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Colossians 1

Col 1:1 Paul, an Ambassador of Anointed Jesus through the will of God, and brother Timothy,
Col 1:2 To the holy ones living in Colosse and trusting in the Anointed: Favor and peace to you from God our Father!
Col 1:3 We thank the God and Father of our Master Jesus the Anointed for you, and we’re always praying for you.
Col 1:4 We heard about your faith in Anointed Jesus, and the love you have toward all the holy ones
Col 1:5 because of the hope reserved for you in the heavens. You heard about this hope via the word of truth of the Gospel,
Col 1:6 which is bringing results throughout the world— and in you from the day you heard and realized the truth of the favor of God.
Col 1:7 You learned it from Epaphras, our dearly loved fellow slave, who faithfully served the Anointed for your sakes.
Col 1:8 He has also informed us of your spiritual love.
Col 1:9 That is why, from the day we heard this, we have not stopped praying for you and asking that you may be filled with the recognition of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
Col 1:10 And we pray that you conduct yourselves in a way worthy of the Master, being productive in every good and pleasing work, and growing in your understanding of God.
Col 1:11 We pray that you are empowered according to his mighty and honorable rule, resulting in great endurance and patience
Col 1:12 with joy. We thank the Father, who qualifies you for your portion of the inheritance of those who are holy and in the light,
Col 1:13 and who rescued us out of the jurisdiction of darkness and moved us into the kingdom of the Son he loves—
Col 1:14 the Son who got us released and our failures pardoned.
Col 1:15 He is the image of the invisible God, the Firstborn of all creation.
Col 1:16 Everything was created by him— everything in the heavens and on the earth, the visible and the invisible, as well as positions of power, ruled domains, and authorities. It has all been created by him and for him.
Col 1:17 He precedes everything and holds it all together.
Col 1:18 He is the head of the body (which is the Congregation) and the ruling firstborn from the dead. He is first in every way!
Col 1:19 For it was in him that the entirety of God was pleased to live,
Col 1:20 so that by means of him everyone in heaven and earth could be reconciled to himself, making peace by means of his blood on the cross.
Col 1:21 And yet he has now reconciled you who were once estranged and were hostile to understanding, because you did evil.
Col 1:22 He did this by physically dying, so he could present you holy and flawless and above reproach in his sight—
Col 1:23 since in fact you are persisting in the faith. You have been founded and settled so that you are not removed from the hope of the Gospel, which you heard is being proclaimed in all of creation on earth; this is what I was sent to attend to.
Col 1:24 I now celebrate my sufferings for your sakes and do my share to complete in my own flesh whatever is lacking in the physical sufferings of the Anointed, for the sake of his body which is the Congregation.
Col 1:25 I became an attendant of this in accord with God’s planned schedule, to complete the Word of God in you.
Col 1:26 The secret that was concealed from past ages and generations has now appeared in the ones set apart for him.
Col 1:27 God wants them to inform the non-Judeans of the glorious riches of this secret, which is the Anointed in you, the honorable hope.
Col 1:28 We tell and warn everyone and teach them wisely, so that we can present every person as in complete unity with the Anointed.
Col 1:29 This is my labor and struggle in keeping with the operation of his power in me.
