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14:1But the same thing happened in Iconium, when they entered into the synagogue of the Judeans and spoke to them in such a way that multitudes of both Judeans and Greeks believed.14:2The hostile Judeans agitated the non-Judeans and provoked them into opposing the believers.14:3Nevertheless, they stayed a long time and spoke boldly concerning the Master, who confirmed his favorable Word by granting that they would perform signs and miracles.

14:4The population of the city was split over this, some siding with the Judeans and others with the Ambassadors.14:5So the non-Judeans, with the Judeans and their rulers, hatched a plot to abuse them and then execute them by stoning.14:6But they were made aware of the plot and ran for refuge in the Lyconian cities Lystra and Derbe and the surrounding area,14:7spreading the Gospel.

14:8There was a certain man sitting in Lystra who was born with lame feet and had never walked.14:9He heard Paul speaking, who then looked directly at him and perceived that he had the faith to be restored.14:10Paul shouted, “Get up on your feet!” And he jumped up and walked.

14:11The crowd saw what Paul had done, so they shouted in Lyconian, “The gods have come down to us in human form!“14:12They called Barnabas ”Zeus“ and Paul ”Hermes,” since he was the leading speaker.14:13In addition, the priest of Zeus for the whole city brought bulls and wreaths to the gates, intending to lead the crowd in sacrifice.

14:14Now when the Ambassadors Barnabas and Paul heard this, they tore their clothing1 and rushed into the crowd saying,14:15“Folks, why are you doing all this? We too are human beings just like you! We bring you the Gospel so that you will renounce these worthless things in favor of the living God who made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything they contain.14:16In past generations God let the nations go their own ways.14:17But he never left himself without a testimony of good deeds, such as bringing rain from the sky and crops in their seasons, filling us with food and happiness.”14:18But even after saying this, they could hardly stop the crowd from sacrificing to them.

14:19When Judeans from Antioch and Iconium arrived, they persuaded the crowd to stone Paul. Presuming him dead, they dragged him outside the city.14:20But when the disciples surrounded him, he got up and entered the city! The next day, he left along with Barnabas for Derbe.14:21Having given the Gospel to that city and making a considerable number of disciples, they returned to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch.14:22They greatly encouraged the disciples and urged them to remain in the faith: “It is through many pressures that we must enter into the kingdom of God.”

14:23They designated elders for each Congregation. Praying and fasting, they committed them to the Master in whom they had put their faith.14:24Then they passed through Pisidia and into Pamphylia.14:25Once they had spoken the Word of the Master in Perga, they went down to Attalia.14:26And from there they sailed off to Antioch, where they had first been commissioned by the favor of God for the work they had now completed.14:27Upon their arrival they called a meeting of the Congregation and told them of all that God had done through them, including opening the door of faith to the non-Judeans.14:28And they stayed a long time with the disciples.

  1. 1Tearing one’s clothing was a sign of grief or despair.