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1 Peter

4:1So since the Anointed suffered physically, you also must arm yourselves with the same attitude, because the one who has suffered physically has stopped failing.4:2That one will by no means still live in human desires but spend the rest of their life doing the will of God.

4:3Enough time has passed to have determined the intention of the non-Judeans, who have persisted in vice, lust, excessive drinking, wild parties, drinking contests, and illicit religious practices.4:4They think it strange that you do not race with them into the same reckless gusher, so they slander you.4:5But they will be required to give an account to the One who is poised to judge the living and the dead.4:6So the Gospel was also brought to the dead so they could be judged. Indeed, according to people they should live for the flesh, but according to God they should live for the spirit.

4:7Yet the end is near! So be wise and mature in your prayers for all,4:8having sincere love within you, since love covers over a multitude of failures.4:9Be hospitable among yourselves, without complaining.4:10Dispense your gifts among yourselves as each of you has received them, as exemplary administrators of the multifaceted favor of God.4:11If you speak, may it be as the voice of God; if you dispense service, do so from the power God supplies, so that in everything God may be exalted through Jesus the Anointed— to whom belongs honor and mighty rule for ages and ages, absolutely!

4:12Loved ones, do not think it strange, this fire raging among you; do not think that this trial which descended upon you is something unexpected.4:13Instead, be happy that what you are doing is participating in the sufferings of the Anointed, and also that you may celebrate in revealing his favor.4:14If you are being reprimanded in the name of the Anointed, be happy that the spirit and honor of God has come to rest on you.4:15Now, let none of you be suffering because you are a murderer, or a thief, or an evildoer, or a meddler!4:16But if it’s because of being a Christian,1 then of course you should not be ashamed. Instead, let them honor the name of God.4:17This is the time for the judgment to begin from the house of God. And if it starts from us, then what will be the end of those who are hostile toward the Gospel of God?4:18And if the righteous one is barely saved, what will happen to the unrighteous and failing one?4:19Because of that, let those who suffer according to God’s will commit their souls to the faithful Creator.

  1. 1See the footnote on Acts 11:26.