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Luke 19

Luk 19:1 Jesus then entered Jericho and was passing through.
Luk 19:2 There was a man there by the name of Zaccheus, who was a district tax contractor and quite wealthy.
Luk 19:3 He wanted to see who Jesus was, but he couldn’t see over the crowd because he was short.
Luk 19:4 So he ran ahead and climbed up a fig-mulberry tree so he could see him as he passed through.
Luk 19:5 As Jesus reached that spot he looked up into the tree and said, “Zaccheus, come down at once, because I will be staying at your house this very day!
Luk 19:6 ” So he hurried down and welcomed him gladly.
Luk 19:7 Those who saw this grumbled about the fact that he entered the home of a deviant to spend the night.
Luk 19:8 But Zaccheus stood up and said to the Master, “Look, Master, I’m going to give half of my possessions to the destitute. And if I have extorted anyone, I will pay back four times the amount.”
Luk 19:9 And Jesus replied, “Today, salvation has come to this house, because after all, he is a descendant of Abraham.
Luk 19:10 For the Human came to seek out and rescue the lost.”
Luk 19:11 Then Jesus decided to give a parable to those who had heard all of this, because they presumed the kingdom of God was about to appear since he was near Jerusalem.
Luk 19:12 And he said, “There was a certain person of noble birth who was about to go to a distant place to be crowned king and then return.
Luk 19:13 So he called in ten of his slaves and gave them money amounting to ten years’ wages. Then he told them, ‘Conduct business with this while I’m gone’.
Luk 19:14 But the citizens despised him and sent out a delegation after him to say, ‘We do not want this one to reign over us!’.
Luk 19:15 “But he was made king anyway, and when he returned he called in his slaves to whom he had given the money, to see what profit had been made.
Luk 19:16 The first one said, ‘Master, your original money has earned ten times as much!’
Luk 19:17 “ ‘Well done, good slave!’ he replied, ‘And since you were trustworthy with a little, you will be given jurisdiction over ten cities.’
Luk 19:18 “Then the second one said, ‘Master, your original money has earned five times as much!’
Luk 19:19 “And to this one he said, ‘You will be over five cities.’
Luk 19:20 “Then another one said, ‘Master, here’s your money. I kept it wrapped up and stored away,
Luk 19:21 because I was afraid of you. You are a harsh person who makes a profit from work you never did!’
Luk 19:22 “ ‘I will judge you according to the words from your own mouth!’ retorted the master. ‘So you knew I was harsh, making a profit from work I never did?
Luk 19:23 Then why didn’t you put my money in the bank to at least earn interest for me?’
Luk 19:24 “Then to those standing by he said, ‘Take the money from this one and give it to the one who earned ten times as much!‘
Luk 19:25 “ ‘But master’, they said, ‘He already has ten!’
Luk 19:26 “ ‘Now I say to you: The one who has will be given more, but the one who does not have will have more taken away.
Luk 19:27 Now as for my enemies who didn’t want me to be king, bring them here and execute them in front of me!’ ”
Luk 19:28 After he said all this, Jesus went ahead into Jerusalem.
Luk 19:29 And as he approached Bethphage and Bethany near the Mount of Olives, he sent out two of his disciples with these instructions:
Luk 19:30 “Go straight to the village in front of you. You will find a colt hitched there. one that has never been ridden. Untie it and lead it here.
Luk 19:31 And if anyone wants to know why you untied it, tell them that the Master needs it.”
Luk 19:32 So the ones who were sent off went and found it just as Jesus had said.
Luk 19:33 They untied the colt, but its owners said to them, “What are you doing?”
Luk 19:34 And they replied, “The Master needs it.”
Luk 19:35 Then they led it to Jesus, laid their outer clothing on it, and sat Jesus on it.
Luk 19:36 Now as he went along, people spread clothing on the path in front of him.
Luk 19:37 And as he was almost to the descent from the Mount of Olives, everyone in the crowd full of disciples began to celebrate and praise God loudly for all the powerful things they had seen:
Luk 19:38 “Blessed is the king bearing the name of the Master! Peace and honor in the presence of God!”
Luk 19:39 Then some of the Pharisees among the crowd said to him, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”
Luk 19:40 But Jesus replied, “I say to you, that if these people are silent, the stones themselves will shout!”
Luk 19:41 Then as he came closer and saw the city, he began to sob over it:
Luk 19:42 “If only you realized that in this day you could have had peace, yet now it is hidden from your eyes!
Luk 19:43 The day will come when your enemies will throw siege ramps all around you and press in on you from all sides.
Luk 19:44 They will destroy you along with your children, and they will not leave one stone on top of another, all because you did not recognize the era in which you were to be set free!”
