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2 Timothy

2:1You then, my child, be empowered by the favor of Anointed Jesus.2:2And whatever you heard from me through many witnesses, present it as evidence to trustworthy people who will be competent to teach others.2:3Participate in suffering as a good warrior of Anointed Jesus.2:4No soldier gets entangled with the everyday business of life but pleases their recruiter.2:5Again, if anyone competes in athletics, they won’t win the prize if they didn’t compete according to the rules.2:6The hard-working farmer gets a share of the produce.2:7Grasp what I’m saying, for the Master will give you complete understanding in all this.

2:8Remember Jesus the Anointed, the one who was raised from the dead, of the lineage of David, according to my Gospel.2:9In this I am suffering to the point of being locked up like a criminal— though the Word of God is not locked up!2:10I endure it all for the sake of the Chosen, that they too might happen upon the salvation in Anointed Jesus with ageless honor.2:11This saying is trustworthy: if we died together we will live together;2:12if we endure we will reign together; if we renounce him he will renounce us;2:13if we are not faithful he remains faithful, because he cannot renounce himself.

2:14Gently remind them of these things, and solemnly charge them before God not to engage in a war of words. This is good for nothing; in fact, it’s catastrophic1 for those who hear it.2:15Make every effort to prove yourself to God as having passed the test, an unashamed worker who cuts a straight path through the Word of Truth.

2:16But avoid irreverent, empty chatter, because it gets progressively worse,2:17spreading like gangrene. Examples of this are Hymeneus and Philetos,2:18who have completely missed the mark as far as truth is concerned. They say The Resurrection has already happened,2 subverting the faith of some.2:19But the foundation of God stands solid and is sealed with this: “The Master knew his own,” and “Let all who claim the name of the Master separate themselves from injustice.”

2:20In a large house there are not only containers of gold and silver, but also those of wood and clay; some are of great worth while others are worthless.2:21So whoever purges themselves from these things will be a container of great worth, having been consecrated and useful to the owner, and prepared for all kinds of good activities.

2:22So run away from the lure of radicals,3 and run toward justice, faith, love, and peace, right along with those who call upon the Master from a clean heart.2:23But abstain from stupid and ignorant investigations which only spawn fights.2:24A slave of the Master doesn’t need to fight, but is kind toward all, qualified to teach, and thick-skinned.2:25Train them with gentleness, because God may grant a change of mind to those who resist, so that they recognize the truth.2:26Then they will come to their senses out from the trap of the False Accuser, who had captured them to do his bidding.

  1. 1katastrofE was transliterated because the word is well-known in English according to its accurate Greek meaning.
  2. 2This Resurrection obviously does not refer to that of Jesus, which was clearly in the past and undisputed.
  3. 3Typically rendered “Flee from youthful lusts,” but the primary meaning is new, radical, revolutionary rather than youthful.