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Luke 21

Luk 21:1 Then Jesus looked up and saw the rich tossing their offerings into the treasury.
Luk 21:2 But then he saw a poor widow toss in two tiny coins,
Luk 21:3 and he said, “Truly I tell you that this destitute widow has tossed in the greatest amount of all.
Luk 21:4 The others gave out of their abundance, but she gave out of her insufficiency, giving all she had to live on.”
Luk 21:5 Some of them were talking about the temple compound with its beautiful stonework and donated ornaments.
Luk 21:6 And Jesus said, “Everything you see here… the days will come when there won’t be one stone left on top of another; they will all be demolished!”
Luk 21:7 “Teacher,” they asked, “When will this happen, and what will be the sign to tell us when it’s about to begin?”
Luk 21:8 And he replied, “Stay sharp so that you are not mislead. For many will come in my name and say, ‘I am!’ and ‘The end is near!’, but don’t follow them.
Luk 21:9 Even when you start to hear about wars and chaos, don’t be afraid. These things must happen first, but the end is not yet.”
Luk 21:10 And he added, “Nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
Luk 21:11 There will be strong earthquakes, famines and plagues in various places, terrifying things, and significant signs in the heavens.
Luk 21:12 “But before all of this, they will arrest you and persecute you. They will hand you over to face tribunals and jail, and you will be led away to stand trial before kings and governors on my account.
Luk 21:13 Yet it will actually be an opportunity for you to give your testimony!
Luk 21:14 But the way to prepare yourself is not by rehearsing your defense,
Luk 21:15 for I will give you wise words that your opponents will not be able to refute.
Luk 21:16 “Even your parents, siblings, relatives, and friends will hand you over to be put to death;
Luk 21:17 everyone will hate you because of me.
Luk 21:18 But not a single hair on your head will be lost;
Luk 21:19 by your endurance you will secure your lives.
Luk 21:20 “Now when you see Jerusalem surrounded by military encampments, you will know that its ruin is near.
Luk 21:21 Then those in Judea must run away into the mountains: those in the city must evacuate, and those in the country must not go back to the city,
Luk 21:22 for this will be the fulfillment of what was written about the days of retribution.
Luk 21:23 But how awful it will be for women who are pregnant or nursing in those days! For there will be terrible stress on the world, and great rage against this people.
Luk 21:24 They will be killed in battle and taken captive to all the other nations. Then Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations until their time is up.
Luk 21:25 “Then there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And on the earth, the nations will be filled with anguish and perplexity due to the roaring and turbulence of the sea.
Luk 21:26 People will be deathly afraid and apprehensive of what is coming upon the whole world, for the forces of the heavens will be shaken.
Luk 21:27 And then they will see the Human coming in a cloud with great power and majesty.
Luk 21:28 But when you see this all coming to pass, stand up and raise your heads, for your rescue is coming!”
Luk 21:29 Then he gave them this parable: “Observe the fig tree, and all the other trees:
Luk 21:30 when they bud you know for sure that summer is near.
Luk 21:31 Likewise, when you see all these things happening, you can know that the kingdom of God is near.
Luk 21:32 I tell you truly that this generation will not pass away until all of this has happened.
Luk 21:33 The sky and earth may pass away, but my words will not.
Luk 21:34 “But take care that your hearts are not weighed down with drunkenness and hangovers and the anxieties of daily life, so that this Day doesn’t spring like a trap on you,
Luk 21:35 as it will on everyone else on the earth.
Luk 21:36 Always be alert, praying that you will prevail and escape all that is about to happen, so you will be able to stand before the Human.”
