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1 Peter 1

1Pt 1:1 Peter, an Ambassador of Jesus the Anointed, To the chosen exiles scattered in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia
1Pt 1:2 who, according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, are being made spiritually holy through obedience and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus the Anointed: Abundant favor and peace to you all!
1Pt 1:3 Blessings to the God and Father of our Master Jesus the Anointed, who regenerated us according to his vast mercy into a living hope. This comes through the resurrection of Jesus the Anointed from the dead,
1Pt 1:4 into an inheritance that is incorruptible, untainted, and unfading, having been kept in the heavens for you all.
1Pt 1:5 You are those being garrisoned in the power of God through faith into a salvation ready to be revealed in the last age.
1Pt 1:6 Briefly at the present time you are being exulted, and sorrowed by various trials if necessary,
1Pt 1:7 so that your faith will be tested and proved much more valuable than gold, though the refining fire melts it down. Your faith was made evident through being tested, for praise and honor and worth in the revelation of Jesus the Anointed.
1Pt 1:8 Though you did not know the One you cannot see now, you believe anyway and celebrate with unspeakable joy.
1Pt 1:9 And having been honored, you are responding with the completion of your faith, the salvation of souls.
1Pt 1:10 The prophets searched intently concerning the salvation they were proclaiming, this favor toward you.
1Pt 1:11 They were trying to discover the general time the Spirit of the Anointed in them was predicting for his sufferings and later honors.
1Pt 1:12 It was revealed to them that in all this they were attending not to themselves but to you, by means of the ones who brought you the Gospel; they were commissioned by the Holy Spirit from heaven. The Messengers strain to look into this.
1Pt 1:13 So then, be strong and prepared in your understanding. Be clear-thinking and mature as you rely on the favor delivered to you in the revealing of Jesus the Anointed.
1Pt 1:14 With a compliant attitude, do not conform to your old ways in your ignorant desires,
1Pt 1:15 but become holy yourselves, just as the one calling you is holy.
1Pt 1:16 For it is written, “You will be holy, because I am holy.”
1Pt 1:17 And if you call on the Father, the one who impartially judges each one’s work, then may you behave respectfully for the time of your journey.
1Pt 1:18 You have seen that you were ransomed from the pointless behavior handed down by tradition. Yet you weren’t ransomed by means of decaying things like silver or gold,
1Pt 1:19 but by the priceless blood of the Anointed, the flawless and unblemished Lamb.
1Pt 1:20 Indeed, this was known ahead of time, before the foundation of the world, yet in the last of the times is being revealed on account of you.
1Pt 1:21 Through him you were brought to faith in God, who awakened him from the dead and gave him honor, so that your faith and hope are put in God.
1Pt 1:22 Since he purified your souls with compliance to the truth, earnestly and honestly love each other from a clean heart.
1Pt 1:23 You have not been regenerated from mortal seed but from immortal, through the living and enduring Word of God.
1Pt 1:24 Since all flesh is like grass, all its honor is like wilted flowers.
1Pt 1:25 But the declaration of the Master, the Gospel brought to you, remains forever.
