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Acts 1

Act 1:1 Theophilus, the first account I made covered virtually everything that Jesus did and taught,
Act 1:2 right up to the day he was taken up. He was instructing the Ambassadors he had chosen through the Holy Spirit.
Act 1:3 These are the ones to whom he presented himself alive after his suffering, with much indisputable evidence. They saw him at various times over a period of forty days, during which he told them things about the kingdom of God.
Act 1:4 Having brought them together he told them, “Do not leave Jerusalem; wait for what you heard me tell you that the Father promised.
Act 1:5 Though John immersed people in water, before long you will be immersed in the Holy Spirit.”
Act 1:6 Those that got together with him asked, “Master, is now the time for you to restore the kingdom to Israel?”
Act 1:7 But he replied, “It is not for you to know the times or exact conditions the Father has set up by his own jurisdiction.
Act 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Then you will be my witnesses, not only in Jerusalem but also throughout Judea and Samaria— to the very ends of the earth.”
Act 1:9 Having said this, he was lifted up before their eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.
Act 1:10 As they stared intently at the sky, suddenly two men in white clothing appeared beside them.
Act 1:11 And they said, “You Galileans there! Why are you just standing here gazing into the sky? This very same Jesus who was lifted up from you into heaven will return the very same way you watched him go.”
Act 1:12 Then they returned to Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, which is about a mile away.
Act 1:13 When they arrived they went into the upper room where these people were meeting: Peter, John, James, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James son of Alpheus, Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James.
Act 1:14 They were all persisting in unified prayer, along with the women, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Jesus’ siblings.
Act 1:15 It was in those days that Peter stood up among the sisters and brothers (including a crowd that brought the total number to about a hundred and twenty)
Act 1:16 and addressed them: “All of you, brothers and sisters: The scripture must be fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit spoke via David about Judas. He was the one who led those who arrested Jesus,
Act 1:17 though he was counted as one of us and happened to be part of our assignment.”
Act 1:18 (He paid the price for a field with the wages he earned from his treachery. He fell head-first there, splitting open his body and splattering his guts.
Act 1:19 Everyone in Jerusalem heard about it, so the place became known in the vernacular as “Acheldamach,” meaning “Field of Blood.”)
Act 1:20 “For it is written in the book of Psalms, ‘Let his living quarters be deserted; let no one live there!’, and, ‘Let his responsibility pass to someone else!’
Act 1:21 So we must select his replacement from among the men who were with us the whole time Master Jesus walked among us,
Act 1:22 starting from the immersion of John till the day Jesus was taken from us. One of them is to become a witness along with us of his resurrection.”
Act 1:23 So they nominated two: Joseph (also known as Barsabbas and Justus) and Matthias.
Act 1:24 They prayed, “You, Master, the one who knows everyone’s heart, show us which of these two you have chosen,
