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1 Peter

3:1Wives, likewise, support your own husbands, so that if they are hostile to the Word they may be won over without words by means of their wives’ behavior;3:2they will realize in fear that your behavior is pure and godly.3:3Don’t let them only see the outward adornment of hair and jewelry and wardrobe,3:4but the inner person, the undying perfection of a meek and quiet spirit that is priceless in the sight of God.3:5For this is how holy women rely on God, outfitting themselves with support for their own husbands.3:6Be like Sarah, who called Abraham “master”; you become like her in doing good and not fearing nor being distressed.3:7Husbands, likewise, build a home together with them, in keeping with the realization that they have the less stable income. Honor these feminine ones as the joint heirs of favor and life that they are, or your prayers will be impeded!

3:8The goal of all this is for all of you to be in agreement, to be sympathetic, caring, fond of other believers, and humble,3:9without taking revenge or matching inflamed rhetoric. Respond instead with blessing; this is what you were called to do so that you inherit blessing.3:10For whoever wants to enjoy a long life must stop their tongue from speaking evil and their lips from speaking treachery.3:11They must do good, not evil, and they must seek and chase after peace.3:12The Master has his eyes and ears on the righteous ones and their case, but he stands in opposition against all who do evil.

3:13Will you be treated poorly if you always strive to do good?3:14But if you do suffer for the sake of righteousness, be happy. Yet do not fear them or let them upset you,3:15but instead honor Master Anointed as holy, from the heart. Always be ready with a defense of your hope to anyone who demands it, but do so with deference and respect.3:16Then your conscience will be clear, so that if anyone talks trash about you they will be utterly silenced by your good behavior.3:17It’s better to suffer for doing good, if God wills it, than for doing evil.3:18Notice also that the Anointed suffered for failures, the righteous for the sake of the unrighteous, that he may lead you to God.

When he was put to death in the flesh but alive in the spirit,3:19he also went to the spirits in prison and made announcement3:20to the ones who were hostile to the faith from the time of Noah. God patiently awaited the construction of the ark, inside of which only a mere eight souls were brought safely out of the water.3:21This is representative of the immersion that now saves you, yet it is not the washing of dirt from your flesh but a matter of a good conscience in God by means of the resurrection of Jesus the Anointed.3:22He is at God’s right hand, having gone into heaven, with Messengers and rulers and powers supporting him.