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1:1Paul, a slave of Anointed Jesus, called as an Ambassador and set apart for the Gospel of God1:2(which he promised before through his prophets in the holy scriptures)1:3concerning his Son (who as far as the flesh is concerned was of the ancestry of David,1:4and is the One powerfully identified as the God-Man, according to the spirit of holiness by the resurrection of the dead), Jesus the Anointed, our Master.1:5Through Him we obtained favor and a commission into compliant faith among all the non-Judeans for the sake of his Name, 1:6along with you who are also called by Jesus the Anointed.

1:7To all who are in Rome, loved by God and called holy ones: Favor and peace to you from God our Father and Master Jesus the Anointed!

1:8First, I thank my God through Jesus the Anointed concerning all of you, because your faith is being announced all over the world.1:9God, to whom I offer divine spiritual service for the Gospel of his Son, is my witness of how I never stop mentioning you1:10in all my prayers, pleading that somehow, sometime, in some way, the will of God would permit me to come visit you.1:11I very much want to see you so I can share some spiritual gift with you, to anchor you.1:12In this way you can all be a comfort to each other through your faith and mine.

1:13Now I don’t want you to be unaware, brothers and sisters, of the fact that I wanted to visit you many times but was prevented until now, so that I would have some of the same results among you as among the rest of the non-Judeans.1:14I am indebted to both Greeks and barbarians, the wise and the foolish;1:15that is why I was eager to bring the Gospel to those of you in Rome as well.1:16I am not ashamed of this Gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to all who believe— first to the Judean and then to the Greek.1:17This Gospel is revealing God’s justice, beginning and ending in faith. As it is written, “The just will live by faith.”

1:18God’s rage is being revealed from heaven against every kind of irreverence and injustice committed by people who unjustly suppress the truth.1:19And it’s because what can be known about God is obvious among them, since God has shown it to them.1:20For his invisible qualities can be seen by means of the creation of the world; we catch a glimpse of them— as well as his unknowable power and divinity— by his achievements, so that people are without excuse.1:21They know God but give him no honor and show him no gratitude.

So their thinking became futile and their stupid minds were darkened.1:22Claiming to be wise they were made fools instead,1:23and they traded the honor of the incorruptible God for things made in the images of people, flying creatures, four-legged creatures, and reptiles.1:24For that reason God handed them over to the desires of their hearts, into the filth of polluting their bodies among themselves.1:25They turned the truth about God into a lie and worshiped the creation instead of the Creator— who is blessed forever, absolutely!

1:26So God handed them over to their disgusting passions: women traded natural intimate relations for unnatural,1:27and men abandoned natural intimate relations with women to be inflamed with lust for other men, spawning indecency. They were then directly paid back as they deserved for their perversion.1:28Since they did not see a reason to give God recognition, God saw a reason to hand them over to an unreasoning mind so that they would do inappropriate things.1:29They have been filled with all kinds of injustice, evil, greed, and malice; they are saturated with envy, murder, rivalry, treachery, and depravity; they gossip1:30and trash talk; they hate God; they are arrogant, contemptuous impostors; they invent new forms of evil; they set themselves against their parents;1:31they are stupid and honor no agreements; they are devoid of natural feelings and have no mercy.1:32Since they know what is right, those who make a habit of such things are deserving of God’s death sentence. Yet they not only do these things, they also approve of everyone else who makes a habit of them.