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Romans 2

Rom 2:1 But you— what is your defense? For in judging others you condemn yourself, because you practice the same things!
Rom 2:2 Now we know that the judgment of God is right against those who do such things,
Rom 2:3 but do you actually think that even though you do the same things, that somehow you will escape God’s justice?
Rom 2:4 Ridiculous! You think nothing of his abundant kindness and restraint and patience; do you not understand that God’s kindness is supposed to lead to a change of your mind?
Rom 2:5 So in keeping with your hard heart and unchanged mind, you are storing up God’s rage for yourself toward the day God hands down his judgment.
Rom 2:6 He will repay everyone for what they did:
Rom 2:7 eternal life to those who persist in doing good and look for honor, value, and immortality,
Rom 2:8 but anger and rage to the unjust who are rebellious and hostile to the truth and welcome injustice.
Rom 2:9 There will be oppression and constriction for everyone who practices evil, first to the Judean and then to the Greek;
Rom 2:10 yet there will be honor and value and peace to everyone who does good things, first to the Judean and then to the Greek.
Rom 2:11 God will show no favoritism in this!
Rom 2:12 Whoever erred without law will die without law, and whoever erred under law will be judged by law.
Rom 2:13 For it isn’t those who only hear law that are justified before God, but those who also act accordingly.
Rom 2:14 So whenever the non-Judeans who have no law naturally do what law requires, they are acting under their own law.
Rom 2:15 They show by their actions that there is a law written on their hearts; their reasoning and conscience work together to either acquit or condemn them,
Rom 2:16 on the Day when God will judge what is hidden in people according to my Gospel through Jesus the Anointed.
Rom 2:17 Now if you who call yourself a Judean rely on law and brag about belonging to God
Rom 2:18 and knowing his will, then you have been trained to test whether something is according to law.
Rom 2:19 You think of yourself as a guide for the blind and a light in the darkness,
Rom 2:20 a correcter of the reckless and a teacher of babies; you think you have a lock on the knowledge of truth through the law.
Rom 2:21 But if that’s the case, teacher, then teach yourself! You tell others not to steal but do it yourself;
Rom 2:22 you speak out against adultery but commit it yourself; you detest idols but violate the sanctuary;
Rom 2:23 you brag about the law but you cross the line and dishonor God!
Rom 2:24 It is because of you that “the name of God is being slandered among the non-Judeans,” just as it is written.
Rom 2:25 Now don’t get me wrong; circumcision is of value— as long as you keep practicing the law and never break it, because then your circumcision would be nullified.
Rom 2:26 So if the uncircumcised do what the law requires, shouldn’t they be considered circumcised?
Rom 2:27 Not only that, these uncircumcised who naturally do what the law requires will be your judges, since you broke the law even though you knew it and were circumcised!
Rom 2:28 In fact, it isn’t the external that makes one a Judean; it isn’t what’s apparent in the flesh via circumcision.
Rom 2:29 A true Judean is one on the inside, who is circumcised in spirit and not the letter of law; their praise will not come from people but from God.