Col 1:1 παυλος αποστολος ιησου χριστου δια θεληματος θεου και τιμοθεος ὁ αδελφος
Col 1:2 τοις εν κολασσαις ἁγιοις και πιστοις αδελφοις εν χριστω χαρις ὑμιν και ειρηνη απο θεου πατρος ἡμων
Col 1:3 ευχαριστουμεν τω θεω πατρι του κυριου ἡμων ιησου χριστου παντοτε περι ὑμων προσευχομενοι
Col 1:4 ακουσαντες την πιστιν ὑμων εν χριστω ιησου και την αγαπην ἡν εχετε εις παντας τους ἁγιους
Col 1:5 δια την ελπιδα την αποκειμενην ὑμιν εν τοις ουρανοις ἡν προηκουσατε εν τω λογω της αληθειας του ευαγγελιου
Col 1:6 του παροντος εις ὑμας καθως και εν παντι τω κοσμω εστιν καρποφορουμενον και αυξανομενον καθως και εν ὑμιν αφ᾽ ἡς ἡμερας ηκουσατε και επεγνωτε την χαριν του θεου εν αληθεια
Col 1:7 καθως εμαθετε απο επαφρα του αγαπητου συνδουλου ἡμων ὁς εστιν πιστος ὑπερ ὑμων διακονος του χριστου
Col 1:8 ὁ και δηλωσας ἡμιν την ὑμων αγαπην εν πνευματι
Col 1:9 δια τουτο και ἡμεις αφ᾽ ἡς ἡμερας ηκουσαμεν ου παυομεθα ὑπερ ὑμων προσευχομενοι και αιτουμενοι ἱνα πληρωθητε την επιγνωσιν του θεληματος αυτου εν παση σοφια και συνεσει πνευματικη
Col 1:10 περιπατησαι αξιως του κυριου εις πασαν αρεσκειαν εν παντι εργω αγαθω καρποφορουντες και αυξανομενοι τη επιγνωσει του θεου
Col 1:11 εν παση δυναμει δυναμουμενοι κατα το κρατος της δοξης αυτου εις πασαν ὑπομονην και μακροθυμιαν μετα χαρας
Col 1:12 ευχαριστουντες τω πατρι τω ἱκανωσαντι ἡμας εις την μεριδα του κληρου των ἁγιων εν τω φωτι
Col 1:13 ὁς ερρυσατο ἡμας εκ της εξουσιας του σκοτους και μετεστησεν εις την βασιλειαν του υἱου της αγαπης αυτου
Col 1:14 εν ὡ εχομεν την απολυτρωσιν την αφεσιν των ἁμαρτιων
Col 1:15 ὁς εστιν εικων του θεου του αορατου πρωτοτοκος πασης κτισεως
Col 1:16 ὁτι εν αυτω εκτισθη τα παντα τα εν τοις ουρανοις και τα επι της γης τα ὁρατα και τα αορατα ειτε θρονοι ειτε κυριοτητες ειτε αρχαι ειτε εξουσιαι τα παντα δι᾽ αυτου και εις αυτον εκτισται
Col 1:17 και αυτος εστιν προ παντων και τα παντα εν αυτω συνεστηκεν
Col 1:18 και αυτος εστιν ἡ κεφαλη του σωματος της εκκλησιας ὁς εστιν αρχη πρωτοτοκος εκ των νεκρων ἱνα γενηται εν πασιν αυτος πρωτευων
Col 1:19 ὁτι εν αυτω ευδοκησεν παν το πληρωμα κατοικησαι
Col 1:20 και δι᾽ αυτου αποκαταλλαξαι τα παντα εις αυτον ειρηνοποιησας δια του αἱματος του σταυρου αυτου ειτε τα επι της γης ειτε τα εν τοις ουρανοις
Col 1:21 και ὑμας ποτε οντας απηλλοτριωμενους και εχθρους τη διανοια εν τοις εργοις τοις πονηροις νυνι δε αποκατηλλαξεν
Col 1:22 εν τω σωματι της σαρκος αυτου δια του θανατου παραστησαι ὑμας ἁγιους και αμωμους και ανεγκλητους κατενωπιον αυτου
Col 1:23 ει. γε επιμενετε τη πιστει τεθεμελιωμενοι και ἑδραιοι και μη μετακινουμενοι απο της ελπιδος του ευαγγελιου οὑ ηκουσατε του κηρυχθεντος εν παση κτισει τη ὑπο τον ουρανον οὑ εγενομην εγω παυλος διακονος
Col 1:24 νυν χαιρω εν τοις παθημασιν ὑπερ ὑμων και ανταναπληρω τα ὑστερηματα των θλιψεων του χριστου εν τη σαρκι μου ὑπερ του σωματος αυτου ὁ εστιν ἡ εκκλησια
Col 1:25 ἡς εγενομην εγω διακονος κατα την οικονομιαν του θεου την δοθεισαν μοι εις ὑμας πληρωσαι τον λογον του θεου
Col 1:26 το μυστηριον το αποκεκρυμμενον απο των αιωνων και απο των γενεων νυν δε εφανερωθη τοις ἁγιοις αυτου
Col 1:27 οἱς ηθελησεν ὁ θεος γνωρισαι τι το πλουτος της δοξης του μυστηριου τουτου εν τοις εθνεσιν ὁ εστιν χριστος εν ὑμιν ἡ ελπις της δοξης
Col 1:28 ὁν ἡμεις καταγγελλομεν νουθετουντες παντα ανθρωπον και διδασκοντες παντα ανθρωπον εν παση σοφια ἱνα παραστησωμεν παντα ανθρωπον τελειον εν χριστω
Col 1:29 εις ὁ και κοπιω αγωνιζομενος κατα την ενεργειαν αυτου την ενεργουμενην εν εμοι εν δυναμει