1Pt 1:1 πετρος αποστολος ιησου χριστου εκλεκτοις παρεπιδημοις διασπορας ποντου γαλατιας καππαδοκιας ασιας και βιθυνιας
1Pt 1:2 κατα προγνωσιν θεου πατρος εν ἁγιασμω πνευματος εις ὑπακοην και ῥαντισμον αἱματος ιησου χριστου χαρις ὑμιν και ειρηνη πληθυνθειη
1Pt 1:3 ευλογητος ὁ θεος και πατηρ του κυριου ἡμων ιησου χριστου ὁ κατα το πολυ αυτου ελεος αναγεννησας ἡμας εις ελπιδα ζωσαν δι᾽ αναστασεως ιησου χριστου εκ νεκρων
1Pt 1:4 εις κληρονομιαν αφθαρτον και αμιαντον και αμαραντον τετηρημενην εν ουρανοις εις ὑμας
1Pt 1:5 τους εν δυναμει θεου φρουρουμενους δια πιστεως εις σωτηριαν ἑτοιμην αποκαλυφθηναι εν καιρω εσχατω
1Pt 1:6 εν ὡ αγαλλιασθε ολιγον αρτι ει. δεον εστιν λυπηθεντες εν ποικιλοις πειρασμοις
1Pt 1:7 ἱνα το δοκιμιον ὑμων της πιστεως πολυτιμοτερον χρυσιου του απολλυμενου δια πυρος δε δοκιμαζομενου εὑρεθη εις επαινον και δοξαν και τιμην εν αποκαλυψει ιησου χριστου
1Pt 1:8 ὁν ουκ ειδοτες αγαπατε εις ὁν αρτι μη ὁρωντες πιστευοντες δε αγαλλιασθε χαρα ανεκλαλητω και δεδοξασμενη
1Pt 1:9 κομιζομενοι το τελος της πιστεως ὑμων σωτηριαν ψυχων
1Pt 1:10 περι ἡς σωτηριας εξεζητησαν και εξηραυνησαν προφηται οἱ περι της εις ὑμας χαριτος προφητευσαντες
1Pt 1:11 εραυνωντες εις τινα η ποιον καιρον εδηλου το εν αυτοις πνευμα χριστου προμαρτυρομενον τα εις χριστον παθηματα και τας μετα ταυτα δοξας
1Pt 1:12 οἱς απεκαλυφθη ὁτι ουχ ἑαυτοις ὑμιν δε διηκονουν αυτα ἁ νυν ανηγγελη ὑμιν δια των ευαγγελισαμενων ὑμας εν πνευματι ἁγιω αποσταλεντι απ᾽ ουρανου εις ἁ επιθυμουσιν αγγελοι παρακυψαι
1Pt 1:13 διο αναζωσαμενοι τας οσφυας της διανοιας ὑμων νηφοντες τελειως ελπισατε επι την φερομενην ὑμιν χαριν εν αποκαλυψει ιησου χριστου
1Pt 1:14 ὡς τεκνα ὑπακοης μη συσχηματιζομενοι ταις προτερον εν τη αγνοια ὑμων επιθυμιαις
1Pt 1:15 αλλα κατα τον καλεσαντα ὑμας ἁγιον και αυτοι ἁγιοι εν παση αναστροφη γενηθητε
1Pt 1:16 διοτι γεγραπται ἁγιοι εσεσθε ὁτι εγω ἁγιος
1Pt 1:17 και ει. πατερα επικαλεισθε τον απροσωποληπτως κρινοντα κατα το ἑκαστου εργον εν φοβω τον της παροικιας ὑμων χρονον αναστραφητε
1Pt 1:18 ειδοτες ὁτι ου φθαρτοις αργυριω η χρυσιω ελυτρωθητε εκ της ματαιας ὑμων αναστροφης πατροπαραδοτου
1Pt 1:19 αλλα τιμιω αἱματι ὡς αμνου αμωμου και ασπιλου χριστου
1Pt 1:20 προεγνωσμενου μεν προ καταβολης κοσμου φανερωθεντος δε επ᾽ εσχατου των χρονων δι᾽ ὑμας
1Pt 1:21 τους δι᾽ αυτου πιστους εις θεον τον εγειραντα αυτον εκ νεκρων και δοξαν αυτω δοντα ὡστε την πιστιν ὑμων και ελπιδα ειναι εις θεον
1Pt 1:22 τας ψυχας ὑμων ἡγνικοτες εν τη ὑπακοη της αληθειας εις φιλαδελφιαν ανυποκριτον εκ καθαρας καρδιας αλληλους αγαπησατε εκτενως
1Pt 1:23 αναγεγεννημενοι ουκ εκ σπορας φθαρτης αλλα αφθαρτου δια λογου ζωντος θεου και μενοντος
1Pt 1:24 διοτι πασα σαρξ ὡς χορτος και πασα δοξα αυτης ὡς ανθος χορτου εξηρανθη ὁ χορτος και το ανθος αυτου εξεπεσεν
1Pt 1:25 το δε ῥημα κυριου μενει εις τον αιωνα τουτο δε εστιν το ῥημα το ευαγγελισθεν εις ὑμας