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1 Timothy

5:1Do not sharply reprimand an older man but encourage him as a father, the younger men as brothers,5:2the older women as mothers, and the younger women as sisters; do all of this with absolute propriety.

5:3Honor those who are widows in the fullest sense of the word.5:4Now if a widow has children or grandchildren, those must do their duty above all and repay what is due to their parents or grandparents, because this is acceptable to God.5:5But the true widow, being without support of any kind, is relying on God and praying fervently night and day.5:6On the other hand, the self-indulgent one is dead on her feet.5:7Direct all of these things so that they may be blameless.5:8But if anyone fails to care for their own, especially those living in their own household, they have renounced the faith and are worse than an unbeliever.

5:9Don’t enroll any widow under the age of sixty or if she has had more than one man.15:10She must have a good reputation for how she raised children, being hospitable, serving the other believers, giving aid to the oppressed, and every good deed that follows from that.

5:11Decline younger widows, because whenever they want to marry again they are likely to rebel against the Anointed,5:12bringing the verdict that they have broken the pledge.25:13But at the same time they develop the habit of going around to various houses; they’re not only idle but gossipy and meddling, saying things they shouldn’t.5:14So I’d like the younger ones to marry, raise a family, and take control over their household, so that they don’t give critics any ground to stand on,5:15for some3 have already turned to follow the Adversary.5:16If any believing woman is related to widows, she should support them instead of burdening the Congregation with them.

5:17The elders who have protected and provided well are worthy of double honor, especially those who have done the work of teaching the Word.5:18As the scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox threshing grain,” and “The worker deserves compensation.”5:19Don’t listen to a charge against an elder unless there are two or three witnesses,5:20but if the charges are true, the elder must be held up as a public example in order to instill fear in the others.5:21I solemnly declare, in the presence of God and Anointed Jesus and the chosen Messengers, that you watch over these things without bias and without a hint of partiality.5:22And stop being so quick to dedicate people, so that you do not take part in the failures of others; watch yourself and stay holy.

5:23Stop drinking the water, and take some wine for your frequent urination problem.

5:24Some people’s failures are so obvious they practically convict them before the trial, while other people’s are only revealed later.5:25Likewise, some good deeds are obvious, while others can’t be hidden for long.4

  1. 1“if she has had more than one man” refers to the fact that had she been married more than once or had other men to provide for her, she would not be a truly needy widow. This was not a matter of purity or morality.
  2. 2“Pledge” instead of the literal “first faith” because the subject here is Christian widows, not losing faith just to remarry.
  3. 3“some” refers to “critics”, not the young women.
  4. 4This section seems out of place, but it may be due to Paul’s having written the letter piecemeal.