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Luke 16

Luk 16:1 Now Jesus said to his disciples, “A certain rich person had a house manager who was accused of being wasteful with the rich person’s assets.
Luk 16:2 So he called him in and said, ‘What is this I’m hearing about you? Give your final report, because you are no longer my administrator.’
Luk 16:3 “Then the house manager said to himself, ‘What am I going to do, now that my master is firing me? I don’t have the strength to dig and I’m too proud to beg.
Luk 16:4 I know what I’ll do! And when I’m let go, people will welcome me into their homes.’
Luk 16:5 So he summoned each one who owed his master money. And he said to the first one, ‘How much do you owe my master?’
Luk 16:6 “ ‘A hundred measures of olive oil’, he replied. “ ‘Quick, get your invoice,’ he said, ‘Sit down and write fifty instead.’
Luk 16:7 “He then asked another how much they owed, and they said ‘A hundred bags of grain.’ “And he said, ‘Get your invoice and change it to eighty.’
Luk 16:8 “The master had to commend the crooked house manager for his cleverness, because the people of this age are more savvy in their dealings with each other than are the people of light.
Luk 16:9 So I say to you, you’d better make friends with those who benefitted from cheating, so that when your wealth is gone they will welcome you into eternal dwellings.
Luk 16:10 “Whoever is trustworthy with the least is also trustworthy with the most, and whoever is unjust in the smallest matters is also unjust in the greatest matters.
Luk 16:11 So if you could not be trusted with the wealth of this world, who will trust you with true wealth?
Luk 16:12 And if you could not be trusted with someone else’s belongings, who will give you belongings of your own?
Luk 16:13 No domestic can serve two masters; they will despise one and love the other, or they will defend one and scorn the other. You cannot serve both God and Wealth.”
Luk 16:14 Now the greedy Pharisees heard all of this and held Jesus in derision.
Luk 16:15 But he said to them, “You like to make yourselves look good in front of other people. But God knows your hearts, and what is impressive to people is disgusting to God.
Luk 16:16 The Law and the Prophets applied until the time of John. But from then on, the kingdom of God has been proclaimed, and everyone is trying to take unlawful possession of it.
Luk 16:17 Yet it is easier for the sky and earth to pass away than for one tiny stroke of a letter in the Law to drop off.
Luk 16:18 “All who send away their wives in order to marry others are committing adultery, and the ones who are sent away and remarry are committing adultery.
Luk 16:19 “Now there was a certain rich person who dressed in purple and fine linen, living each day in happiness and luxury.
Luk 16:20 But there was also a destitute man named Lazarus who was put at the rich man’s door. He was covered with ulcers
Luk 16:21 and longed to fill himself with crumbs from the rich man’s table, and the dogs came and licked his sores.
Luk 16:22 Eventually the destitute man died, and he was carried away by the Messengers to the place of honor with Abraham. Then the rich man also died and was buried.
Luk 16:23 “The rich man, being tormented in Hades, looked up and saw Abraham a great distance away, with Lazarus at the place of honor.
Luk 16:24 And he called to him, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me! Send Lazarus to dip his fingertip in water and cool my tongue, for I am suffering in this inferno.’
Luk 16:25 “But Abraham replied, ‘Child, remember that you received good things in your life, while Lazarus only received bad things. Now he is being comforted and you are suffering.
Luk 16:26 And besides, there is a wide chasm set between us, so that no one can cross over from one side to the other.’
Luk 16:27 “ ‘Then I beg you, Father’, he replied, ‘that you would send him to my father’s house.
Luk 16:28 For I have five brothers, and he could warn them not to come to this place of torment.’
Luk 16:29 “But Abraham said to him, ‘They have Moses and the prophets; let them listen to them.’
Luk 16:30 “ ‘Oh no, Father Abraham!’ he replied. ‘But if someone were to come to them from the dead, they would change their minds.’
