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2 Thessalonians

3:1Oh, and pray for us, sisters and brothers, so that the Word of the Master may pick up speed and be exalted, just as it has with you,3:2and that we are rescued from disgusting and evil people since not everyone is of the faith.3:3Yet the Master is faithful to establish you and guard you from the evil one.3:4We have confidence in the Master concerning you, that you will continue doing what we solemnly commission you to do.3:5May the Master guide your hearts toward the love of God and the endurance of the Anointed.

3:6Now we are solemnly commissioning you, sisters and brothers, in the Name of our Master Jesus the Anointed, to separate yourselves from every believer who has a habit of slacking and not staying with the tradition they accepted from us.3:7For you know you are to imitate us, and we were not lazy among you.3:8Neither did we accept handouts from anyone, but worked very hard night and day so we would not be a burden to any of you.3:9And it isn’t as though we don’t have the right, but that we wanted to be a model for you to follow.3:10Even while we were still with you, we made the rule that if anyone refuses to work then they should go hungry.3:11For we are hearing that some among you are not being busy, but busybodies.3:12So we insist, and appeal by the Master Jesus the Anointed, that they mind their own business and earn their own keep.

3:13Don’t give up doing the right things, brothers and sisters.3:14If anyone does not heed this word we’ve written to you, take note of them and do not associate with them so they’ll be ashamed.3:15Yet don’t treat them as an enemy but warn them as a believer.

3:16Now may the Master of Peace give you peace in everything and in every way; may the Master be with you all.3:17This greeting is in my (Paul’s) own hand, which is how I sign all my letters.3:18May the favor of our Master Jesus the Anointed be with all of you.