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11:1Now there was a certain ill person named Lazarus from Bethany, the same village as Mary and her sister Martha.11:2(This Mary was the one who rubbed the Master’s feet with perfumed oil and wiped them with her hair; the ill one Lazarus was her brother.)11:3So the sisters sent a message to him: “Master, your good friend is very ill!”11:4But when Jesus heard this, he said, ”This illness will not end in death but in honor to God, so that the Human will be honored through it.”

11:5Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.11:6But when he heard he was ill, he actually stayed where he was for two more days.11:7Only then did he say to his disciples, “Let’s go back to Judea.”

11:8“The Judeans intend to execute you now, yet you want to go back there!” exclaimed the disciples.

11:9“Aren’t there twelve hours of daylight?” Jesus asked. “If anyone walks around in the daytime they don’t stumble, because they see the light of this world.11:10But if they walk around during the night they stumble, because there is no light in them.”1

11:11Having said that, he added, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going to wake him up.”

11:12“Master,” replied his disciples, “If he has fallen asleep he will recover.”

11:13Now Jesus was actually talking about Lazarus’ death, but they had taken him literally.11:14So he told them plainly, “Lazarus died.11:15But I am happy for you, that you might believe since I wasn’t there. But let’s get going to him.”

11:16Then Thomas, nicknamed The Twin, said to the other disciples, “Let’s all go too, so we can die with him!”

11:17Upon his arrival in Bethany, Jesus found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days.11:18Now Bethany was near Jerusalem, about two miles away,211:19and many of the Judeans had come to Martha and Mary to console them about their brother.11:20But Martha, upon hearing that Jesus was arriving, met up with him, while Mary remained in the house.

11:21Then Martha said to Jesus, “Master, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.11:22But even now I perceive that whatever you ask of God you will receive from God.”

11:23Jesus told her, “Your brother will arise.”

11:24“I understand,” replied Martha, “that he will rise in the resurrection at the last day.”

11:25Jesus told her, “I am the Resurrection and the Life; whoever puts their trust in me will live again even if they die.11:26And everyone who lives and puts their trust in me will definitely not ever die.3 Do you believe this?”

11:27She replied, “Yes, Master, I have believed that you are the Anointed, the God-Man, who is coming into the world.”11:28And with that, she went away and spoke privately to her sister Mary, telling her, “The Teacher is here and is calling for you.”

11:29As soon as she heard this, she got up quickly and went to him.11:30(Now Jesus had not yet come into the village but was still at the spot where Martha met up with him.)11:31Then the Judeans, who were in the house consoling her, saw her get up quickly and leave, so they followed her because they presumed she was going to the tomb to mourn.

11:32Then when Mary arrived at the place where Jesus was, she saw him and fell at his feet, and said, “Master, if you had been here, my brother would not have died!”11:33At the sight of her sobbing, along with the Judeans, Jesus was deeply moved in spirit and very distraught.11:34And he asked, “Where have you all placed him?”

“Come and see, Master” they replied.11:35And Jesus wept.

11:36So the Judeans said, “See how fond he was of him!”

11:37But some scoffed, “Couldn’t this one who opened up the eyes of the blind have been able to keep this person from dying?”

11:38Then Jesus, still very distraught, comes to the tomb, which was a cave with a stone laid upon it.11:39And he says, “Take away the stone!”

Martha, the deceased’s sister, says to him, “Master! By this time he smells awful, because it is the fourth day.”

11:40Jesus says, “Didn’t I tell you that if you believed, you would see the majesty of God?”11:41Then they took the stone away.

But Jesus looked up and said, “Father, I am grateful that you hear me.11:42I always knew you did, but I said this for the sake of the crowd around me, so they could believe that you commissioned me.”

11:43Having said these things, he shouted, “Lazarus! Come here! Come out!”11:44And the one who had died came out. His feet and hands had been wrapped with strips of burial cloth, and his face had had a cloth wrapped around it. Jesus says to them, “Unbind him and let him go!”11:45Then many of the Judeans who came to Mary saw what Jesus did and put their trust in him.11:46But some went off to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus was doing.

11:47So the ruling priests and Pharisees convened an official meeting and said, “What are we going to do about this person performing many miracles?11:48If we let him go on like this, everyone will put their trust in him, and then the Romans will come and do away with our place and nation.”

11:49Now one of them in particular, Caiaphas, the ruling priest that year, said to them, “You understand nothing!11:50And you haven’t figured out that one person should die for the people instead of letting the whole nation be destroyed.”

11:51Now he didn’t realize it, but as ruling priest that year, he had predicted that Jesus was about to die for the sake of the nation—11:52and not just the nation, but also to gather the scattered children of God into one.11:53So from that day on they plotted to kill him.11:54As a result, Jesus could no longer walk openly among the Judeans. He went away from there into the area near the desert, to a city called Ephraim, and remained there with his disciples.

11:55Now the Passover of the Judeans was near, and many went up to Jerusalem from the countryside so they could purify themselves before the Passover.11:56Then they looked for Jesus, and as they stood together in the temple compound they said to each other, “Do you think there’s any chance he’ll come to the festival?”11:57(The ruling priests and Pharisees had issued orders that if anyone knew where he was, they were to report it so he could be arrested.)

  1. 1Jesus’ answer seems cryptic and evasive, but it could be taken as a poetic way of saying, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”
  2. 2Fifteen stadia. A stade was about 700 feet or 0.2km.
  3. 3“even if they die. And everyone who lives” indicates that there will be some who never experience physical death. Dying and living again is contrasted with never dying. It is inaccurate to render the phrase as “whoever lives by believing”; the Greek reads, “living and believing”.