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2 Corinthians

13:1Again, this will be my third visit to you; “By the testimony of two or three witnesses every charge will be confirmed.”13:2I declared before to those who were failing and to all the rest (as I warned when I was there the second time and repeat now in my absence), that if I came a third time I would not spare anyone,13:3because you want proof that the Anointed speaks through me. He is not weak among you but powerful.13:4For even though he was crucified in weakness, he nonetheless lives in the power of God. So we who are weak are together with him in weakness, but we will live together with him by the power of God for you.

13:5Test yourselves to see if you really are in the faith— unless of course you yourselves do not know whether Jesus the Anointed is in you, and you are somehow disqualified!13:6And I hope you know that we are not disqualified.13:7We are putting in a claim to God that you will do no evil— not so we’ll look better but so you will do what is right, even if that makes us look bad.13:8For we cannot be against the truth.13:9We celebrate when we are weak but you are strong, and we put in a claim to God for you to be fully equipped.13:10Because of all that, I am writing these things in my absence so that when I come I will not have to be harsh with you, in accordance with the authority the Master gave me to build you up and not tear you down.

13:11Finally, sisters and brothers, be happy! Change your ways, encourage each other, be of one mind, be at peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.13:12Greet each other warmly.13:13All the holy ones greet you.13:14May the favor of Master Jesus the Anointed and the love of God and the partnership of the Holy Spirit be with you all.