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1 Corinthians

16:1Now concerning the collection of funds for the holy ones, do what I prescribed for those in Galatia:16:2on the First of Sabbaths,1 each of you should set aside an amount according to how you have prospered. That way no collections have to be made when I come.16:3Now when I do come, I will write letters of recommendation for whomever you choose to take your gift to Jerusalem.16:4If I have the opportunity to go, I’ll take them along with me.16:5I plan to come to you on my way through Macedonia.

16:6If by any chance I can stay there with you, maybe even for the winter, then you can send me on to wherever I’m going.16:7My intention is not to just see you now in passing, but with the hope that I can spend some time with you if the Master permits.16:8But I will stay in Ephesus till Pentecost,16:9because a great opportunity has presented itself, and there are many who oppose me.

16:10Now if Timothy comes, see to it that he can come to you without apprehension, for he is doing the work of the Master just as I am.16:11And let no one look down on him. Send him on in peace so he can visit me, because I am waiting for him with the brothers and sisters.16:12Concerning brother Apollos, I have asked him to come to you with the sisters and brothers. He really did not want to come now, but he will when it’s convenient.

16:13Stay sharp! Stand firm in the faith; be brave and strong.16:14Do everything in love.16:15Now I plead with you, brothers and sisters— you who are acquainted with the household of Stephanas, the first in Achaia to believe and who dedicated themselves to serve the holy ones—16:16that you will support them and all who labor together with us.16:17I am very happy that Stephanas and Fortunatus and Achaicus have arrived because they were able to supply whatever you lacked.16:18Recognize these who have soothed my spirit and yours.

16:19The Congregations in the province of Asia greet you as fellow servants of the Master, as do Aquila and Prisca, along with the Congregation that meets in their home.16:20All the brothers and sisters greet you; greet each other warmly.16:21I, Paul, write this greeting with my own hand.

16:22A curse upon anyone who has no affection for the Master! Come, Master!16:23May the favor of Master Jesus the Anointed be with you.16:24My love is with all of you in Anointed Jesus.

  1. 1“First of Sabbaths” refers to the day of the wave offering, which is the first day of the week after Passover and the start of marking off 7 weeks until Pentecost (see verse 8).