Luk 19:45 Upon entering the temple compound, Jesus began to throw out the merchants
Luk 19:46 and said, “It is written: ‘my house will be a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a robbers’ hideout!’ ”
Luk 19:47 He was teaching every day in the temple compound. The ruling priests, scripture scholars, and prominent people looked for a way to get rid of him,
Luk 19:48 but they couldn’t figure out how, since the people were hanging on his every word.
Luk 19:1 και εισελθων διηρχετο την ιεριχω
Luk 19:2 και ιδου ανηρ ονοματι καλουμενος ζακχαιος και αυτος ην αρχιτελωνης και αυτος πλουσιος
Luk 19:3 και εζητει ιδειν τον ιησουν τις εστιν και ουκ ηδυνατο απο του οχλου ὁτι τη ἡλικια μικρος ην
Luk 19:4 και προδραμων εις το εμπροσθεν ανεβη επι συκομορεαν ἱνα ιδη αυτον ὁτι εκεινης ημελλεν διερχεσθαι
Luk 19:5 και ὡς ηλθεν επι τον τοπον αναβλεψας ὁ ιησους ειπεν προς αυτον ζακχαιε σπευσας καταβηθι σημερον γαρ εν τω οικω σου δει με μειναι
Luk 19:6 και σπευσας κατεβη και ὑπεδεξατο αυτον χαιρων
Luk 19:7 και ιδοντες παντες διεγογγυζον λεγοντες ὁτι παρα ἁμαρτωλω ανδρι εισηλθεν καταλυσαι
Luk 19:8 σταθεις δε ζακχαιος ειπεν προς τον κυριον ιδου τα ἡμισια μου των ὑπαρχοντων κυριε τοις πτωχοις διδωμι και ει. τινος τι εσυκοφαντησα αποδιδωμι τετραπλουν
Luk 19:9 ειπεν δε προς αυτον ὁ ιησους ὁτι σημερον σωτηρια τω οικω τουτω εγενετο καθοτι και αυτος υἱος αβρααμ εστιν
Luk 19:10 ηλθεν γαρ ὁ υἱος του ανθρωπου ζητησαι και σωσαι το απολωλος
Luk 19:11 ακουοντων δε αυτων ταυτα προσθεις ειπεν παραβολην δια το εγγυς ειναι ιερουσαλημ αυτον και δοκειν αυτους ὁτι παραχρημα μελλει ἡ βασιλεια του θεου αναφαινεσθαι
Luk 19:12 ειπεν ουν ανθρωπος τις ευγενης επορευθη εις χωραν μακραν λαβειν ἑαυτω βασιλειαν και ὑποστρεψαι
Luk 19:13 καλεσας δε δεκα δουλους ἑαυτου εδωκεν αυτοις δεκα μνας και ειπεν προς αυτους πραγματευσασθε εν ὡ ερχομαι
Luk 19:14 οἱ δε πολιται αυτου εμισουν αυτον και απεστειλαν πρεσβειαν οπισω αυτου λεγοντες ου θελομεν τουτον βασιλευσαι εφ᾽ ἡμας
Luk 19:15 και εγενετο εν τω επανελθειν αυτον λαβοντα την βασιλειαν και ειπεν φωνηθηναι αυτω τους δουλους τουτους οἱς δεδωκει το αργυριον ἱνα γνοι τι διεπραγματευσαντο
Luk 19:16 παρεγενετο δε ὁ πρωτος λεγων κυριε ἡ μνα σου δεκα προσηργασατο μνας
Luk 19:17 και ειπεν αυτω ευγε αγαθε δουλε ὁτι εν ελαχιστω πιστος εγενου ισθι εξουσιαν εχων επανω δεκα πολεων
Luk 19:18 και ηλθεν ὁ δευτερος λεγων ἡ μνα σου κυριε εποιησεν πεντε μνας
Luk 19:19 ειπεν δε και τουτω και συ επανω γινου πεντε πολεων
Luk 19:20 και ὁ ἑτερος ηλθεν λεγων κυριε ιδου ἡ μνα σου ἡν ειχον αποκειμενην εν σουδαριω
Luk 19:21 εφοβουμην γαρ σε ὁτι ανθρωπος αυστηρος ει αιρεις ὁ ουκ εθηκας και θεριζεις ὁ ουκ εσπειρας
