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1 Timothy

1:1Paul, an Ambassador of Jesus the Anointed, according to the divine command of God our Savior and Master Jesus the Anointed, our hope,

1:2To Timothy, a genuine member of the faith:

Favor, compassion, and peace from God the Father and Anointed Jesus our master.

1:3Just as I encouraged you when we were going into Macedonia, stay in Ephesus in order to direct some of them not to spread contrary teachings,1:4and to stop being obsessed with made-up stories and never-ending genealogies. These lead to uncertainty instead of trust in the orderly planning of God.1:5The intended outcome of this directive is love from a clean heart, a good conscience, and a faith that isn’t pedantic.1

1:6Some have gone off-course from this into empty rhetoric,1:7determined to be respected teachers of the law but having no idea what they’re talking about and so strongly asserting.1:8Now of course the law is fine if it’s handled properly.1:9But we need to keep in mind that it isn’t laid down for decent people but for the lawless and rebellious, the irreverent and errant, those who malign and profane, who would murder even their own parents,1:10the promiscuous, homosexuals, kidnappers, liars, perjurers, and anything else that is against wholesome teaching.1:11This is in keeping with the Gospel of the majestic and blessed God, with which I was entrusted.

1:12I am grateful to the one empowering me— our Master Jesus the Anointed— for considering me trustworthy enough to be placed into his service.1:13I used to be irreverent; I persecuted and was arrogant. But I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief.1:14Yet the favor of our Master abounded with the faith and love that are in Anointed Jesus.

1:15This saying is trustworthy and acceptable in every way: Jesus came into the world to save the errant— of which I am the supreme example.1:16But I was shown mercy so that in me, the supreme example, Jesus the Anointed could demonstrate his limitless patience, as a prototype of those who would put their trust in him for eternal life.1:17So to the King of the Ages, the immortal, invisible, and only God, let there be the greatest honor for ever and ever; absolutely!

1:18Timothy, my child, here is the charge I lay before you: In accordance with the prior prophecies pronounced over you, be a good soldier in this war.1:19Do this with faithfulness and a clean conscience— from which some have shoved off and shipwrecked, as far as the faith is concerned.1:20Two such people are Hymeneus and Alexander, whom I handed over to the Adversary to be schooled not to slander.2

  1. 1The “not pedantic” meaning for anupokritou was chosen here since Paul just spoke of those who were acting this way.
  2. 2Paul’s use of “shipwrecked” gives us the sense of “shoved off” to match, and illustrates how some people had abandoned the clean conscience Paul just mentioned, which led to their faith being crippled. It is not accurate to take it to mean that they ruined other people’s faith directly, though this is certainly possible indirectly, and might be part of the reason Paul had them disfellowshiped. But all he actually said was that they had to be taught a lesson.