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Mark 1

Mar 1:1 This begins the Gospel of Anointed Jesus, the God-Man.
Mar 1:2 As it is written according to the prophet Isaiah:“Look! I am dispatching my messenger before you, to pave the road in front of you.
Mar 1:3 There is the sound of someone shouting in the desert, ‘Prepare the way of the Master! Make the path straight!’”
Mar 1:4 John the Immerser happened to be in the desert, proclaiming that people should change their minds and be immersed, so that they could be acquitted of their failures.
Mar 1:5 The whole province of Judea and the people of Jerusalem went out to him, and he immersed them all in the Jordan River as they admitted their faults.
Mar 1:6 John himself was dressed in cloth made from camel hair, with a leather belt around his waist. His diet was locusts and wild honey.
Mar 1:7 And his message was, “Someone stronger than I is coming after me, whose shoes I am not worthy to stoop down to untie.
Mar 1:8 I do indeed immerse you in water, but he will immerse you in the Holy Spirit!”
Mar 1:9 Now it was in those days that Jesus arrived from Nazareth in Galilee, and he was immersed in the Jordan by John.
Mar 1:10 And right as he came up out of the water he saw the heavens split apart, and the Spirit descended upon him like a dove.
Mar 1:11 Then a voice came from the heavens: “You are my dear son; I am pleased with you!”
Mar 1:12 And right away the Spirit compelled him to go into the desert.
Mar 1:13 He was there for forty days, being tested by the Adversary. And he was with the wild animals, but the Messengers attended to him.
Mar 1:14 Now after John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee, where he proclaimed the Gospel of God
Mar 1:15 and said, “The time has come and the kingdom of God approaches! Change your minds and believe the Gospel.”
Mar 1:16 As they passed along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting nets into the sea, because they caught fish for a living.
Mar 1:17 And Jesus said to them, “Come and follow me, and I will have you catch people for a living!”
Mar 1:18 Right away they left their nets and followed him.
Mar 1:19 Going along a short distance he saw James and his brother John, sons of Zebedee, who were in their boat preparing the nets.
Mar 1:20 Right away he called them, and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired hands and followed Jesus.
Mar 1:21 As they went into Capernaum, they went straight to the synagogue, where Jesus began to teach.
Mar 1:22 The people were awestruck by his teaching, because he taught with authority, rather than like the scripture scholars.
Mar 1:23 Just then they saw someone in the synagogue with an unclean spirit. It shouted loudly,
Mar 1:24 “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are— the Holy One of God!”
Mar 1:25 And Jesus rebuked it: “Shut up! Get out of him!”
Mar 1:26 Then the unclean spirit caused the person to convulse and shouted loudly as it left him.
Mar 1:27 So everyone was shocked, and they discussed this among themselves: “What new teaching is this, that has such jurisdiction? He commands unclean spirits and they listen to him!”
Mar 1:28 And the news about him spread rapidly all through the area around Galilee.
Mar 1:29 Leaving the synagogue, they went straight to the house of Simon and Andrew, along with James and John.
Mar 1:30 But Simon’s mother-in-law was down with a fever, and they told him about her right away.
Mar 1:31 He went over to her and took her by the hand to help her up. The fever left her, and she began to attend to them.
Mar 1:32 Now when evening came, at sunset, the people brought him all who were in poor health or were possessed.
Mar 1:33 The whole city was at the door!
Mar 1:34 And he healed those who were in poor health with various diseases, and he threw out many demons. But he would not allow the demons to speak because they knew who he was.
Mar 1:35 The next morning Jesus got up very early (it was actually still dark), and he went to an isolated place to pray.
Mar 1:36 But Simon hunted him down,
Mar 1:37 and those with him found him and told him, “Everyone is looking for you!”
Mar 1:38 And he said to them, “Let’s go somewhere else, into the towns, so I can proclaim there, since this is the reason I’m here.”
Mar 1:39 So he went into the synagogues throughout Galilee to proclaim and to throw out demons.
Mar 1:40 Then a leper comes to him to plead with him. He dropped to his knees and said, “If you are willing, you can make me clean!”
Mar 1:41 Jesus, moved with compassion, held out his hand and touched him and said, “I am willing; be clean!”
Mar 1:42 Right away the leprosy left him and he was clean.
