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2 Timothy 1

2Tm 1:1 Paul, an Ambassador of Anointed Jesus through the will of God, according to the promise of life in Anointed Jesus,
2Tm 1:2 To my dear child Timothy: Favor, compassion, and peace from God the Father and Anointed Jesus our Master.
2Tm 1:3 I am grateful to God, to whom I offer divine service from a clear conscience as my ancestors did, as I continually remember you in my impassioned prayers night and day.
2Tm 1:4 I long to see you again as I recall your tears, so I can be filled with joy.
2Tm 1:5 I am reminded of your non-pedantic faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and, I’m convinced, still lives in you.
2Tm 1:6 For this reason, I am reminding you to rekindle the gift of God that you have because I dedicated you.
2Tm 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.
2Tm 1:8 So then, may you not be ashamed of the testimony of our Master, nor of me, his captive. Instead, by means of the power of God, endure the suffering that is to the benefit of the Gospel.
2Tm 1:9 He is the one who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of anything we did, but because of his own proposal and the favor given to us in Anointed Jesus before the beginning of time.
2Tm 1:10 This favor is about to be revealed at the sudden appearance of our Savior Jesus the Anointed, who neutralized death while illuminating life and immortality through the Gospel.
2Tm 1:11 This is what I was appointed to as a herald and Ambassador and teacher,
2Tm 1:12 and the reason I am experiencing these things. But I am not ashamed, because I know whom I have trusted, and I am convinced that he has the power to guard the deposit entrusted to me until that day.
2Tm 1:13 Keep to the pattern of healthy sayings you’ve heard from me, in trust and love in the anointing of Jesus.
2Tm 1:14 Guard the good deposit by means of the Holy Spirit that lives in us.
2Tm 1:15 As you know, everyone in the province of Asia turned on me, among whom are Phygellus and Hermogenes.
2Tm 1:16 But may the Master have compassion on the household of Onesiphorus, since he refreshed me on many occasions and was not ashamed of my confinement.
2Tm 1:17 In fact, when he came to Rome he searched for me diligently until he found me.
2Tm 1:18 May the Master grant compassion on that day! And you are well aware of all his service in Ephesus.
2Tm 1:1 παυλος αποστολος χριστου ιησου δια θεληματος θεου κατ᾽ επαγγελιαν ζωης της εν χριστω ιησου
2Tm 1:2 τιμοθεω αγαπητω τεκνω χαρις ελεος ειρηνη απο θεου πατρος και χριστου ιησου του κυριου ἡμων
2Tm 1:3 χαριν εχω τω θεω ὡ λατρευω απο προγονων εν καθαρα συνειδησει ὡς αδιαλειπτον εχω την περι σου μνειαν εν ταις δεησεσιν μου νυκτος και ἡμερας.
2Tm 1:4 επιποθων σε ιδειν μεμνημενος σου των δακρυων ἱνα χαρας πληρωθω
2Tm 1:5 ὑπομνησιν λαβων της εν σοι ανυποκριτου πιστεως ἡτις ενωκησεν πρωτον εν τη μαμμη σου λωιδι και τη μητρι σου ευνικη πεπεισμαι δε ὁτι και εν σοι
2Tm 1:6 δι᾽ ἡν αιτιαν αναμιμνησκω σε αναζωπυρειν το χαρισμα του θεου ὁ εστιν εν σοι δια της επιθεσεως των χειρων μου
2Tm 1:7 ου γαρ εδωκεν ἡμιν ὁ θεος πνευμα δειλιας αλλα δυναμεως και αγαπης και σωφρονισμου
2Tm 1:8 μη ουν επαισχυνθης το μαρτυριον του κυριου ἡμων μηδε εμε τον δεσμιον αυτου αλλα συγκακοπαθησον τω ευαγγελιω κατα δυναμιν θεου
2Tm 1:9 του σωσαντος ἡμας και καλεσαντος κλησει ἁγια ου κατα τα εργα ἡμων αλλα κατα ιδιαν προθεσιν και χαριν την δοθεισαν ἡμιν εν χριστω ιησου προ χρονων αιωνιων
2Tm 1:10 φανερωθεισαν δε νυν δια της επιφανειας του σωτηρος ἡμων ιησου χριστου καταργησαντος μεν τον θανατον φωτισαντος δε ζωην και αφθαρσιαν δια του ευαγγελιου
2Tm 1:11 εις ὁ ετεθην εγω κηρυξ και αποστολος και διδασκαλος
2Tm 1:12 δι᾽ ἡν αιτιαν και ταυτα πασχω αλλ᾽ ουκ επαισχυνομαι οιδα γαρ ὡ πεπιστευκα και πεπεισμαι ὁτι δυνατος εστιν την παραθηκην μου φυλαξαι εις εκεινην την ἡμεραν
2Tm 1:13 ὑποτυπωσιν εχε ὑγιαινοντων λογων ὡν παρ᾽ εμου ηκουσας εν πιστει και αγαπη τη εν χριστω ιησου
2Tm 1:14 την καλην παραθηκην φυλαξον δια πνευματος ἁγιου του ενοικουντος εν ἡμιν
2Tm 1:15 οιδας τουτο ὁτι απεστραφησαν με παντες οἱ εν τη ασια ὡν εστιν φυγελος και ἑρμογενης
2Tm 1:16 δωη ελεος ὁ κυριος τω ονησιφορου οικω ὁτι πολλακις με ανεψυξεν και την ἁλυσιν μου ουκ επαισχυνθη
2Tm 1:17 αλλα γενομενος εν ῥωμη σπουδαιως εζητησεν με και εὑρεν
2Tm 1:18 δωη αυτω ὁ κυριος εὑρειν ελεος παρα κυριου εν εκεινη τη ἡμερα και ὁσα εν εφεσω διηκονησεν βελτιον συ γινωσκεις