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Romans 5

Rom 5:1 So then, seeing that we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Master Jesus the Anointed,
Rom 5:2 through whom we also have access by faith into this favor in which we stand. We can take pride in our confident expectation of God’s favor—
Rom 5:3 and in our oppressions, which we know result in endurance;
Rom 5:4 and endurance makes us pass the test, which leads to hope.
Rom 5:5 And this hope does not fade, because of the love God has poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit he gave us.
Rom 5:6 While we were still weak, the Anointed died at just the right time for the sake of the ungodly.
Rom 5:7 It rarely happens that someone will die for a public benefactor, let alone an ordinary innocent person.
Rom 5:8 So God displays his love for us by virtue of the fact that the Anointed died for our sakes while we were still failures.
Rom 5:9 And how much more, now that his blood has cleared us of all charges, will we be saved from God’s rage through him!
Rom 5:10 After all, if we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son while we were still his enemies, how much more will we now be saved through his life!
Rom 5:11 And on top of that, we can also be proud of belonging to God by means of our Master Jesus the Anointed, the One who accomplished that reconciliation.
Rom 5:12 Failure entered into the world by means of one person, and death by means of failure, and so death passed on to all people, seeing that all failed.
Rom 5:13 Failure was in the world before there was law, yet failure is not taken into account where there is no law.
Rom 5:14 Even so, death was in charge from Adam to Moses, even over those who did not cross the line as did Adam— who is a type of the One to come.
Rom 5:15 But the gift of God is nothing like the blunder! For if death came to many because of one blunder, how much better is the favor of God to many, granted from the one person: Jesus the Anointed!
Rom 5:16 Again, the gift is nothing like the failure. In the first case, the verdict pronounced on the one led to condemnation, while in the second, favor came after many blunders and resulted in acquittal.
Rom 5:17 For if death reigned because of one blunder, how much better will be the reign of life through the One— Jesus the Anointed— for those who take hold of God’s overflowing favor and the gift of innocence!
Rom 5:18 Then it follows that just as one blunder brought condemnation to all people, so also one act of justice brought acquittal and life to all people.
Rom 5:19 Through the disobedience of the one person many were brought into a state of failure; likewise, through the obedience of the One, many were brought into a state of innocence.
Rom 5:20 But when law was introduced, blunders increased; yet when failure increased, favor abounded even more.
Rom 5:21 So just as Failure was put in charge because of death, so also Favor is put in charge through justice because of eternal life, by means of Jesus the Anointed our Master.
Rom 5:1 δικαιωθεντες ουν εκ πιστεως ειρηνην εχομεν προς τον θεον δια του κυριου ἡμων ιησου χριστου
Rom 5:2 δι᾽ οὑ και την προσαγωγην εσχηκαμεν τη πιστει εις την χαριν ταυτην εν ἡ ἑστηκαμεν και καυχωμεθα επ᾽ ελπιδι της δοξης του θεου
Rom 5:3 ου μονον δε αλλα και καυχωμεθα εν ταις θλιψεσιν ειδοτες ὁτι ἡ θλιψις ὑπομονην κατεργαζεται
Rom 5:4 ἡ δε ὑπομονη δοκιμην ἡ δε δοκιμη ελπιδα
Rom 5:5 ἡ δε ελπις ου καταισχυνει ὁτι ἡ αγαπη του θεου εκκεχυται εν ταις καρδιαις ἡμων δια πνευματος ἁγιου του δοθεντος ἡμιν
Rom 5:6 ετι γαρ χριστος οντων ἡμων ασθενων ετι κατα καιρον ὑπερ ασεβων απεθανεν
Rom 5:7 μολις γαρ ὑπερ δικαιου τις αποθανειται ὑπερ γαρ του αγαθου ταχα τις και τολμα αποθανειν
Rom 5:8 συνιστησιν δε την ἑαυτου αγαπην εις ἡμας ὁ θεος ὁτι ετι ἁμαρτωλων οντων ἡμων χριστος ὑπερ ἡμων απεθανεν
Rom 5:9 πολλω ουν μαλλον δικαιωθεντες νυν εν τω αἱματι αυτου σωθησομεθα δι᾽ αυτου απο της οργης
Rom 5:10 ει. γαρ εχθροι οντες κατηλλαγημεν τω θεω δια του θανατου του υἱου αυτου πολλω μαλλον καταλλαγεντες σωθησομεθα εν τη ζωη αυτου
Rom 5:11 ου μονον δε αλλα και καυχωμενοι εν τω θεω δια του κυριου ἡμων ιησου χριστου δι᾽ οὑ νυν την καταλλαγην ελαβομεν
Rom 5:12 δια τουτο ὡσπερ δι᾽ ἑνος ανθρωπου ἡ ἁμαρτια εις τον κοσμον εισηλθεν και δια της ἁμαρτιας ὁ θανατος και οὑτως εις παντας ανθρωπους ὁ θανατος διηλθεν εφ᾿ ὡ παντες ἡμαρτον
Rom 5:13 αχρι γαρ νομου ἁμαρτια ην εν κοσμω ἁμαρτια δε ουκ ελλογειται μη οντος νομου
Rom 5:14 αλλα εβασιλευσεν ὁ θανατος απο αδαμ μεχρι μωϋσεως και επι τους μη ἁμαρτησαντας επι τω ὁμοιωματι της παραβασεως αδαμ ὁς εστι τυπος του μελλοντος
Rom 5:15 αλλ᾽ ουχ ὡς το παραπτωμα οὑτως και το χαρισμα ει. γαρ τω του ἑνος παραπτωματι οἱ πολλοι απεθανον πολλω μαλλον ἡ χαρις του θεου και ἡ δωρεα εν χαριτι τη του ἑνος ανθρωπου ιησου χριστου εις τους πολλους επερισσευσεν
Rom 5:16 και ουχ ὡς δι᾽ ἑνος ἁμαρτησαντος το δωρημα το μεν γαρ κριμα εξ ἑνος εις κατακριμα το δε χαρισμα εκ πολλων παραπτωματων εις δικαιωμα
Rom 5:17 ει. γαρ τω του ἑνος παραπτωματι ὁ θανατος εβασιλευσεν δια του ἑνος πολλω μαλλον οἱ την περισσειαν της χαριτος και της δωρεας της δικαιοσυνης λαμβανοντες εν ζωη βασιλευσουσιν δια του ἑνος ιησου χριστου
Rom 5:18 αρα ουν ὡς δι᾽ ἑνος παραπτωματος εις παντας ανθρωπους εις κατακριμα οὑτως και δι᾽ ἑνος δικαιωματος εις παντας ανθρωπους εις δικαιωσιν ζωης
Rom 5:19 ὡσπερ γαρ δια της παρακοης του ἑνος ανθρωπου ἁμαρτωλοι κατεσταθησαν οἱ πολλοι οὑτως και δια της ὑπακοης του ἑνος δικαιοι κατασταθησονται οἱ πολλοι
Rom 5:20 νομος δε παρεισηλθεν ἱνα πλεοναση το παραπτωμα οὑ δε επλεονασεν ἡ ἁμαρτια ὑπερεπερισσευσεν ἡ χαρις
Rom 5:21 ἱνα ὡσπερ εβασιλευσεν ἡ ἁμαρτια εν τω θανατω οὑτως και ἡ χαρις βασιλευση δια δικαιοσυνης εις ζωην αιωνιον δια ιησου χριστου του κυριου ἡμων