Mar 1:43 Now Jesus sent him off with a stern warning:
Mar 1:44 “See to it that you say nothing to anyone, but go and show yourself to the priest and offer the cleansing sacrifice commanded by Moses as a testimony.”
Mar 1:45 But instead he went off and blabbed to everyone, such that Jesus could no longer openly enter a city but instead had to stay outside in desolate places. Yet they came to him from everywhere.
Mar 1:1 αρχη του ευαγγελιου ιησου χριστου υἱου θεου
Mar 1:2 καθως γεγραπται εν τω ησαϊα τω προφητη ιδου αποστελλω τον αγγελον μου προ προσωπου σου ὁς κατασκευασει την ὁδον σου
Mar 1:3 φωνη βοωντος εν τη ερημω ἑτοιμασατε την ὁδον κυριου ευθειας ποιειτε τας τριβους αυτου
Mar 1:4 εγενετο ιωαννης ὁ βαπτιζων εν τη ερημω και κηρυσσων βαπτισμα μετανοιας εις αφεσιν ἁμαρτιων
Mar 1:5 και εξεπορευετο προς αυτον πασα ἡ ιουδαια χωρα και οἱ ἱεροσολυμιται παντες και εβαπτιζοντο ὑπ᾽ αυτου εν τω ιορδανη ποταμω εξομολογουμενοι τας ἁμαρτιας αυτων
Mar 1:6 και ην ὁ ιωαννης ενδεδυμενος τριχας καμηλου και ζωνην δερματινην περι την οσφυν αυτου και εσθιων ακριδας και μελι αγριον
Mar 1:7 και εκηρυσσεν λεγων ερχεται ὁ ισχυροτερος μου οπισω μου οὑ ουκ ειμι ἱκανος κυψας λυσαι τον ἱμαντα των ὑποδηματων αυτου
Mar 1:8 εγω εβαπτισα ὑμας ὑδατι αυτος δε βαπτισει ὑμας εν πνευματι ἁγιω
Mar 1:9 και εγενετο εν εκειναις ταις ἡμεραις ηλθεν ιησους απο ναζαρετ της γαλιλαιας και εβαπτισθη εις τον ιορδανην ὑπο ιωαννου
Mar 1:10 και ευθυς αναβαινων εκ του ὑδατος ειδεν σχιζομενους τους ουρανους και το πνευμα ὡς περιστεραν καταβαινον εις αυτον
Mar 1:11 και φωνη εγενετο εκ των ουρανων συ ει ὁ υἱος μου ὁ αγαπητος εν σοι ευδοκησα
Mar 1:12 και ευθυς το πνευμα αυτον εκβαλλει εις την ερημον
Mar 1:13 και ην εν τη ερημω τεσσερακοντα ἡμερας πειραζομενος ὑπο του σατανα και ην μετα των θηριων και οἱ αγγελοι διηκονουν αυτω
Mar 1:14 μετα δε το παραδοθηναι τον ιωαννην ηλθεν ὁ ιησους εις την γαλιλαιαν κηρυσσων το ευαγγελιον του θεου
Mar 1:15 και λεγων ὁτι πεπληρωται ὁ καιρος και ηγγικεν ἡ βασιλεια του θεου μετανοειτε και πιστευετε εν τω ευαγγελιω
Mar 1:16 και παραγων παρα την θαλασσαν της γαλιλαιας ειδεν σιμωνα και ανδρεαν τον αδελφον σιμωνος αμφιβαλλοντας εν τη θαλασση ησαν γαρ ἁλιεις
Mar 1:17 και ειπεν αυτοις ὁ ιησους δευτε οπισω μου και ποιησω ὑμας γενεσθαι ἁλιεις ανθρωπων
Mar 1:18 και ευθυς αφεντες τα δικτυα ηκολουθησαν αυτω
Mar 1:19 και προβας ολιγον ειδεν ιακωβον τον του ζεβεδαιου και ιωαννην τον αδελφον αυτου και αυτους εν τω πλοιω καταρτιζοντας τα δικτυα
Mar 1:20 και ευθυς εκαλεσεν αυτους και αφεντες τον πατερα αυτων ζεβεδαιον εν τω πλοιω μετα των μισθωτων απηλθον οπισω αυτου
