The Gift New Testament

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2 Corinthians

9:1It really is unnecessary for me to write to you about serving the holy ones9:2because I am aware of your enthusiasm, which I’m bragging about to the Macedonians. Your example has stirred up most of those in Achaia, who have been prepared to give for the past year.9:3But I had to send the believers to you to ensure that our bragging about you was not hollow.9:4It goes without saying that we would be embarrassed if the Macedonians came along with me, assuming what I bragged about, and found you unprepared.

9:5So I felt it necessary to send the believers on ahead to see to it that you made good on your promised generosity. Then it would truly be a generous gift and not something we robbed you of.9:6But keep this in mind: the one who plants sparingly will harvest little, and the one who plants generously will harvest much.9:7Let each one give as they choose— without sadness or compulsion— because God loves a cheerful giver.

9:8Now God has the ability to shower you with gifts, to the point where you will not only have all your needs met, but that you will overflow with good deeds.9:9As it is written, “He gives generously to the poor, and his justice remains forever.”9:10The One who supplies more than enough seed for planting and bread for food will also supply you with limitless “seed” and cause your “crops” of justice to multiply.9:11Then you will be rich in every way— enabling you to be generous, which will result in gratitude to God.

9:12Through this official service— meeting the needs of the holy ones— you have passed the test and honored God. This will certainly result in overflowing gratitude to God,9:13because they will see your support and agreement with the Gospel of the Anointed and your generous partnership with them and everyone.9:14Out of their overflowing gratitude toward God they will pray that he will favor you, and they’ll be eager to meet you.9:15Praise God for his indescribable gift!