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1 Thessalonians

5:1Sisters and brothers, we really don’t need to write to you about times and seasons,5:2because you already know that the Day of the Master comes like a thief in the night.5:3When they say “peace and safety,” sudden ruin will come upon them like labor pains and they will not escape.5:4But you, on the other hand, are not in the dark, that this Day should surprise you like a thief.5:5You are all of the light and the daytime, not the darkness and the night.

5:6So don’t doze off like the rest but watch and be sensible.5:7For those who doze off sleep at night, and the drunks get drunk at night;5:8but we are of the day and must be sensible, putting on the torso armor of faith and love, and the helmet of the hope of salvation.5:9Because God did not appoint us to suffer his anger but to acquire salvation by means of our Master Jesus the Anointed5:10who died for our sakes, so that whether we are alert or dozing off we will live together with him.5:11So comfort each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.

5:12Now we are asking you, brothers and sisters, to notice those who labor among you, and who provide for you and protect you and warn you concerning the Master.5:13Esteem them highly in love for their work. Be at peace among yourselves.

5:14Sisters and brothers, we plead with you to warn the disorderly, encourage the disillusioned, shield the weak, and be patient with everyone.5:15See to it that people don’t seek revenge but always chase after what is good for one and all.5:16Always be joyful;5:17pray continually;5:18be thankful in everything, because this is God’s will for you as followers of Anointed Jesus.5:19Do not squelch the Spirit;5:20do not scorn prophecies5:21but test everything and keep the best.5:22Stay far from even the slightest hint of evil.

5:23Now may the God of Peace himself make you completely holy and free in body, soul, and spirit. May you be kept blameless in the presence of our Master Jesus the Anointed.5:24The One who calls you is faithful to do this.

5:25Brothers and sisters, pray for us too.5:26Greet the other believers warmly.5:27I hold you to the solemn responsibility of reading this letter to all the sisters and brothers.5:28May the favor of our Master Jesus the Anointed be with you all.