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1 Timothy

6:1Whoever is under the harness of slavery is to consider their owner worthy of respect, so that the reputation of God and the Teaching may not be slandered.6:2Now the ones with believing owners are not to treat them with any less respect; in fact, slave for them all the more since they are dear to you in the faith. Then both of you will benefit.

6:3Teach and encourage these things. If anyone teaches otherwise, and does not come to you with the healthy sayings of our Master Jesus the Anointed according to godly instruction,6:4they are conceited and skilled in nothing. They are consumed with investigations and verbal wars, out of which arise envy, strife, slander, suspicion,6:5and malicious friction. They’ve lost their minds and are devoid of the truth, seeing devoutness as a way to make a profit.6:6But it is of great profit to have independent wealth together with devoutness,6:7because none of us brought anything into the world, and we can’t take anything out.6:8Yet we’ll be content to have food and clothing.

6:9Now those who are determined to get rich are wandering into a trial and a trap and into many unwise and harmful cravings, which are sinking some people into ruin and devastation.6:10For being stingy is a root of all sorts of worthless things. This aspiration has lured some of them away from the faith, basically roasting themselves on a spit with a lot of grief.

6:11But since you belong to God, run away from these things and toward justice, devoutness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.6:12Fight for the best in the contest of faith, and seize the eternal life into which you were called, along with the good agreement you made in front of many witnesses.

6:13I am directing you in the sight of God, the one sustaining all life, and of Anointed Jesus who testified to the same good agreement before Pontius Pilate,6:14to guard this injunction. Remain unblemished and blameless until the sudden return of our Master Jesus the Anointed,6:15who will appear at the right time. He is the only Power, the King of kings and Master of masters,6:16the only immortal one living in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or is able to see. To him belong absolute honor and mighty rule!

6:17As for those who are rich in this age, direct them to not be elitist. They are to stop trusting in uncertain riches (instead of God, the one richly supplying everything to us for our enjoyment),6:18to be good, to be rich in good deeds, to share generously.6:19Then they will be storing up for themselves the best foundation for what is to come, acquiring real life.

6:20Timothy, protect the deposit entrusted to you. Turn aside from those profane and empty words, and the opposition from what is falsely called “knowledge,”16:21which some have professed so authoritatively. They have missed the mark concerning the faith.

May you all enjoy God’s favor.

  1. 1“Knowledge” here is an obvious slam on Gnosticism.