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1:1Paul, an Ambassador— not from people nor through people, but through Jesus the Anointed and God the Father who raised him from the dead—1:2and the brothers and sisters with me,

To all the Congregations in Galatia:

1:3Favor and peace to you from God our Father and Master Jesus the Anointed!1:4He gave himself on account of our failures so that he could lift us up out of this evil age, according to the will of our God and Father.1:5Honor to him forever, absolutely!

1:6I am astounded that you are being moved from your calling by the favor of the Anointed into a different Gospel—1:7which really isn’t another Gospel at all. Someone is confounding you and trying to distort the Gospel of the Anointed.1:8But even if we or a Messenger from heaven should bring you a Gospel that isn’t the one we brought you before, let them be cursed!1:9I repeat: even if we or a Messenger from heaven should bring you a Gospel that isn’t the one we brought you before, let them be cursed!

1:10Do you think I’m trying to impress people or God? Am I after people’s approval? If I were still trying to please people I would not be a slave of the Anointed.1:11I’m telling you right now, sisters and brothers, that the Gospel I brought you was not from people.1:12No, I didn’t learn it from people; it came by means of revelation from Jesus the Anointed.

1:13You know very well how I once behaved in Judaism. I severely persecuted God’s Congregation and tried to wipe it out.1:14I excelled in Judaism beyond many of my peers and was very loyal to the traditions of my ancestors.1:15And yet it seemed good to God, who set me apart from birth and called me by means of his favor,1:16to reveal his Son in me, so that I could bring the Gospel to the non-Judeans.

I did not immediately consult flesh and blood,1:17nor did I go to Jerusalem to see those who were Ambassadors before me, but instead I went off to Arabia and then returned to Damascus.1:18Then after three years I went to Jerusalem to interview Cephas (Peter) and stayed with him for fifteen days.1:19I did not see any of the other Ambassadors except for James, the brother of the Master.1:20These things I am writing to you are the honest truth before God.1:21Then I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia,1:22and I was still unknown to the Congregations of the Anointed in Judea.1:23They only knew that “the one who persecuted us is now bringing the Gospel of the faith he once tried to destroy!”1:24And they honored God because of me.