκον
Gal 1:18 επειτα μετα ετη τρια ανηλθον εις ἱεροσολυμα ἱστορησαι κηφαν και επεμεινα προς αυτον ἡμερας δεκαπεντε
Gal 1:19 ἑτερον δε των αποστολων ουκ ειδον ει. μη ιακωβον τον αδελφον του κυριου
Gal 1:20 ἁ δε γραφω ὑμιν ιδου ενωπιον του θεου ὁτι ου ψευδομαι
Gal 1:21 επειτα ηλθον εις τα κλιματα της συριας και της κιλικιας
Gal 1:22 ημην δε αγνοουμενος τω προσωπω ταις εκκλησιαις της ιουδαιας ταις εν χριστω
Gal 1:23 μονον δε ακουοντες ησαν ὁτι ὁ διωκων ἡμας ποτε νυν ευαγγελιζεται την πιστιν ἡν ποτε επορθει
Gal 1:24 και εδοξαζον εν εμοι τον θεον