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1 Timothy

2:1So I am advocating above all that serious requests, prayers, intercessions, and thanks are done for all people,2:2especially for kings and those in positions of influence so that we can conduct tranquil and respectable lives, with the utmost devotion and dignity.2:3This is best and welcome in the sight of God our Savior,2:4who intends for all people to be saved and to come to know the truth.2:5For there is one God and one mediator between God and people: the person Anointed Jesus,2:6who gave himself as the ransom payment for all, and as a testimony at the right time.2:7And I tell you in all honesty that I was appointed to this as an announcer and Ambassador, a true and faithful teacher of the non-Judeans.

2:8It would be nice if the men in every place could manage to pray with clean lives and without argument.2:9The same goes for the women, too. I’d like them to dress themselves tastefully and decently, with modesty and good sense; not with fancy hair or expensive jewelry and clothing,2:10but as is fitting for women who are professors for converts to Judaism1 while they do good things.

2:11The woman must learn, and she must do so in a respectful and supportive manner.2:12At this time I am not even conferring teaching privileges on the woman, much less allowing her to perform fertility rites on the man;2 she must be still.2:13For Adam was formed first and Eve afterward,2:14and Adam was not deceived. But the woman, being completely fooled, has crossed the line.32:15Even so, she will be restored by the mentoring, as long as they remain in faith and love and holiness, with good sense.

  1. 1“Professors for converts to Judaism” is the proper meaning in the Greek; ref. Jews and Godfearers at Aphrodisias, J. Reynolds and R. Tannenbaum, Cambridge Philological Society Supp. Vol. 12, 1987, p. 50.
  2. 2“I am not even… much less” can also be thought of as simply “neither/nor,” but in the context of the Artemis cult in Ephesus, this rendering seems a better fit. The term “perform fertility rites” was chosen to convey the meaning of authentein in the context of the Artemis fertility cult, wherein a priestess would teach men and then impart divine wisdom to them through sex; ref. Ancient Heresies by Catherine C. Kroeger.
  3. 3This passage is highly controversial. But note that Paul has not only switched abruptly from plural to singular (women/woman), he has also gone from instructions for women who are already teaching to a woman who must stop for a time. But whoever the woman is, she is still “over the line” at the time of Paul’s writing. This is a vital key to understanding the passage.