Rom 2:1 διο αναπολογητος ει ω. ανθρωπε πας ὁ κρινων εν ὡ γαρ κρινεις τον ἑτερον σεαυτον κατακρινεις τα γαρ αυτα πρασσεις ὁ κρινων
Rom 2:2 οιδαμεν δε ὁτι το κριμα του θεου εστιν κατα αληθειαν επι τους τα τοιαυτα πρασσοντας
Rom 2:3 λογιζη δε τουτο ω.. ανθρωπε ὁ κρινων τους τα τοιαυτα πρασσοντας και ποιων αυτα ὁτι συ εκφευξη το κριμα του θεου
Rom 2:4 η του πλουτου της χρηστοτητος αυτου και της ανοχης και της μακροθυμιας καταφρονεις αγνοων ὁτι το χρηστον του θεου εις μετανοιαν σε αξει
Rom 2:5 κατα δε την σκληροτητα σου και αμετανοητον καρδιαν θησαυριζεις σεαυτω οργην εν ἡμερα οργης και αποκαλυψεως δικαιοκρισιας του θεου
Rom 2:6 ὁς αποδωσει ἑκαστω κατα τα εργα αυτου
Rom 2:7 τοις μεν καθ᾽ ὑπομονην εργου αγαθου δοξαν και τιμην και αφθαρσιαν ζητουσιν ζωην αιωνιον
Rom 2:8 τοις δε εξ εριθειας και απειθουσι τη αληθεια πειθομενοις δε τη αδικια οργη και θυμος
Rom 2:9 θλιψις και στενοχωρια επι πασαν ψυχην ανθρωπου του κατεργαζομενου το κακον ιουδαιου τε πρωτον και ἑλληνος
Rom 2:10 δοξα δε και τιμη και ειρηνη παντι τω εργαζομενω το αγαθον ιουδαιω τε πρωτον και ἑλληνι
Rom 2:11 ου γαρ εστιν προσωποληψια παρα τω θεω
Rom 2:12 ὁσοι γαρ ανομως ἡμαρτον ανομως και απολουνται και ὁσοι εν νομω ἡμαρτον δια νομου κριθησονται
Rom 2:13 ου γαρ οἱ ακροαται νομου δικαιοι παρα τω θεω αλλ᾽ οἱ ποιηται νομου δικαιωθησονται
Rom 2:14 ὁταν γαρ εθνη τα μη νομον εχοντα φυσει τα του νομου ποιωσιν οὑτοι νομον μη εχοντες ἑαυτοις εισιν νομος
Rom 2:15 οἱτινες ενδεικνυνται το εργον του νομου γραπτον εν ταις καρδιαις αυτων συμμαρτυρουσης αυτων της συνειδησεως και μεταξυ αλληλων των λογισμων κατηγορουντων η και απολογουμενων
Rom 2:16 εν ἡμερα ὁτε κρινει ὁ θεος τα κρυπτα των ανθρωπων κατα το ευαγγελιον μου δια ιησου χριστου
Rom 2:17 ει. δε συ ιουδαιος επονομαζη και επαναπαυη νομω και καυχασαι εν θεω
Rom 2:18 και γινωσκεις το θελημα και δοκιμαζεις τα διαφεροντα κατηχουμενος εκ του νομου
Rom 2:19 πεποιθας τε σεαυτον ὁδηγον ειναι τυφλων φως των εν σκοτει
Rom 2:20 παιδευτην αφρονων διδασκαλον νηπιων εχοντα την μορφωσιν της γνωσεως και της αληθειας εν τω νομω
Rom 2:21 ὁ ουν διδασκων ἑτερον σεαυτον ου διδασκεις ὁ κηρυσσων μη κλεπτειν κλεπτεις
Rom 2:22 ὁ λεγων μη μοιχευειν μοιχευειν. ὁ βδελυσσομενος τα ειδωλα ἱεροσυλεις
Rom 2:23 ὁς εν νομω καυχασαι δια της παραβασεως του νομου τον θεον θεον ατιμαζετε
Rom 2:24 το γαρ ονομα του θεου ἡμας βλασφημειται εν τοις εθνεσιν καθως γεγραπται
Rom 2:25 περιτομη μεν γαρ ωφελει εαν νομον πρασσης εαν δε παραβατης νομου ης ἡ περιτομη σου ακροβυστια γεγονεν
Rom 2:26 εαν ουν ἡ ακροβυστια τα δικαιωματα του νομου φυλασση ουχ ἡ ακροβυστια αυτου εις περιτομην λογισθειη
Rom 2:27 και κρινει ἡ εκ φυσεως ακροβυστια τον νομον τελουσα σε τον δια γραμματος και περιτομης παραβατην νομου
Rom 2:28 ου γαρ ὁ εν τω φανερω ιουδαιος εστιν ουδε ἡ εν τω φανερω εν σαρκι περιτομη
Rom 2:29 ὁ εν τω κρυπτω ιουδαιος και περιτομη καρδιας εν πνευματι ου γραμματι οὑ ὁ επαινος ουκ εξ ανθρωπων αλλ᾽ εκ του θεου