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Greek/English Parallel

Luke 24

Luk 24:1 The women rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment, and at the earliest light of dawn on the First of Sabbaths they carried their prepared aromatic spices to the tomb.
Luk 24:2 But the stone had been rolled away from it,
Luk 24:3 and when they entered they did not find the body of Master Jesus.
Luk 24:4 While they stood there perplexed, suddenly two men in shining attire were standing there!
Luk 24:5 The women became terrified and bowed with their faces to the ground. And the men said to them, “Why are you looking for the living among the dead?
Luk 24:6 He is not here but is risen! Remember how he told you this while you were all still in Galilee?
Luk 24:7 ‘The Human must be handed over to deviant people and crucified, but on the third day he will arise.’ ”
Luk 24:8 And then they remembered what he had said.
Luk 24:9 So the women returned from the tomb and announced all these things to the Eleven and everyone else.
Luk 24:10 (Those who told these things to the Ambassadors were Mary of Magdala, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and their companions.)
Luk 24:11 But they dismissed it all as nonsense and didn’t believe them.
Luk 24:12 Nevertheless, Peter got up and ran to the tomb. He bent over to look inside, and seeing only bandages there, he went away wondering what could have happened.
Luk 24:13 Now on that very same day, two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem.
Luk 24:14 They were talking to each other about all that had happened.
Luk 24:15 And while they were talking and arguing, Jesus himself came near and went along with them,
Luk 24:16 but they were kept from recognizing him.
Luk 24:17 Then he said to them, “What is all this conversation about as you walk along?” They stood still and looked down in deep disappointment.
Luk 24:18 One of them, named Cleopas, replied, “You must have just arrived in Jerusalem to not know what has been going on here in the last few days.”
Luk 24:19 “What happened?” Jesus asked. “It’s all about Jesus of Nazareth,” they answered. “He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people.
Luk 24:20 But the ruling priests and our rulers handed him over to receive the death penalty, and they crucified him.
Luk 24:21 But we had hoped that he was to be the one to liberate Israel. And now we’re into the third day since this all happened.
Luk 24:22 “But some of our women told us something amazing. They went to the tomb at dawn
Luk 24:23 but found no body there, so they came and told us they had seen a vision of Messengers, who told them that he is alive!
Luk 24:24 So some of us went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said, though they did not see him.”
Luk 24:25 And Jesus said to them, “You’re clueless! You are reluctant to believe all that the prophets said.
Luk 24:26 Was it not necessary for the Anointed to suffer all these things and then to enter into his majesty?”
Luk 24:27 And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted all the scriptures that wrote about him.
Luk 24:28 When they were about to enter the village, Jesus acted as though he would continue on his way.
Luk 24:29 But they twisted his arm and said, “We insist that you stay with us! It’s getting dark and the day is almost over.” So he went in to stay with them.
Luk 24:30 But as he reclined at the table with them, he took the bread, blessed it, and handed it to them.
Luk 24:31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, but he vanished from their sight.
Luk 24:32 And they exclaimed to each other, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he spoke with us along the way and shed light on the scriptures?”
Luk 24:33 So they got up at that very hour and returned to Jerusalem. The Eleven had convened a meeting with the others,
Luk 24:34 and they told them, “The Master has indeed arisen and appeared to Simon Peter!”
Luk 24:35 Then the two told what happened to them along the way, and how he revealed himself to them as he broke the bread.
Luk 24:36 While they were still saying these things, there was Jesus standing among them! “Greetings!” he said.
Luk 24:37 But in their fear and terror they presumed they were seeing a ghost.
Luk 24:38 So he said to them, “Why are you so shaken up? And why do you jump to such conclusions?
Luk 24:39 Observe my hands and feet; it’s me! Touch and examine me; a ghost doesn’t have flesh and bones, as you can clearly see that I have.”
Luk 24:40 And having said this, he showed them his hands and feet.
Luk 24:41 But they still couldn’t believe it because it seemed too good to be true. So he said to them, “Do you have anything here to eat?”
Luk 24:42 And they handed him some grilled fish,
Luk 24:43 which he took and ate in front of them.
Luk 24:44 Then he said to them, “This is what I was talking about when I was still with you; everything written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Praise Songs had to be fulfilled.”
Luk 24:45 Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures,
Luk 24:46 and he said to them, “It is written that the Anointed must suffer and then rise up from the dead the third day.
Luk 24:47 Then proclamation is to be made on his behalf, starting in Jerusalem, for people of all nations to change their minds so they can be cleared of all charges against them.
Luk 24:48 You are witnesses of these things.
Luk 24:49 And now I am certainly sending you what my Father promised. But you must stay in the city until you are clothed with power from above.”
Luk 24:50 When he had led them out as far as Bethany, he raised his hands and blessed them.
Luk 24:51 And while he was doing this he put some distance between himself and them, and then he was lifted up into the sky.
