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1 Thessalonians 1

1Th 1:1 Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy, To the Congregation in Thessalonica, united with God the Father and the Master Jesus the Anointed: Grace and peace to you all.
1Th 1:2 We always thank God for you, mentioning you in our prayers.
1Th 1:3 We never stop remembering your faithful work, your loving efforts, and your enduring hope from our Master Jesus the Anointed in the sight of our God and Father.
1Th 1:4 We can plainly see God’s selection of you, brothers and sisters,
1Th 1:5 because the Gospel from us came to you not only in word alone, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full assurance. And as you know, we were like that among you for your benefit.
1Th 1:6 You also imitated us and the Master by accepting the Word with the joy of the Holy Spirit in spite of great oppression.
1Th 1:7 In turn, you became models for all the believers in Macedonia and Achaia.
1Th 1:8 Not only that, the Word of the Master has sounded out from you everywhere that your faith toward God has gone. So we really don’t need you to tell us anything
1Th 1:9 because they all report the kind of effect we had on you, how you turned toward God and away from idols to be genuine living slaves to God,
1Th 1:10 and how you wait for his Son from the heavens, whom he raised from the dead: Jesus, the One who rescues us from the coming anger.
1Th 1:1 παυλος και σιλουανος και τιμοθεος τη εκκλησια θεσσαλονικεων εν θεω πατρι και κυριω ιησου χριστω χαρις ὑμιν και ειρηνη
1Th 1:2 ευχαριστουμεν τω θεω παντοτε περι παντων ὑμων μνειαν ποιουμενοι επι των προσευχων ἡμων
1Th 1:3 αδιαλειπτως μνημονευοντες ὑμων του εργου της πιστεως και του κοπου της αγαπης και της ὑπομονης της ελπιδος του κυριου ἡμων ιησου χριστου εμπροσθεν του θεου και πατρος ἡμων
1Th 1:4 ειδοτες αδελφοι ηγαπημενοι ὑπο θεου την εκλογην ὑμων
1Th 1:5 ὁτι το ευαγγελιον ἡμων ουκ εγενηθη εις ὑμας εν λογω μονον αλλα και εν δυναμει και εν πνευματι ἁγιω και εν πληροφορια πολλη καθως οιδατε οἱοι εγενηθημεν εν ὑμιν δι᾽ ὑμας
1Th 1:6 και ὑμεις μιμηται ἡμων εγενηθητε και του κυριου δεξαμενοι τον λογον εν θλιψει πολλη μετα χαρας πνευματος ἁγιου
1Th 1:7 ὡστε γενεσθαι ὑμας τυπον πασιν τοις πιστευουσιν εν τη μακεδονια και εν τη αχαϊα
1Th 1:8 αφ᾽ ὑμων γαρ εξηχηται ὁ λογος του κυριου ου μονον εν τη μακεδονια και εν τη αχαϊα αλλ᾽ εν παντι τοπω ἡ πιστις ὑμων ἡ προς τον θεον εξεληλυθεν ὡστε μη χρειαν εχειν ἡμας λαλειν τι
1Th 1:9 αυτοι γαρ περι ἡμων απαγγελλουσιν ὁποιαν εισοδον εσχομεν προς ὑμας και πως επεστρεψατε προς τον θεον απο των ειδωλων δουλευειν θεω ζωντι και αληθινω
1Th 1:10 και αναμενειν τον υἱον αυτου εκ των ουρανων ὁν ηγειρεν εκ των νεκρων ιησουν τον ῥυομενον ἡμας εκ της οργης της ερχομενης