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Philemon 1

Phm 1:1 Paul, a prisoner of Anointed Jesus, and brother Timothy, To Philemon our dear co-worker,
Phm 1:2 to sister Apphia, to Archippus our fellow soldier, and to the Congregation meeting at your home:
Phm 1:3 Favor and peace to you from God our Father and Master Jesus the Anointed.
Phm 1:4 I always thank my God, mentioning you when I pray,
Phm 1:5 because I hear about the love and faith you have toward Master Jesus and all the holy ones,
Phm 1:6 so that the fellowship of your faith may become energized in the realization of every good thing we have united with the Anointed.
Phm 1:7 I was very happy and comforted to see that your love has soothed the holy ones, brother!
Phm 1:8 I could boldly instruct with authority from the Anointed as to what is proper.
Phm 1:9 But instead I am asking you out of love, as Paul the old man and prisoner of Anointed Jesus,
Phm 1:10 concerning Onesimus, the “child” I “gave birth to” here in prison.
Phm 1:11 He was once useless to you, but now he is useful to both of us.
Phm 1:12 I have sent this one, who is so close to me, back to you,
Phm 1:13 though I really would prefer to have him stay here in my service to the Gospel.
Phm 1:14 But I don’t want to do anything without your input, so you can do the right thing voluntarily and not out of compulsion.
Phm 1:15 Who knows but that he was separated from you for a short time so that you could have him back “with interest” for eternity—
Phm 1:16 no longer as a slave but much more— as a dear brother to me and most of all to you; and not only a brother in the flesh but also of the Master.
Phm 1:17 So if you consider me your close friend, take him back as you would me.
Phm 1:18 And if he has harmed you or owes you anything, put it on my account.
Phm 1:19 I, Paul, write this with my own hand: I will pay it back— not to mention that you really owe me your whole self!
Phm 1:20 Yes, brother, then I will make a “profit” from you concerning the Master, so soothe my heart.
Phm 1:21 And I am confident that you will comply, since I wrote to you knowing you will do even more than I ask.
Phm 1:22 Oh, and prepare a room for me, because I expect that as a result of your prayers I will graciously be allowed to visit you.
Phm 1:23 Epaphras, my fellow prisoner in Anointed Jesus, greets you,
Phm 1:24 along with my co-workers Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke.
Phm 1:25 May the favor of Master Jesus the Anointed be with your spirit.
Phm 1:1 παυλος δεσμιος χριστου ιησου και τιμοθεος αδελφος φιλημονι τω αγαπητω και συνεργω
Phm 1:2 και απφια τη αδελφη και αρχιππω τω συστρατιωτη και τη οικον σου εκκλησια
Phm 1:3 χαρις και ειρηνη απο θεου πατρος και κυριου ιησου χριστου
Phm 1:4 ευχαριστω τω θεω μου παντοτε μνειαν σου ποιουμενος επι των προσευχων μου
Phm 1:5 ακουων σου την αγαπην και την πιστιν ην εχεις προς τον κυριον ιησουν και εἱς παντας τους
Phm 1:6 η κοινωνια της πιστεως σου ενεργης γενηται εν επιγνωσει παντος αγαθου του εν εἱς χριστον
Phm 1:7 χαραν γαρ πολλην εσχον και παρακλησιν επι τη αγαπη σου τα σπλαγχνα των αναπεπαυται δια σου αδελφε
Phm 1:8 διο πολλην εν χριστω παρρησιαν εχων επιτασσειν σοι το ανηκον
Phm 1:9 δια την αγαπην μαλλον παρακαλω τοιουτος ων παυλος πρεσβυτης νυνι δε και δεσμιος χριστου ιησου
Phm 1:10 παρακαλω σε περι του εμου τεκνου εγεννησα εν τοις δεσμοις ονησιμον
Phm 1:11 τον ποτε σοι αχρηστον νυνι δε και σοι και εμοι ευχρηστον
Phm 1:12 ανεπεμψα σοι αυτον εστιν τα εμα σπλαγχνα
Phm 1:13 εγω εβουλομην προς εμαυτον κατεχειν σου μοι διακονη εν τοις δεσμοις του ευαγγελιου
Phm 1:14 χωρις δε της σης γνωμης ουδεν ηθελησα ποιησαι μη κατα αναγκην το αγαθον σου η αλλα κατα εκουσιον
Phm 1:15 ταχα γαρ δια τουτο εχωρισθη προς αιωνιον αυτον απεχης
Phm 1:16 ουκετι δουλον αλλα δουλον αδελφον αγαπητον μαλιστα εμοι ποσω δε μαλλον σοι και εν σαρκι και εν κυριω
Phm 1:17 ει. ουν με εχεις κοινωνον προσλαβου αυτον εμε
Phm 1:18 ει. δε τι ηδικησεν σε η οφειλει τουτο εμοι ελλογα
Phm 1:19 εγω παυλος εγραψα τη εμη χειρι εγω αποτισω μη λεγω σοι και σεαυτον μοι προσοφειλεις
Phm 1:20 ναι αδελφε εγω σου οναιμην εν κυριω αναπαυσον μου τα σπλαγχνα εν χριστω
Phm 1:21 πεποιθως τη σου εγραψα σοι ειδως και λεγω ποιησεις
Phm 1:22 δε και μοι ξενιαν ελπιζω γαρ δια των προσευχων χαρισθησομαι
Phm 1:23 ασπαζεται σε επαφρας συναιχμαλωτος μου εν χριστω ιησου
Phm 1:24 μαρκος αρισταρχος δημας λουκας συνεργοι μου
Phm 1:25 η χαρις του κυριου ιησου χριστου μετα του πνευματος