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2:1Because of all that, we must listen more intently to what we’ve heard so we won’t ever drift away.2:2For if the word spoken through Messengers was confirmed, and every step over the line and every disobedience was justly paid,2:3how would we escape if we neglected a salvation of such proportions, since it was spoken by means of the Master and confirmed to us by those who heard him?2:4God also gave confirming testimony to it with signs and miracles, along with various powers and distributions by the Holy Spirit as he saw fit.

2:5He did not set up the inhabited world we’re talking about for Messengers.2:6Instead, there is a place where someone has solemnly declared:

“What is a person, that you remember them, or what is a human being, that you notice them?2:7You made them somewhat inferior to Messengers but you honored and esteemed them.2:8You made everything under their feet to support them.”

Nothing exists that isn’t for their support, even though we don’t see everything in support yet.2:9But we see Jesus, who was temporarily made lower than the Messengers, honored and esteemed due to his suffering to the point of death, which by God’s favor he did for all our sakes.2:10And it was proper for God to do this, because everything comes from him and he leads many children into honor, perfecting the Originator of their salvation by means of suffering.2:11In this way, both the Holy One and the ones made holy are truly one. And because of that, he is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters.

2:12He says, “I will announce your Name to my brothers and sisters; in the congregation I will sing festive songs to you,”2:13and again, “I will have confidence in him,” and, “Here I am, and the little ones God gave me.”2:14So just as the little ones are of flesh and blood, so also he came very close to sharing in the same, so that by means of death he would throw down the one who holds the power of death (that is, the Accuser).2:15And he freed those who all their lives were enslaved by the fear of death.

2:16It should go without saying that he isn’t doing this for Messengers but for the Descendant of Abraham.2:17This is why he had to be like his sisters and brothers in every way, so he could be a merciful and faithful ruling priest concerning things of God, being the sacrifice that takes away the people’s failures.2:18For since he was tempted, he is able to help those who are tempted.