Luk 21:37 Jesus taught in the temple compound each day, and he spent each night on the Mount of Olives.
Luk 21:38 People came to the temple compound early every morning to hear him.
Luk 21:1 αναβλεψας δε ειδεν τους βαλλοντας εις το γαζοφυλακιον τα δωρα αυτων πλουσιους
Luk 21:2 ειδεν δε τινα χηραν πενιχραν βαλλουσαν εκει λεπτα δυο
Luk 21:3 και ειπεν αληθως λεγω ὑμιν ὁτι ἡ χηρα αὑτη ἡ πτωχη πλειον παντων εβαλεν
Luk 21:4 παντες γαρ οὑτοι εκ του περισσευοντος αυτοις εβαλον εις τα δωρα αὑτη δε εκ του ὑστερηματος αυτης παντα τον βιον ὁν ειχεν εβαλεν
Luk 21:5 και τινων λεγοντων περι του ἱερου ὁτι λιθοις καλοις και αναθημασιν κεκοσμηται ειπεν
Luk 21:6 ταυτα ἁ θεωρειτε ελευσονται ἡμεραι εν αἱς ουκ αφεθησεται λιθος επι λιθω ὁς ου καταλυθησεται
Luk 21:7 επηρωτησαν δε αυτον λεγοντες διδασκαλε ποτε ουν ταυτα εσται και τι το σημειον ὁταν μελλη ταυτα γινεσθαι
Luk 21:8 ὁ δε ειπεν βλεπετε μη πλανηθητε πολλοι γαρ ελευσονται επι τω ονοματι μου λεγοντες εγω ειμι και ὁ καιρος ηγγικεν μη πορευθητε οπισω αυτων
Luk 21:9 ὁταν δε ακουσητε πολεμους και ακαταστασιας μη πτοηθητε δει γαρ ταυτα γενεσθαι πρωτον αλλ᾽ ουκ ευθεως το τελος
Luk 21:10 τοτε ελεγεν αυτοις εγερθησεται εθνος επ᾽ εθνος και βασιλεια επι βασιλειαν
Luk 21:11 σεισμοι τε μεγαλοι και κατα τοπους λιμοι και λοιμοι εσονται φοβητρα τε και απ᾽ ουρανου σημεια μεγαλα εσται
Luk 21:12 προ δε τουτων παντων επιβαλουσιν εφ᾽ ὑμας τας χειρας αυτων και διωξουσιν παραδιδοντες εις τας συναγωγας και φυλακας απαγομενους επι βασιλεις και ἡγεμονας ἑνεκεν του ονοματος μου
Luk 21:13 αποβησεται ὑμιν εις μαρτυριον
Luk 21:14 θετε ουν εν ταις καρδιαις ὑμων μη προμελεταν απολογηθηναι
Luk 21:15 εγω γαρ δωσω ὑμιν στομα και σοφιαν ἡ ου δυνησονται αντιστηναι η αντειπειν ἁπαντες οἱ αντικειμενοι ὑμιν
Luk 21:16 παραδοθησεσθε δε και ὑπο γονεων και αδελφων και συγγενων και φιλων και θανατωσουσιν εξ ὑμων
Luk 21:17 και εσεσθε μισουμενοι ὑπο παντων δια το ονομα μου
Luk 21:18 και θριξ εκ της κεφαλης ὑμων ου μη αποληται
Luk 21:19 εν τη ὑπομονη ὑμων κτησασθε τας ψυχας ὑμων
Luk 21:20 ὁταν δε ιδητε κυκλουμενην ὑπο στρατοπεδων ιερουσαλημ τοτε γνωτε ὁτι ηγγικεν ἡ ερημωσις αυτης
Luk 21:21 τοτε οἱ εν τη ιουδαια φευγετωσαν εις τα ορη και οἱ εν μεσω αυτης εκχωρειτωσαν και οἱ εν ταις χωραις μη εισερχεσθωσαν εις αυτην
Luk 21:22 ὁτι ἡμεραι εκδικησεως αὑται εισιν του πλησθηναι παντα τα γεγραμμενα
Luk 21:23 ουαι ταις εν γαστρι εχουσαις και ταις θηλαζουσαις εν εκειναις ταις ἡμεραις εσται γαρ αναγκη μεγαλη επι της γης και οργη τω λαω τουτω
Luk 21:24 και πεσουνται στοματι μαχαιρης και αιχμαλωτισθησονται εις τα εθνη παντα και ιερουσαλημ εσται πατουμενη ὑπο εθνων αχρι οὑ πληρωθωσιν καιροι εθνων
Luk 21:25 και εσονται σημεια εν ἡλιω και σεληνη και αστροις και επι της γης συνοχη εθνων εν απορια ηχους θαλασσης και σαλου
Luk 21:26 αποψυχοντων ανθρωπων απο φοβου. και προσδοκιας των επερχομενων τη οικουμενη αἱ γαρ δυναμεις των ουρανων σαλευθησονται
Luk 21:27 και τοτε οψονται τον υἱον του ανθρωπου ερχομενον εν νεφελη μετα δυναμεως και δοξης πολλης
Luk 21:28 αρχομενων δε τουτων γινεσθαι ανακυψατε και επαρατε τας κεφαλας ὑμων διοτι εγγιζει ἡ απολυτρωσις ὑμων
Luk 21:29 και ειπεν παραβολην αυτοις ιδετε την συκην και παντα τα δενδρα
Luk 21:30 ὁταν προβαλωσιν ηδη βλεποντες αφ᾽ ἑαυτων γινωσκετε ὁτι ηδη εγγυς το θερος εστιν
Luk 21:31 οὑτως και ὑμεις ὁταν ιδητε ταυτα γινομενα γινωσκετε ὁτι εγγυς εστιν ἡ βασιλεια του θεου
Luk 21:32 αμην λεγω ὑμιν ὁτι ου μη παρελθη ἡ γενεα αὑτη ἑως αν παντα γενηται
Luk 21:33 ὁ ουρανος και ἡ γη παρελευσονται οἱ δε λογοι μου ου μη παρελευσονται
Luk 21:34 προσεχετε δε ἑαυτοις μηποτε βαρηθωσιν ὑμων αἱ καρδιαι εν κραιπαλη και μεθη και μεριμναις βιωτικαις και επιστη εφ᾽ ὑμας αιφνιδιος ἡ ἡμερα εκεινη
Luk 21:35 ὡς παγις επεισελευσεται γαρ επι παντας τους καθημενους επι προσωπον πασης της γης
Luk 21:36 αγρυπνειτε δε εν παντι καιρω δεομενοι ἱνα κατισχυσητε εκφυγειν ταυτα παντα τα μελλοντα γινεσθαι και σταθηναι εμπροσθεν του υἱου του ανθρωπου
Luk 21:37 ην δε τας ἡμερας εν τω ἱερω διδασκων τας δε νυκτας εξερχομενος ηυλιζετο εις το ορος το καλουμενον ελαιων
Luk 21:38 και πας ὁ λαος ωρθριζεν προς αυτον εν τω ἱερω ακουειν αυτου