Act 1:25 to take this place of service and commission Judas violated to go where he belongs.”
Act 1:26 They flipped a coin and the choice went to Matthias, so he was considered a member with the eleven Ambassadors.
Act 1:1 τον μεν πρωτον λογον εποιησαμην περι παντων ὁ θεοφιλε ων ηρξατο ὁ ιησους ποιειν τε και διδασκειν
Act 1:2 αχρι ἡς ἡμερας εντειλαμενος τοις αποστολοις δια πνευματος ἁγιου οὑς εξελεξατο ανελημφθη
Act 1:3 οἱς και παρεστησεν ἑαυτον ζωντα μετα το παθειν αυτον εν πολλοις τεκμηριοις δι᾽ ἡμερων τεσσαρακοντα οπτανομενος αυτοις και λεγων τα περι της βασιλειας του θεου
Act 1:4 και συναλιζομενος παρηγγειλεν αυτοις απο ἱεροσολυμων μη χωριζεσθαι αλλα περιμενειν την επαγγελιαν του πατρος ἡν ηκουσατε μου
Act 1:5 ὁτι ιωαννης μεν εβαπτισεν ὑδατι ὑμεις δε εν πνευματι βαπτισθησεσθε ἁγιω ου μετα πολλας ταυτας ἡμερας
Act 1:6 οἱ μεν ουν συνελθοντες ηρωτων αυτον λεγοντες κυριε ει. εν τω χρονω τουτω αποκαθιστανεις την βασιλειαν τω ισραηλ
Act 1:7 ειπεν δε προς αυτους ουχ ὑμων εστιν γνωναι χρονους η καιρους οὑς ὁ πατηρ εθετο εν τη ιδια εξουσια
Act 1:8 αλλα λημψεσθε δυναμιν επελθοντος του ἁγιου πνευματος εφ᾽ ὑμας και εσεσθε μου μαρτυρες εν τε ιερουσαλημ και εν παση τη ιουδαια και σαμαρεια και ἑως εσχατου της γης
Act 1:9 και ταυτα ειπων βλεποντων αυτων επηρθη και νεφελη ὑπελαβεν αυτον απο των οφθαλμων αυτων
Act 1:10 και ὡς ατενιζοντες ησαν εις τον ουρανον πορευομενου αυτου και ιδου ανδρες δυο παρειστηκεισαν αυτοις εν εσθησεσιν λευκαις
Act 1:11 οἱ και ειπαν ανδρες γαλιλαιοι τι ἑστηκατε εμβλεποντες εις τον ουρανον οὑτος ὁ ιησους ὁ αναλημφθεις αφ᾽ ὑμων εις τον ουρανον οὑτος ελευσεται ὁν τροπον εθεασασθε αυτον πορευομενον εις τον ουρανον
Act 1:12 τοτε ὑπεστρεψαν εις ιερουσαλημ απο ορους του καλουμενου ελαιωνος ὁ εστιν εγγυς ιερουσαλημ σαββατου εχον ὁδον
Act 1:13 και ὁτε εισηλθον εις το ὑπερωον ανεβησαν οὑ ησαν καταμενοντες ὁ τε πετρος και ιωαννης και ιακωβος και ανδρεας φιλιππος και θωμας βαρθολομαιος και μαθθαιος ιακωβος ἁλφαιου και σιμων ὁ ζηλωτης και ιουδας ιακωβου
Act 1:14 οὑτοι παντες ησαν προσκαρτερουντες ὁμοθυμαδον τη προσευχη συν γυναιξιν και μαριαμ τη μητρι του ιησου και τοις αδελφοις αυτου
Act 1:15 και εν ταις ἡμεραις ταυταις αναστας πετρος εν μεσω των αδελφων ειπεν ην τε οχλος ονοματων επι το αυτο ὡσει ἑκατον εικοσι
Act 1:16 ανδρες αδελφοι εδει πληρωθηναι την γραφην ην προειπεν το πνευμα το ἁγιον δια στοματος δαυιδ περι ιουδα του γενομενου ὁδηγου τοις συλλαβουσιν ιησουν
Act 1:17 ὁτι κατηριθμημενος ην εν ἡμιν και ελαχεν τον κληρον της διακονιας ταυτης
Act 1:18 οὑτος μεν ουν εκτησατο χωριον εκ μισθου της αδικιας και πρηνης γενομενος ελακησεν μεσος και εξεχυθη παντα τα σπλαγχνα αυτου
Act 1:19 και γνωστον εγενετο πασιν τοις κατοικουσιν ιερουσαλημ ὡστε κληθηναι το χωριον εκεινο τη ιδια διαλεκτω αυτων ἁκελδαμαχ τουτ᾽ εστιν χωριον αἱματος
Act 1:20 γεγραπται γαρ εν βιβλω ψαλμων γενηθητω ἡ επαυλις αυτου ερημος και μη εστω ὁ κατοικων εν αυτη και την επισκοπην αυτου λαβετω ἑτερος
Act 1:21 δει ουν των συνελθοντων ἡμιν ανδρων εν παντι χρονω ὡ εισηλθεν και εξηλθεν εφ᾽ ἡμας ὁ κυριος ιησους
Act 1:22 αρξαμενος απο του βαπτισματος ιωαννου ἑως της ἡμερας ἡς ανελημφθη αφ᾽ ἡμων μαρτυρα της αναστασεως αυτου συν ἡμιν γενεσθαι ἑνα τουτων
Act 1:23 και εστησαν δυο ιωσηφ τον καλουμενον βαρσαββαν ὁς επεκληθη ιουστος και μαθθιαν
Act 1:24 και προσευξαμενοι ειπαν συ κυριε καρδιογνωστα παντων αναδειξον ὁν εξελεξω εκ τουτων των δυο ἑνα
Act 1:25 λαβειν τον τοπον της διακονιας ταυτης και αποστολης αφ᾽ ἡς παρεβη ιουδας πορευθηναι εις τον τοπον τον ιδιον
Act 1:26 και εδωκαν κληρους αυτοις και επεσεν ὁ κληρος επι μαθθιαν και συγκατεψηφισθη μετα των ἑνδεκα αποστολων