Luk 19:22 λεγει αυτω εκ του στοματος σου κρινω σε πονηρε δουλε ηδεις ὁτι εγω ανθρωπος αυστηρος ειμι αιρων ὁ ουκ εθηκα και θεριζων ὁ ουκ εσπειρα
Luk 19:23 και δια τι ουκ εδωκας μου το αργυριον επι τραπεζαν καγω ελθων συν τοκω αν αυτο επραξα
Luk 19:24 και τοις παρεστωσιν ειπεν αρατε απ᾽ αυτου την μναν και δοτε τω τας δεκα μνας εχοντι
Luk 19:25 και ειπαν αυτω κυριε εχει δεκα μνας
Luk 19:26 λεγω ὑμιν ὁτι παντι τω εχοντι δοθησεται απο δε του μη εχοντος και ὁ εχει αρθησεται
Luk 19:27 πλην τους εχθρους μου τουτους τους μη θελησαντας με βασιλευσαι επ᾽ αυτους αγαγετε ὡδε και κατασφαξατε αυτους εμπροσθεν μου
Luk 19:28 και ειπων ταυτα επορευετο εμπροσθεν αναβαινων εις ἱεροσολυμα
Luk 19:29 και εγενετο ὡς ηγγισεν εις βηθφαγη και βηθανιαν προς το ορος το καλουμενον ελαιων απεστειλεν δυο των μαθητων
Luk 19:30 λεγων ὑπαγετε εις την κατεναντι κωμην εν ἡ εισπορευομενοι εὑρησετε πωλον δεδεμενον εφ᾽ ὁν ουδεις πωποτε ανθρωπων εκαθισεν και λυσαντες αυτον αγαγετε
Luk 19:31 και εαν τις ὑμας ερωτα δια τι λυετε οὑτως ερειτε ὁτι ὁ κυριος αυτου χρειαν εχει
Luk 19:32 απελθοντες δε οἱ απεσταλμενοι εὑρον καθως ειπεν αυτοις
Luk 19:33 λυοντων δε αυτων τον πωλον ειπαν οἱ κυριοι αυτου προς αυτους τι λυετε τον πωλον
Luk 19:34 οἱ δε ειπαν ὁτι ὁ κυριος αυτου χρειαν εχει
Luk 19:35 και ηγαγον αυτον προς τον ιησουν και επιριψαντες αυτων τα ἱματια επι τον πωλον επεβιβασαν τον ιησουν
Luk 19:36 πορευομενου δε αυτου ὑπεστρωννυον τα ἱματια αυτων εν τη ὁδω
Luk 19:37 εγγιζοντος δε αυτου ηδη προς τη καταβασει του ορους των ελαιων ηρξαντο ἁπαν το πληθος των μαθητων χαιροντες αινειν τον θεον φωνη μεγαλη περι πασων ὡν ειδον δυναμεων
Luk 19:38 λεγοντες ευλογημενος ὁ ερχομενος ὁ βασιλευς εν ονοματι κυριου εν ουρανω ειρηνη και δοξα εν ὑψιστοις
Luk 19:39 και τινες των φαρισαιων απο του οχλου ειπαν προς αυτον διδασκαλε επιτιμησον τοις μαθηταις σου
Luk 19:40 και αποκριθεις ειπεν λεγω ὑμιν εαν οὑτοι σιωπησουσιν οἱ λιθοι κραξουσιν
Luk 19:41 και ὡς ηγγισεν ιδων την πολιν εκλαυσεν επ᾽ αυτην
Luk 19:42 λεγων ὁτι ει. εγνως εν τη ἡμερα ταυτη και συ τα προς ειρηνην νυν δε εκρυβη απο οφθαλμων σου
Luk 19:43 ὁτι ἡξουσιν ἡμεραι επι σε και παρεμβαλουσιν οἱ εχθροι σου χαρακα σοι και περικυκλωσουσιν σε και συνεξουσιν σε παντοθεν
Luk 19:44 και εδαφιουσιν σε και τα τεκνα σου εν σοι και ουκ αφησουσιν λιθον επι λιθον εν σοι ανθ᾽ ὡν ουκ εγνως τον καιρον της επισκοπης σου
Luk 19:45 και εισελθων εις το ἱερον ηρξατο εκβαλλειν τους πωλουντας
Luk 19:46 λεγων αυτοις γεγραπται και εσται ὁ οικος μου οικος προσευχης ὑμεις δε αυτον εποιησατε σπηλαιον ληστων
Luk 19:47 και ην διδασκων το καθ᾽ ἡμεραν εν τω ἱερω οἱ δε αρχιερεις και οἱ γραμματεις εζητουν αυτον απολεσαι και οἱ πρωτοι του λαου
Luk 19:48 και ουχ εὑρισκον το τι ποιησωσιν ὁ λαος γαρ ἁπας εξεκρεματο αυτου ακουων