Luk 24:52 They worshiped him and then returned to Jerusalem with great joy.
Luk 24:53 And they were praising God every day in the temple compound.
Luk 24:1 και το μεν σαββατον ἡσυχασαν κατα την εντολην τη δε μια των σαββατων ορθρου βαθεως επι το μνημα ηλθον φερουσαι ἁ ἡτοιμασαν αρωματα
Luk 24:2 εὑρον δε τον λιθον αποκεκυλισμενον απο του μνημειου
Luk 24:3 εισελθουσαι δε ουχ εὑρον το σωμα του κυριου ιησου
Luk 24:4 και εγενετο εν τω απορεισθαι αυτας περι τουτου και ιδου ανδρες δυο επεστησαν αυταις εν εσθητι αστραπτουση
Luk 24:5 εμφοβων δε γενομενων αυτων και κλινουσων τα προσωπα εις την γην ειπαν προς αυτας τι ζητειτε τον ζωντα μετα των νεκρων
Luk 24:6 ουκ εστιν ὡδε αλλα ηγερθη μνησθητε ὡς ελαλησεν ὑμιν ετι ων εν τη γαλιλαια
Luk 24:7 λεγων τον υἱον του ανθρωπου ὁτι δει παραδοθηναι εις χειρας ανθρωπων ἁμαρτωλων και σταυρωθηναι και τη τριτη ἡμερα αναστηναι
Luk 24:8 και εμνησθησαν των ῥηματων αυτου
Luk 24:9 και ὑποστρεψασαι απο του μνημειου απηγγειλαν ταυτα παντα τοις ἑνδεκα και πασιν τοις λοιποις
Luk 24:10 ησαν δε ἡ μαγδαληνη μαρια και ιωαννα και μαρια ἡ ιακωβου και αἱ λοιπαι συν αυταις ελεγον. προς τους αποστολους ταυτα
Luk 24:11 και εφανησαν ενωπιον αυτων ὡσει ληρος τα ῥηματα ταυτα και ηπιστουν αυταις
Luk 24:12 ὁ δε πετρος αναστας εδραμεν επι το μνημειον και παρακυψας βλεπει τα οθονια μονα και απηλθεν προς ἑαυτον θαυμαζων το γεγονος
Luk 24:13 και ιδου δυο εξ αυτων εν αυτη τη ἡμερα ησαν πορευομενοι εις κωμην απεχουσαν σταδιους ἑξηκοντα απο ιερουσαλημ ἡ ονομα εμμαους
Luk 24:14 και αυτοι ὡμιλουν προς αλληλους περι παντων των συμβεβηκοτων τουτων
Luk 24:15 και εγενετο εν τω ὁμιλειν αυτους και συζητειν και αυτος ιησους εγγισας συνεπορευετο αυτοις
Luk 24:16 οἱ δε οφθαλμοι αυτων εκρατουντο του μη επιγνωναι αυτον
Luk 24:17 ειπεν δε προς αυτους τινες οἱ λογοι οὑτοι οὑς αντιβαλλετε προς αλληλους περιπατουντες και εσταθησαν σκυθρωποι
Luk 24:18 αποκριθεις δε εἱς ονοματι κλεοπας ειπεν προς αυτον συ μονος παροικεις ιερουσαλημ και ουκ εγνως τα γενομενα εν αυτη εν ταις ἡμεραις ταυταις
Luk 24:19 και ειπεν αυτοις ποια οἱ δε ειπαν αυτω τα περι ιησου του ναζαρηνου ὁς εγενετο ανηρ προφητης δυνατος εν εργω και λογω εναντιον του θεου και παντος του λαου
Luk 24:20 ὁπως τε παρεδωκαν αυτον οἱ αρχιερεις και οἱ αρχοντες ἡμων εις κριμα θανατου και εσταυρωσαν αυτον
Luk 24:21 ἡμεις δε ηλπιζομεν ὁτι αυτος εστιν ὁ μελλων λυτρουσθαι τον ισραηλ αλλα γε και συν πασιν τουτοις τριτην ταυτην ἡμεραν αγει αφ᾽ οὑ ταυτα εγενετο
Luk 24:22 αλλα και γυναικες τινες εξ ἡμων εξεστησαν ἡμας γενομεναι ορθριναι επι το μνημειον
Luk 24:23 και μη εὑρουσαι το σωμα αυτου ηλθον λεγουσαι και οπτασιαν αγγελων ἑωρακεναι οἱ λεγουσιν αυτον ζην
Luk 24:24 και απηλθον τινες των συν ἡμιν επι το μνημειον και εὑρον οὑτως καθως και αἱ γυναικες ειπον αυτον δε ουκ ειδον
