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Romans 4

Rom 4:1 Now what can we say that Abraham, our biological founder, discovered?
Rom 4:2 If he was justified by his actions he had something to brag about— but not before God.
Rom 4:3 For what does the scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and for that reason he was cleared of all charges.”
Rom 4:4 Now a worker’s wages are not considered a gift but a debt.
Rom 4:5 In contrast, the one who does not work but instead trusts in the One who justifies the ungodly, is cleared of all charges because of faith.
Rom 4:6 Even David says this about the happiness of the person whose charges have been cleared by God apart from actions:
Rom 4:7 “Happy are they whose lawlessness was pardoned, and whose failures were covered over.
Rom 4:8 Happy is the one the Master does not charge with failure.”
Rom 4:9 Is this happiness only for the circumcision or also for the uncircumcision? We say that innocence was assigned to Abraham because of his faith.
Rom 4:10 Did circumcision have anything to do with it? No.
Rom 4:11 And he received the sign of circumcision as a seal of the faith that justified him before he was circumcised. So he is considered the ancestor of all who believe without circumcision.
Rom 4:12 Yet he is also the ancestor of the circumcised— and not just of those with physical circumcision but also of those who continue to live out the same quality of faith as Abraham.
Rom 4:13 Now the promise to Abraham (or to his Descendant)— that he would inherit the world— did not come by legalistic means, but by his being declared innocent due to his faith.
Rom 4:14 For if those under law can enjoy the inheritance, then faith has been emptied and the promise has been nullified.
Rom 4:15 After all, law brings a guilty verdict, but where there is no law there can be no way to break it.
Rom 4:16 Therefore, the promise is from faith, making it a matter of favor. In that way the promise was guaranteed as valid to all the descendants— not just to those under the law but also to those with the faith of Abraham. And he is the ancestor of all of us,
Rom 4:17 as the scriptures say: “I have appointed you the ancestor of many nations.” He believed this because it came from the God who makes the dead live again and calls into existence that which does not exist.
Rom 4:18 He who was long past hope confidently expected that he would become the ancestor of many nations, just as the promise was stated: “This is how your descendants will be.”
Rom 4:19 And his faith was not weak, even though he realized that his body, which was about a hundred years old, was as good as dead, as also was Sarah’s womb.
Rom 4:20 Yet Abraham’s faith in God never wavered; instead it was given new life, for which he exalted God.
Rom 4:21 He was fully assured that God was able to do what was promised.
Rom 4:22 That is the reason he was cleared of all charges.
Rom 4:23 Now these words were not only written for his benefit
Rom 4:24 but also for ours. We who put our trust in the One who raised Jesus our Master from the dead will also have all charges against us dropped.
Rom 4:25 He was handed over because of our blunders and raised to justify us.
Rom 4:1 τι ουν ερουμεν εὑρηκεναι αβρααμ τον πατερα ἡμων κατα σαρκα
Rom 4:2 ει. γαρ αβρααμ εξ εργων εδικαιωθη εχει καυχημα αλλ᾽ ου προς τον θεον
Rom 4:3 τι γαρ ἡ γραφη λεγειν επιστευσεν δε αβρααμ τω θεω και ελογισθη αυτω εις δικαιοσυνην
Rom 4:4 τω δε εργαζομενω ὁ μισθος ου λογιζεται κατα χαριν αλλα κατα οφειλημα
Rom 4:5 τω δε μη εργαζομενω πιστευοντι δε επι τον δικαιουντα τον ασεβη λογιζεται ἡ πιστις αυτου εις δικαιοσυνην
Rom 4:6 καθαπερ και δαυιδ λεγειν τον μακαρισμον του ανθρωπου ὡ ὁ θεος λογιζεται δικαιοσυνην χωρις εργων
Rom 4:7 μακαριοι ὡν αφεθησαν αἱ ανομιαι και ὡν επεκαλυφθησαν αἱ ἁμαρτιαι
Rom 4:8 μακαριος ανηρ οὑ ου μη λογισηται κυριος ἁμαρτιαν
Rom 4:9 ὁ μακαρισμος ουν οὑτος επι την περιτομην η και επι την ακροβυστιαν λεγομεν γαρ ελογισθη τω αβρααμ ἡ πιστις εις δικαιοσυνην
Rom 4:10 πως ουν ελογισθη εν περιτομη οντι η εν ακροβυστια ουκ εν περιτομη αλλ᾽ εν ακροβυστια
Rom 4:11 και σημειον ελαβεν περιτομης σφραγιδα της δικαιοσυνης της πιστεως της εν τη ακροβυστια εις το ειναι αυτον πατερα παντων των πιστευοντων δι᾽ ακροβυστιας εις το λογισθηναι και αυτοις την δικαιοσυνην
Rom 4:12 και πατερα περιτομης τοις ουκ εκ περιτομης μονον αλλα και τοις στοιχουσιν τοις ιχνεσιν της εν τη ακροβυστια πιστεως του πατρος ἡμων αβρααμ
Rom 4:13 ου γαρ δια νομου ἡ επαγγελια τω αβρααμ η τω σπερματι αυτου το κληρονομον αυτον ειναι του κοσμου αλλα δια δικαιοσυνης πιστεως
Rom 4:14 ει. γαρ οἱ εκ νομου κληρονομοι κεκενωται ἡ πιστις και κατηργηται ἡ επαγγελια
Rom 4:15 ὁ γαρ νομος οργην κατεργαζεται οὑ γαρ ουκ εστιν νομος ουδε παραβασις
Rom 4:16 δια τουτο εκ πιστεως ἱνα κατα χαριν εις το ειναι βεβαιαν την επαγγελιαν παντι τω σπερματι ου τω εκ του νομου μονον αλλα και τω εκ πιστεως αβρααμ ὁς εστιν πατηρ παντων ἡμων
Rom 4:17 καθως γεγραπται ὁτι πατερα πολλων εθνων τεθεικα σε κατεναντι οὑ επιστευσεν θεου του ζωοποιουντος τους νεκρους και καλουντος τα μη οντα ὡς οντα
Rom 4:18 ὁς παρ᾿ ελπιδα επ᾽ ελπιδι επιστευσεν εις το γενεσθαι αυτον πατερα πολλων εθνων κατα το ειρημενον οὑτως εσται το σπερμα σου
Rom 4:19 και μη ασθενησας τη πιστει κατενοησεν το ἑαυτου σωμα ηδη νενεκρωμενον ἑκατονταετης που ὑπαρχων και την νεκρωσιν μητρας σαρρας
Rom 4:20 εις δε την επαγγελιαν του θεου ου διεκριθη τη απιστια αλλ᾽ ενεδυναμωθη τη πιστει δους δοξαν τω θεω
Rom 4:21 και πληροφορηθεις ὁτι ὁ επηγγελται δυνατος εστιν και ποιησαι
Rom 4:22 διο και ελογισθη αυτω εις δικαιοσυνην
Rom 4:23 ουκ εγραφη δε δι᾽ αυτον μονον ὁτι ελογισθη αυτω
Rom 4:24 αλλα και δι᾽ ἡμας οἱς μελλει λογιζεσθαι τοις πιστευουσιν επι τον εγειραντα ιησουν τον κυριον ἡμων εκ νεκρων
Rom 4:25 ὁς παρεδοθη δια τα παραπτωματα ἡμων και ηγερθη δια την δικαιωσιν ἡμων