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Romans 10

Rom 10:1 Sisters and brothers, my heartfelt desire and request to God on their behalf is for their salvation.
Rom 10:2 I can vouch for their enthusiasm for God, but they don’t understand what they are so enthusiastic about.
Rom 10:3 They are ignorant of the justice of God and try to establish their own; thus they were not justified by God.
Rom 10:4 For the Anointed is the fulfillment of law, such that everyone who believes is cleared of all charges.
Rom 10:5 In writing about the justice of the law, Moses said, “The person who does all of this will live by it.”
Rom 10:6 Yet the justice of faith says this: “Don’t ask yourself, ‘Who will go up into heaven?’ (that is, to lead the Anointed down),
Rom 10:7 or ‘Who will go down into the Abyss?’ (that is, to lead the Anointed up from the dead).”
Rom 10:8 But what does it say? “The declaration is near you, in your mouth and in your mind” (that is, the declaration of the faith we are proclaiming):
Rom 10:9 If you openly state that Jesus is Master and believe that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
Rom 10:10 For it is with the mind that you believe and are cleared of all charges, and with the mouth you speak out and are saved.
Rom 10:11 As the scripture says, “No one who puts their trust in him will be embarrassed.”
Rom 10:12 For there is no distinction between Judean and Greek, because the same One is Master of all and is generous to all who call to him for help—
Rom 10:13 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Master for help will be saved.”
Rom 10:14 But how can they ask for help from someone they have not put their trust in? And how can they trust someone they haven’t heard of? And how will they hear if no one tells them?
Rom 10:15 Yet how will anyone tell them if they are not sent out? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”
Rom 10:16 But not all heed this good news; as Isaiah says, “Master, who believed what we told them?”
Rom 10:17 So it follows that faith comes from being told, and being told comes from the declaration of the Anointed.
Rom 10:18 But am I saying that Israel didn’t hear? Of course they did: “Their speech went out into all the earth, their declarations to the farthest reaches of civilization.”
Rom 10:19 So am I saying Israel didn’t know? First of all, Moses says “I will provoke you to jealousy over those who are not a nation; I will annoy you over a clueless nation.”
Rom 10:20 Yet Isaiah boldly stated, “I was found by those who weren’t even looking for me; I was revealed to those who weren’t even asking about me.”
Rom 10:21 To Israel he says, “All day long I stretched out my hands toward people who are hostile to faith and argue with me.”
Rom 10:1 αδελφοι ἡ μεν ευδοκια της εμης καρδιας και ἡ δεησις ἡ προς τον θεον ὑπερ αυτων εστιν εις σωτηριαν
Rom 10:2 μαρτυρω γαρ αυτοις ὁτι ζηλον θεου εχουσιν εχουσιν ου κατ᾽ επιγνωσιν
Rom 10:3 αγνοουντες γαρ την του θεου δικαιοσυνην και την ιδιαν δικαιοσυνην ζητουντες στησαι τη δικαιοσυνη του θεου ουχ ὑπεταγησαν
Rom 10:4 τελος γαρ νομου χριστος εις δικαιοσυνην παντι τω πιστευοντι
Rom 10:5 μωϋσης γαρ γραφει την δικαιοσυνην την εκ του νομου ὁτι ὁ ποιησας αυτα ανθρωπος ζησεται εν αυτοις
Rom 10:6 ἡ δε εκ πιστεως δικαιοσυνη οὑτως λεγειν μη ειπης εν τη καρδια σου τις αναβησεται εις τον ουρανον τουτ᾿ εστι χριστον καταγαγειν
Rom 10:7 η τις καταβησεται εις την αβυσσον τουτ᾿ εστιν χριστον εκ νεκρων αναγαγειν
Rom 10:8 αλλα τι λεγειν εγγυς σου το ῥημα εστιν εν τω στοματι σου και εν τη καρδια σου τουτ᾿ εστιν το ῥημα της πιστεως ὁ κηρυσσομεν
Rom 10:9 ὁτι εαν ὁμολογησης εν τω στοματι σου κυριον ιησουν και πιστευσης εν τη καρδια σου ὁτι ὁ θεος αυτον ηγειρεν εκ νεκρων σωθηση
Rom 10:10 καρδια γαρ πιστευεται εις δικαιοσυνην στοματι δε ὁμολογειται εις σωτηριαν
Rom 10:11 λεγειν γαρ ἡ γραφη πας ὁ πιστευων επ᾽ αυτω ου καταισχυνθησεται
Rom 10:12 ου γαρ εστιν διαστολη ιουδαιου τε και ἑλληνος ὁ γαρ αυτος κυριος παντων πλουτων εις παντας τους επικαλουμενους αυτον
Rom 10:13 πας γαρ ὁς αν επικαλεσηται το ονομα κυριου σωθησεται
Rom 10:14 πως ουν επικαλεσωνται εις ὁν ουκ επιστευσαν πως δε πιστευσωσιν οὑ ουκ ηκουσαν πως δε ακουσωσιν χωρις κηρυσσω
Rom 10:15 πως δε κηρυξωσιν εαν μη αποσταλωσιν καθως γεγραπται ὡς ὡραιοι οἱ ποδες των ευαγγελιζομενων αγαθα
Rom 10:16 αλλ᾽ ου παντες ὑπηκουσαν τω ευαγγελιω ησαϊας γαρ λεγειν κυριε τις επιστευσεν τη ακοη ἡμων
Rom 10:17 αρα ἡ πιστις εξ ακοης ἡ δε ακοη δια ῥηματος χριστου
Rom 10:18 αλλα λεγω μη ουκ ηκουσαν μενουνγε εις πασαν την γην εξηλθεν ὁ φθογγος αυτων και εις τα περατα της οικουμενης τα ῥηματα αυτων
Rom 10:19 αλλα λεγω μη ισραηλ ουκ εγνω πρωτος μωϋσης λεγειν εγω παραζηλωσω ὑμας επ᾽ ουκ εθνει εθνει εθνει ασυνετω παροργιω ὑμας
Rom 10:20 ησαϊας δε αποτολμα και λεγειν εὑρεθην τοις εμε μη ζητουσιν εμφανης εγενομην τοις εμε μη επερωτωσιν
Rom 10:21 προς δε τον ισραηλ λεγειν ὁλην την ἡμεραν εξεπετασα τας χειρας μου προς λαον απειθουντα και αντιλεγοντα