Luk 16:31 “ ‘If they won’t listen to Moses and the prophets’, said Abraham, ‘they won’t be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.’ ”
Luk 16:1 ελεγεν δε και προς τους μαθητας ανθρωπος τις ην πλουσιος ὁς ειχεν οικονομον και οὑτος διεβληθη αυτω ὡς διασκορπιζων τα ὑπαρχοντα αυτου
Luk 16:2 και φωνησας αυτον ειπεν αυτω τι τουτο ακουω περι σου αποδος τον λογον της οικονομιας σου ου γαρ δυνη ετι οικονομειν
Luk 16:3 ειπεν δε εν ἑαυτω ὁ οικονομος τι ποιησω ὁτι ὁ κυριος μου αφαιρειται την οικονομιαν απ᾽ εμου σκαπτειν ουκ ισχυω επαιτειν αισχυνομαι
Luk 16:4 εγνων τι ποιησω ἱνα ὁταν μετασταθω εκ της οικονομιας δεξωνται με εις τους οικους αυτων
Luk 16:5 και προσκαλεσαμενος ἑνα ἑκαστον των χρεοφειλετων του κυριου ἑαυτου ελεγεν τω πρωτω ποσον οφειλεις τω κυριω μου
Luk 16:6 ὁ δε ειπεν ἑκατον βατους. ελαιου ὁ δε ειπεν αυτω δεξαι σου τα γραμματα και καθισας ταχεως γραψον πεντηκοντα
Luk 16:7 επειτα ἑτερω ειπεν συ δε ποσον οφειλεις ὁ δε ειπεν ἑκατον κορους σιτου λεγει αυτω δεξαι σου τα γραμματα και γραψον ογδοηκοντα
Luk 16:8 και επηνεσεν ὁ κυριος τον οικονομον της αδικιας ὁτι φρονιμως εποιησεν ὁτι οἱ υἱοι του αιωνος τουτου φρονιμωτεροι ὑπερ τους υἱους του φωτος εις την γενεαν την ἑαυτων εισιν
Luk 16:9 και εγω ὑμιν λεγω ἑαυτοις ποιησατε φιλους εκ του μαμωνα της αδικιας ἱνα ὁταν εκλιπη δεξωνται ὑμας εις τας αιωνιους σκηνας
Luk 16:10 ὁ πιστος εν ελαχιστω και εν πολλω πιστος εστιν και ὁ εν ελαχιστω αδικος και εν πολλω αδικος εστιν
Luk 16:11 ει. ουν εν τω αδικω. μαμωνα πιστοι ουκ εγενεσθε το αληθινον τις ὑμιν πιστευσει
Luk 16:12 και ει. εν τω αλλοτριω πιστοι ουκ εγενεσθε το ὑμετερον τις ὑμιν δωσει
Luk 16:13 ουδεις οικετης δυναται δυσι κυριοις δουλευειν η γαρ τον ἑνα μισησει και τον ἑτερον αγαπησει η ἑνος ανθεξεται και του ἑτερου καταφρονησει ου δυνασθε θεω δουλευειν και μαμωνα
Luk 16:14 ηκουον δε ταυτα παντα οἱ φαρισαιοι φιλαργυροι ὑπαρχοντες και εξεμυκτηριζον αυτον
Luk 16:15 και ειπεν αυτοις ὑμεις εστε οἱ δικαιουντες ἑαυτους ενωπιον των ανθρωπων ὁ δε θεος γινωσκει τας καρδιας ὑμων ὁτι το εν ανθρωποις ὑψηλον βδελυγμα ενωπιον του θεου
Luk 16:16 ὁ νομος και οἱ προφηται μεχρι ιωαννου απο τοτε ἡ βασιλεια του θεου ευαγγελιζεται και πας εις αυτην βιαζεται
Luk 16:17 ευκοπωτερον δε εστιν τον ουρανον και την γην παρελθειν η του νομου μιαν κεραιαν πεσειν
Luk 16:18 πας ὁ απολυων την γυναικα αυτου και γαμων ἑτεραν μοιχευει και ὁ απολελυμενην απο ανδρος γαμων μοιχευει
Luk 16:19 ανθρωπος δε τις ην πλουσιος και ενεδιδυσκετο πορφυραν και βυσσον ευφραινομενος καθ᾽ ἡμεραν λαμπρως
Luk 16:20 πτωχος δε τις ονοματι λαζαρος εβεβλητο προς τον πυλωνα αυτου εἱλκωμενος
Luk 16:21 και επιθυμων χορτασθηναι απο των πιπτοντων απο της τραπεζης του πλουσιου αλλα και οἱ κυνες ερχομενοι επελειχον τα ἑλκη αυτου
Luk 16:22 εγενετο δε αποθανειν τον πτωχον και απενεχθηναι αυτον ὑπο των αγγελων εις τον κολπον αβρααμ απεθανεν δε και ὁ πλουσιος και εταφη
Luk 16:23 και εν τω ἁδη επαρας τους οφθαλμους αυτου ὑπαρχων εν βασανοις ὁρα. αβρααμ απο μακροθεν και λαζαρον εν τοις κολποις αυτου
Luk 16:24 και αυτος φωνησας ειπεν πατερ αβρααμ ελεησον με και πεμψον λαζαρον ἱνα βαψη το ακρον του δακτυλου αυτου ὑδατος και καταψυξη την γλωσσαν μου ὁτι οδυνωμαι εν τη φλογι ταυτη
Luk 16:25 ειπεν δε αβρααμ τεκνον μνησθητι ὁτι απελαβες τα αγαθα σου εν τη ζωη σου και λαζαρος ὁμοιως τα κακα νυν δε ὡδε παρακαλειται συ δε οδυνασαι
Luk 16:26 και εν τουτοις μεταξυ ἡμων και ὑμων χασμα μεγα εστηρικται ὁπως οἱ θελοντες διαβηναι ενθεν προς ὑμας μη δυνωνται μηδε εκειθεν προς ἡμας διαπερωσιν
Luk 16:27 ειπεν δε ερωτω σε ουν πατερ ἱνα πεμψης αυτον εις τον οικον του πατρος μου
Luk 16:28 εχω γαρ πεντε αδελφους ὁπως διαμαρτυρηται αυτοις ἱνα μη και αυτοι ελθωσιν εις τον τοπον τουτον της βασανου
Luk 16:29 λεγει δε αβρααμ εχουσι μωϋσεα και τους προφητας ακουσατωσαν αυτων
Luk 16:30 ὁ δε ειπεν ουχι πατερ αβρααμ αλλ᾽ εαν τις απο νεκρων πορευθη προς αυτους μετανοησουσιν
Luk 16:31 ειπεν δε αυτω ει. μωϋσεως και των προφητων ουκ ακουουσιν ουδ᾽ εαν τις εκ νεκρων αναστη πεισθησονται