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1 Thessalonians

2:1For you are well aware, brothers and sisters, that our coming to you was not a wasted effort.2:2Although we were publicly humiliated and insulted in Philippi, we came in the boldness of our God to relay his Gospel to you— with a lot of contention.2:3We didn’t try to persuade you out of deception or impurity or fraud,2:4but in keeping with the test God put us under: to be trustworthy with the Gospel. So we do not speak in a way that pleases people, but as to the God who tests our hearts.

2:5For as you are well aware, at no time did we ever use flattery or act greedily— God is our witness.2:6Neither did we try to get people to exalt us; not you or anyone else. We could have been a burden to you as Ambassadors of the Anointed,2:7but instead we were kind among you, because a nurse should comfort her own children.2:8Being so thoroughly intertwined with you, we delight to share with you not only the Gospel of God but also our own souls, because you became so dear to us.

2:9For you remember, brothers and sisters, our laborious efforts, working night and day so we would not be a burden to any of you. We proclaimed the Gospel of God to you,2:10and both you and God are witnesses to the fact of how innocent and just and faultless we were to you believers.2:11And you also know that we treated each of you as parents treat their own children,2:12consoling and comforting and affirming you, so that you would live in a way worthy of the God who calls you into his kingdom and majesty.2:13And that is the reason we also thank God continually, because you accepted the Word of God you heard from us— not as that of people but as it truly is, the Word of God, which is active in you who believe.

2:14You, brothers and sisters, imitated God’s Congregation of the Anointed in Judea, for you suffered just as they did— from their own fellow citizens.2:15Theirs killed the Master Jesus and the prophets, and they banished us. They do not please God and are against everyone,2:16forbidding us to speak to the non-Judeans so they can be saved. They are piling up their failures, but God’s anger will overtake them in the end.

2:17Brothers and sisters, we were torn away from you for a short time— but only physically— so we are all the more intent upon seeing your faces again.2:18We sincerely wanted to visit you once or twice (especially I, Paul), but the Adversary blocked us.2:19Who else is our hope or joy or badge of honor, if not you standing in the presence of our Master Jesus?2:20Yes, you are our honor and joy!