Mar 1:21 και εισπορευονται εις καφαρναουμ και ευθυς τοις σαββασιν εισελθων εις την συναγωγην εδιδασκεν
Mar 1:22 και εξεπλησσοντο επι τη διδαχη αυτου ην γαρ διδασκων αυτους ὡς εξουσιαν εχων και ουχ ὡς οἱ γραμματεις
Mar 1:23 και ευθυς ην εν τη συναγωγη αυτων ανθρωπος εν πνευματι ακαθαρτω και ανεκραξεν
Mar 1:24 λεγων τι ἡμιν και σοι ιησου ναζαρηνε ηλθες απολεσαι ἡμας οιδα σε τις ει ὁ ἁγιος του θεου
Mar 1:25 και επετιμησεν αυτω ὁ ιησους λεγων φιμωθητι και εξελθε εξ αυτου
Mar 1:26 και σπαραξαν αυτον το πνευμα το ακαθαρτον και φωνησαν φωνη μεγαλη εξηλθεν εξ αυτου
Mar 1:27 και εθαμβηθησαν ἁπαντες ὡστε συζητειν προς ἑαυτους λεγοντας τι εστιν τουτο διδαχη καινη κατ᾽ εξουσιαν και τοις πνευμασιν τοις ακαθαρτοις επιτασσει και ὑπακουουσιν αυτω
Mar 1:28 και εξηλθεν ἡ ακοη αυτου ευθυς πανταχου εις ὁλην την περιχωρον της γαλιλαιας
Mar 1:29 και ευθυς εκ της συναγωγης εξελθοντες ηλθον εις την οικιαν σιμωνος και ανδρεου μετα ιακωβου και ιωαννου
Mar 1:30 ἡ δε πενθερα σιμωνος κατεκειτο πυρεσσουσα και ευθυς λεγουσιν αυτω περι αυτης
Mar 1:31 και προσελθων ηγειρεν αυτην κρατησας της χειρος και αφηκεν αυτην ὁ πυρετος και διηκονει αυτοις
Mar 1:32 οψιας δε γενομενης ὁτε εδυ ὁ ἡλιος εφερον προς αυτον παντας τους κακως εχοντας και τους δαιμονιζομενους
Mar 1:33 και ην ὁλη ἡ πολις επισυνηγμενη προς την θυραν
Mar 1:34 και εθεραπευσεν πολλους κακως εχοντας ποικιλαις νοσοις και δαιμονια πολλα εξεβαλεν και ουκ ηφιεν λαλειν τα δαιμονια ὁτι ηδεισαν αυτον
Mar 1:35 και πρωϊ εννυχα λιαν αναστας εξηλθεν και απηλθεν εις ερημον τοπον κακει προσηυχετο
Mar 1:36 και κατεδιωξεν αυτον σιμων και οἱ μετ᾽ αυτου
Mar 1:37 και εὑρον αυτον και λεγουσιν αυτω ὁτι παντες ζητουσιν σε
Mar 1:38 και λεγει αυτοις αγωμεν αλλαχου εις τας εχομενας κωμοπολεις ἱνα και εκει κηρυξω εις τουτο γαρ εξηλθον
Mar 1:39 και ηλθεν κηρυσσων εις τας συναγωγας αυτων εις ὁλην την γαλιλαιαν και τα δαιμονια εκβαλλων
Mar 1:40 και ερχεται προς αυτον λεπρος παρακαλων αυτον και γονυπετων και λεγων αυτω ὁτι εαν θελης δυνασαι με καθαρισαι
Mar 1:41 και σπλαγχνισθεις εκτεινας την χειρα αυτου ἡψατο και λεγει αυτω θελω καθαρισθητι
Mar 1:42 και ευθυς απηλθεν απ᾽ αυτου ἡ λεπρα και εκαθαρισθη
Mar 1:43 και εμβριμησαμενος αυτω ευθυς εξεβαλεν αυτον
Mar 1:44 και λεγει αυτω ὁρα μηδενι μηδεν ειπης αλλα ὑπαγε σεαυτον δειξον τω ἱερει και προσενεγκε περι του καθαρισμου σου ἁ προσεταξεν μωϋσης εις μαρτυριον αυτοις
Mar 1:45 ὁ δε εξελθων ηρξατο κηρυσσειν πολλα και διαφημιζειν τον λογον ὡστε μηκετι αυτον δυνασθαι φανερως εις πολιν εισελθειν αλλ᾽ εξω επ᾽ ερημοις τοποις ην και ηρχοντο προς αυτον παντοθεν