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2 Corinthians

10:1I, Paul, encourage you through the gentleness and mercy of the Anointed. I am humble in person, but even when I am not with you I have confidence in you.10:2But when I am there with you, I plead with you not to make me display the confident courage I use when I must stand against those who gauge us according to the flesh.10:3For although we are in the flesh we do not conduct warfare in the flesh.10:4Our weapons of war are not fleshly but have the power of God to pull down strongholds,10:5schemes, and everything that is raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every scheme captive into compliance with the Anointed.10:6We always stand ready to avenge every lapse of attention, once your compliance is complete.

10:7You are only looking on the surface. Anyone who is self-assured as belonging to the Anointed must consider this: if they belong to the Anointed, then so do we.10:8In fact, if I were to brag about all the authority the Master gave us (for building you up, not pulling you down), I can assure you that I would not be put to shame,10:9because my letters would be much more terrifying than they already are!10:10One of you says, “His letters are weighty and strong, but in person he is weak and a poor speaker.”10:11Let that person consider the fact that we are quite capable of being the same in person as we are in writing!

10:12We wouldn’t dare to think we are in the same class as these people! But when they use themselves as their own standard, it shows they know nothing at all.10:13Now we will keep our bragging within reason, according to the limits God gave out to us— and you are within those limits.10:14No, we’re not out of bounds with you, because we were the first to reach you with the Gospel;10:15we are not taking credit for someone else’s work. Yet we hope that your faith will mature and be greatly expanded,10:16so that our range will extend beyond you— but not over the work someone else has prepared.10:17Now whoever brags must brag only about the Master.10:18It is the one the Master commends who is qualified, not those who commend themselves.