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Titus 1

Tts 1:1 Paul, slave of God yet Ambassador of Jesus the Anointed, according to the faith of God’s chosen ones, and to the devoutness of the realization of the truth,
Tts 1:2 on the hope of ageless life which God, who does not lie, made apparent in ages past;
Tts 1:3 yet in the time of his choosing I was considered trustworthy to announce his Word, according to the divine command of our Savior God,
Tts 1:4 To Titus, a genuine member of our common faith: Favor and peace to you from God our father and Anointed Jesus our Savior.
Tts 1:5 It is for the sake of this favor that I left you in Crete to set up what is lacking, namely the appointing of elders according to city, based on the criteria I specified:
Tts 1:6 It must be someone who is above reproach, faithful to their spouse, with children who are believers who cannot be accused of being wild or disrespectful.
Tts 1:7 For a guardian has to be a manager for God who is above reproach, not self-centered, short-fused, given to addictions, violent, or unethical.
Tts 1:8 Instead, they should be hospitable, seeking the good, sensible, fair, pure, and self-controlled.
Tts 1:9 They must be reliable for staying faithful to the right teachings so they can expose false ones, while encouraging the teaching of that which is healthy.
Tts 1:10 For there are many insubordinate babblers and impostors, especially those from “the circumcision.”
Tts 1:11 They must be corralled because they subvert entire households and teach legalism as scams to make money.
Tts 1:12 One of their own prophets has even said, “Cretans are always liars, dangerous wild animals, lazy bellies.”
Tts 1:13 And that’s true! So expose them decisively, that they may be made healthy in the faith,
Tts 1:14 not listening to Judaic myths and the rules of people who turn from the truth.
Tts 1:15 Everything is clean to those who are clean, but nothing is clean to those whose mind and conscience is tainted.
Tts 1:16 They claim they have a familiarity with God, yet by their actions they deny it; they are repulsive and incorrigible, and good for nothing.
Tts 1:1 παυλος δουλος θεου αποστολος δε ιησου χριστου κατα πιστιν εκλεκτων θεου και επιγνωσιν αληθειας της κατ᾽ ευσεβειαν
Tts 1:2 επ᾽ ελπιδι ζωης αιωνιου ἡν επηγγειλατο ὁ αψευδης θεος προ χρονων αιωνιων
Tts 1:3 εφανερωσεν δε καιροις ιδιοις τον λογον αυτου εν κηρυγματι ὁ επιστευθην εγω κατ᾽ επιταγην του σωτηρος ἡμων θεου
Tts 1:4 τιτω γνησιω τεκνω κατα κοινην πιστιν χαρις και ειρηνη απο θεου πατρος και χριστου ιησου του σωτηρος ἡμων
Tts 1:5 τουτου χαριν απελιπον σε εν κρητη ἱνα τα λειποντα επιδιορθωση και καταστησης κατα πολιν πρεσβυτερους ὡς εγω σοι διεταξαμην
Tts 1:6 ει. τις εστιν ανεγκλητος μιας γυναικος ανηρ τεκνα εχων πιστα μη εν κατηγορια ασωτιας η ανυποτακτα
Tts 1:7 δει γαρ τον επισκοπον ανεγκλητον ειναι ὡς θεου οικονομον μη αυθαδη μη οργιλον μη παροινον μη πληκτην μη αισχροκερδη
Tts 1:8 αλλα φιλοξενον φιλαγαθον σωφρονα δικαιον ὁσιον εγκρατη
Tts 1:9 αντεχομενον του κατα την διδαχην πιστου λογου ἱνα δυνατος η. και παρακαλειν εν τη διδασκαλια τη ὑγιαινουση και τους αντιλεγοντας ελεγχειν
Tts 1:10 εισιν γαρ πολλοι ανυποτακτοι ματαιολογοι και φρεναπαται μαλιστα οἱ εκ της περιτομης
Tts 1:11 οὑς δει επιστομιζειν οἱτινες ὁλους οικους ανατρεπουσιν διδασκοντες ἁ μη δει αισχρου κερδους χαριν
Tts 1:12 ειπεν τις εξ αυτων ιδιος αυτων προφητης κρητες αει ψευσται κακα θηρια γαστερες αργαι
Tts 1:13 ἡ μαρτυρια αὑτη εστιν αληθης δι᾽ ἡν αιτιαν ελεγχε αυτους αποτομως ἱνα ὑγιαινωσιν εν τη πιστει
Tts 1:14 μη προσεχοντες ιουδαϊκοις μυθοις και εντολαις ανθρωπων αποστρεφομενων την αληθειαν
Tts 1:15 παντα μεν καθαρα τοις καθαροις τοις δε μεμιαμμενοις και απιστοις ουδεν καθαρον αλλα μεμιανται αυτων και ὁ νους και ἡ συνειδησις
Tts 1:16 θεον ὁμολογουσιν ειδεναι τοις δε εργοις αρνουνται βδελυκτοι οντες και απειθεις και προς παν εργον αγαθον αδοκιμοι