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2 Corinthians

3:1Are we beginning to promote ourselves again? What?! We need no letters of recommendation, either from you or to you.3:2You yourselves are that letter! You were engraved on our hearts, known and read by everyone.3:3You are a living letter of the Anointed, sent by us: one not written in ink but by the Spirit of the Living God; not on stone tablets but on your hearts.3:4This is the basis for our confidence toward God through the Anointed.3:5And it isn’t as though we ourselves are competent to figure anything out, but that our understanding comes from God.3:6He also qualifies us to dispense the new contract— not a written one but a spiritual one— because the Law condemns while the Spirit acquits.

3:7Think about that Law chiseled in stone, the one that condemns. If it came in majesty, so that the people of Israel could not keep watching Moses’ face while the majesty faded,3:8how much greater is the majesty of what is dispensed by the Spirit?3:9If that which condemns had majesty, then think of how much greater is the majesty of that which acquits!3:10In fact, the old majesty has faded because of the new one that outshines it.3:11If that which was destined to fade out had majesty, then think of how much more majesty is there for what remains!

3:12So then, because we have this hope we are bold and free—3:13not like Moses who had to cover his face so the people of Israel couldn’t watch the majesty fade away.3:14But up to the present day their minds have been calloused; the covering still remains when they read the old contract, because only the Anointed can uncover their minds.3:15To this very day their minds remain covered when Moses is read.3:16But if they ever change their minds toward the Master, the covering will be removed.3:17The Master is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Master is, there is freedom.3:18Now all of us, with faces uncovered, reflect the majesty of the Master and are being transformed into the same image, becoming more and more majestic, by the Spirit of the Master.