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1 Thessalonians

3:1So when we couldn’t stand it any longer, we thought it best to be left alone in Athens3:2and send Timothy, our brother and co-worker for God, to strengthen you in the Gospel of the Anointed and console you in your faith.3:3In this way no one will be disturbed over these hardships, because as you know, this is our calling.3:4Even while we were with you we predicted that we were about to be oppressed, and so it happened, as you are well aware.

3:5So I just had to send someone to find out about your faith, in case somehow the Intimidator had gotten to you and all our efforts had come to nothing.3:6Yet now Timothy has returned to us from you, and he brings us the good news of your faith and love, and that you have fond memories of us and long to see us as much as we long to see you.3:7So, brothers and sisters, because of this we are relieved about you through all our needs and hardships, by means of your faith.3:8We can breathe a sigh of relief now that we know you stand firm with the Master.3:9How can we possibly thank God or repay him for you, or for all the joy we have because of you?3:10Night and day we plead with God, begging to see your faces again and to correct any deficiencies in your faith.

3:11Now may our God and Father and our Master Jesus guide us on a path to you!3:12May the Master keep increasing your love for each other till it overflows to everyone else too, just like our love to you.3:13May he firmly set your hearts in pure holiness before our God and Father, in the presence of our Master Jesus, with all his holy ones, absolutely!