Luk 24:25 και αυτος ειπεν προς αυτους ω. ανοητοι και βραδεις τη καρδια του πιστευειν επι πασιν οἱς ελαλησαν οἱ προφηται
Luk 24:26 ουχι ταυτα εδει παθειν τον χριστον και εισελθειν εις την δοξαν αυτου
Luk 24:27 και αρξαμενος απο μωϋσεως και απο παντων των προφητων διερμηνευσεν αυτοις εν πασαις ταις γραφαις τα περι ἑαυτου
Luk 24:28 και ηγγισαν εις την κωμην οὑ επορευοντο και αυτος προσεποιησατο πορρωτερον πορευεσθαι
Luk 24:29 και παρεβιασαντο αυτον λεγοντες μεινον μεθ᾽ ἡμων ὁτι προς ἑσπεραν εστιν και κεκλικεν ηδη ἡ ἡμερα και εισηλθεν του μειναι συν αυτοις
Luk 24:30 και εγενετο εν τω κατακλιθηναι αυτον μετ᾽ αυτων λαβων τον αρτον ευλογησεν και κλασας επεδιδου αυτοις
Luk 24:31 αυτων δε διηνοιχθησαν οἱ οφθαλμοι και επεγνωσαν αυτον και αυτος αφαντος εγενετο απ᾽ αυτων
Luk 24:32 και ειπαν προς αλληλους ουχι ἡ καρδια ἡμων καιομενη ην εν ἡμιν ὡς ελαλει ἡμιν εν τη ὁδω ὡς διηνοιγεν ἡμιν τας γραφας
Luk 24:33 και ανασταντες αυτη τη ὡρα ὑπεστρεψαν εις ιερουσαλημ και εὑρον ηθροισμενους τους ἑνδεκα και τους συν αυτοις
Luk 24:34 λεγοντας ὁτι οντως ηγερθη ὁ κυριος και ωφθη σιμωνι
Luk 24:35 και αυτοι εξηγουντο τα εν τη ὁδω και ὡς εγνωσθη αυτοις εν τη κλασει του αρτου
Luk 24:36 ταυτα δε αυτων λαλουντων αυτος εστη εν μεσω αυτων και λεγει αυτοις ειρηνη ὑμιν
Luk 24:37 πτοηθεντες δε και εμφοβοι γενομενοι εδοκουν πνευμα θεωρειν
Luk 24:38 και ειπεν αυτοις τι τεταραγμενοι εστε και δια τι διαλογισμοι αναβαινουσιν εν τη καρδια ὑμων
Luk 24:39 ιδετε τας χειρας μου και τους ποδας μου ὁτι εγω ειμι αυτος ψηλαφησατε με και ιδετε ὁτι πνευμα σαρκα και οστεα ουκ εχει καθως εμε θεωρειτε εχοντα
Luk 24:40 και τουτο ειπων εδειξεν αυτοις τας χειρας και τους ποδας
Luk 24:41 ετι δε απιστουντων αυτων απο της χαρας και θαυμαζοντων ειπεν αυτοις εχετε τι βρωσιμον ενθαδε
Luk 24:42 οἱ δε επεδωκαν αυτω ιχθυος οπτου μερος
Luk 24:43 και λαβων ενωπιον αυτων εφαγεν
Luk 24:44 ειπεν δε προς αυτους οὑτοι οἱ λογοι μου οὑς ελαλησα προς ὑμας ετι ων συν ὑμιν ὁτι δει πληρωθηναι παντα τα γεγραμμενα εν τω νομω μωϋσεως και τοις προφηταις και ψαλμοις περι εμου
Luk 24:45 τοτε διηνοιξεν αυτων τον νουν του συνιεναι τας γραφας
Luk 24:46 και ειπεν αυτοις ὁτι οὑτως γεγραπται παθειν τον χριστον και αναστηναι εκ νεκρων τη τριτη ἡμερα
Luk 24:47 και κηρυχθηναι επι τω ονοματι αυτου μετανοιαν εις αφεσιν ἁμαρτιων εις παντα τα εθνη αρξαμενοι απο ιερουσαλημ
Luk 24:48 ὑμεις μαρτυρες τουτων
Luk 24:49 και ιδου εγω αποστελλω την επαγγελιαν του πατρος μου εφ᾽ ὑμας ὑμεις δε καθισατε εν τη πολει ἑως οὑ ενδυσησθε εξ ὑψους δυναμιν
Luk 24:50 εξηγαγεν δε αυτους εξω ἑως προς βηθανιαν και επαρας τας χειρας αυτου ευλογησεν αυτους
Luk 24:51 και εγενετο εν τω ευλογειν αυτον αυτους διεστη απ᾽ αυτων και ανεφερετο εις τον ουρανον
Luk 24:52 και αυτοι προσκυνησαντες αυτον ὑπεστρεψαν εις ιερουσαλημ μετα χαρας μεγαλης
Luk 24:53 και ησαν δια παντος εν τω ἱερω ευλογουντες τον θεον