The Gift New Testament

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2 Corinthians

8:1Now, sisters and brothers, we want to tell you about the favor God granted to the Congregations in Macedonia.8:2Their extreme happiness matched their extreme hardship, and the height of their generosity matched the depth of their poverty.8:3They went beyond their ability, by their own free will,8:4begging to participate with us in service to the holy ones.8:5In contrast to what we expected, they willingly gave first to the Master and then to us, according to God’s will.8:6So we encouraged Titus that, just as he did before, he should complete this gift with you also.8:7Just as you excel in faith, speech, knowledge, dedication, and the love that flows from you to us, now excel in this gift.

8:8I am not giving you a command, but I want to test the genuineness of your love in light of the dedication of these others.8:9For you know about the favor of our Master Jesus the Anointed, how he gave up his riches to become poor for your sakes, so that through his poverty you could become rich.8:10And in my opinion, this is for your own good, because for the past year you have been putting your intentions into action.8:11So now you need to finish the job from what you have.

8:12If someone is eager to give, it is accepted on the basis of what they have, not on what they don’t have.8:13And the purpose is not to make them comfortable at your expense but to bring equality.8:14Right now your excess will meet their need, but there may come a time when they will have excess to meet your need; that is equality.8:15As it is written: “The one who gathered a lot had no extra, and the one who gathered little had enough.”

8:16I am so grateful to God for putting into Titus’ heart the same dedication to you that we have.8:17He not only gladly accepted the assignment to visit you but was all the more intent upon doing so.8:18Now we stand together with this brother, whose reputation with the Gospel extends to all the Congregations.8:19Not only that, he was the one chosen by them to travel with us to take this gift we eagerly dispense, to the honor of the Master Himself.8:20So we need to be extra careful about how we handle this generous gift.8:21We need to be above reproach, both in the sight of the Master and the sight of people.

8:22Now we sent along with them our brother, who has often been tested and found dedicated and is now much more so. I have a lot of confidence in you,8:23whether by virtue of Titus, my partner and your co-worker, or our sisters and brothers, the Ambassadors of the Congregations and the honor of the Anointed.8:24Then your love and our bragging about you will be displayed for all the Congregations to see.