The Gift New Testament

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13:1Keep having fondness for others.13:2Don’t forget to be hospitable, for that is how some unknowingly took in Messengers.13:3Keep prisoners in mind, as though you too are imprisoned with them, and the mistreated, as though you share in their physical sufferings.13:4Marriage is fully honorable and the bed pure, for God will judge the promiscuous and the unfaithful.13:5Don’t be in the habit of loving money, but be happy with what you have, for he has proclaimed, “I will never give you up or desert you.”13:6That gives us the confidence to say, “The Master is my helper, and I will not fear what anyone might do to me!”

13:7Remember your leaders who spoke the Word of God to you; take another look at the outcome of their behavior and imitate their faith.13:8Jesus the Anointed is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

13:9Don’t let yourselves be carried away by various strange teachings. It is best to strengthen your mind by gratitude toward God instead of by certain foods that did nothing to help those who ate them.13:10We have an altar at which those who offer divine service in the Tent of Meeting have no right to eat.13:11The bodies of animals, whose blood the ruling priest carries into the holy places for failures, are burned up outside the camp.13:12Likewise, Jesus suffered outside the city gate in order to make people holy by means of his own blood.13:13So then, let us come out to him, outside of the camp, and share in his disgrace.13:14For we do not have a permanent city here, but we search for the one to come.13:15Through him, then, let us offer up a continual sacrifice of praise to God, that is, what comes out of our mouths, publicly acknowledging his Name.

13:16Now don’t forget to do the right thing and be a community, for God is pleased with such “sacrifices.”13:17Be persuaded by those who guide you, and defer to them, for they keep careful watch over your souls and must give an account. Make this a joy for them and not a chore, which would not be to your advantage.13:18Pray for us; we have a clear conscience but also want to be on our best behavior,13:19and I ask you this all the more so I can be back with you more quickly.

13:20Now may the God of Peace— who led up the great Shepherd, our Master Jesus, from the dead, by the blood of the eternal contract—13:21fully equip you with every good thing so you can do his will, which is to please him. May he do this by means of Jesus the Anointed, to whom belongs all honor into the ages, absolutely!

13:22Now I am sincerely asking you, brothers and sisters, to bear with me in this letter of comfort that I wrote to you in bits.13:23Be advised that our brother Timothy has been released, and he will accompany me when I see you if he arrives soon enough.13:24Greet all your leaders and the holy ones. Those from Italy greet you.13:25May the favor of God be with you all.