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13:1Now before the festival of the Passover, Jesus, being aware that the hour had come for him to move from this world to the Father, was filled with love for his own in this world; he loved them to the very end.13:2Yet by dinner time the Adversary had already put the idea into the mind of Judas (son of Simon of Kerioth) that he should betray Jesus.13:3Jesus, knowing that the Father had given everything into his hands, and that he had gone out from God and would soon return,13:4rose up from dinner. He removed his outer garments and wrapped himself in a cloth,13:5then filled a basin with water and began to wash the disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel he was wearing.

13:6Then he comes to Simon Peter who says, “Master, you’re washing my feet!”

13:7Jesus answered, “Right now you don’t realize what I’m doing, but you will see it eventually.”

13:8Peter says, “You should absolutely never wash my feet!”

“But if I don’t,” Jesus replied, “you are not in with me.”

13:9“Master,” Simon Peter says, “not just my feet but also my hands and head!”

13:10Jesus says, “The one who has bathed only needs their feet washed since they are completely clean. And you all are ‘clean’… well, not all.”13:11(He knew who was betraying him, so that’s why he said ’You are not all clean‘.)

13:12When he finished washing their feet, he put on his outer garments again and reclined at the table.

“Do you realize what I’ve done to you?” Jesus asked them.13:13“You address me as Teacher and Master, and rightly so.13:14But if I, your Master and Teacher, wash your feet, you too should wash each other’s feet.13:15I have given you an example to follow; you must do as I did.13:16I tell you very truly that a slave is not greater than their master, nor is the one commissioned greater than the one commissioning.13:17If you see what I’m saying and put it into practice, you will be happy.

13:18“I’m not talking about all of you (for I’m well aware of those I chose), so that the scripture may be fulfilled: ‘The one eating bread with me, turned on me’.13:19So I’m telling you beforehand what is to happen, so that when it comes to pass you might believe that I am who I say I am.13:20I tell you very truly that whoever accepts someone I send out is actually accepting me, and in turn, whoever accepts me is accepting the one who sent me.“

13:21Upon saying these things, Jesus became agitated and testified, “I tell you very truly that one of you will betray me!”

13:22The disciples stared at each other in shock, wondering who Jesus meant.13:23Now one of them, the one Jesus loved, was reclining near to him.13:24Then Simon Peter motioned to that one to ask what this was all about.13:25So that one leaned very close to Jesus and said, “Master, who is it?”

13:26Jesus told him, “It’s the one to whom I will give the morsel of bread after dipping it.” He dips the morsel and gives it to Judas, son of Simon of Kerioth.13:27Immediately the Adversary entered into Judas, and Jesus told him, “What you’re to do, do it faster!”

13:28None of those at the table realized why Jesus said this to Judas.13:29Some presumed that since Judas was responsible for the group’s funds, Jesus was telling him to buy what they would need for the festival, or to give something to the poor.13:30So as soon as he had the morsel of bread, Judas went out. It was nighttime.

13:31After Judas left, Jesus says, “Now the Human is to be honored, and God is thereby honored.13:32And since God is honored then so is the Human, and he will be honored right away.13:33My dear little ones, I am only with you for a short time now. You will search for me, and just as I told the Judeans that they could not follow where I’m going, so I say also to you.13:34I’m giving you a new precept: love each other, and love them the way I have loved you.13:35This is how everyone will know that you are my disciples, by your love for each other.”

13:36Simon Peter asks him, “Master, where are you going?”

“Where I’m going,” Jesus replied, “you cannot follow me now, yet you will be following eventually.”

13:37“But why can’t I follow you now?” asked Peter. “I’d lay down my life for you!”

13:38“You will lay down your life for my sake,” Jesus answered. “Very truly I tell you that before the rooster crows, you will have renounced me three times!