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2:1So then, if you have any consolation in unity with the Anointed, any comfort of love, any partnership of spirit, any compassion and pity,2:2then complete my joy by having that same love for each other, joining in soul with one attitude.2:3Do nothing out of bitter rivalry or selfish ambition, but humbly consider others as your superiors.2:4Don’t push your own agenda but be considerate of others.2:5Have the same attitude among yourselves that Anointed Jesus had:

2:6He did not jealously cling to being in the form of God,2:7but emptied himself and took on the form of a slave, becoming human.

2:8And in human form, he humbled himself; he heeded God to the point of death— even death on a cross!

2:9Therefore God made him great and honored him with the Name above all others,2:10so that at the Name of Jesus every knee will bow— those in heaven and earth and under the earth—2:11and every tongue will confess that Jesus the Anointed is the Master, to the honor of God the Father.

2:12With that in mind, my loved ones, take heed as you always have— not only in my presence but now even more so in my absence— with the utmost respect, thereby carrying your salvation to its ultimate conclusion.2:13For it is God who is empowering you as he sees fit, in your will and your activities.2:14So do everything without whining and arguing,2:15so that you will become blameless and un-compromised children of God, flawless in the middle of a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you shine like stars in the world.2:16Hang on to the Word of Life so I can be proud of you on the Day of the Anointed, and so that I will not have labored for nothing.2:17For even if I am like a drink offering on the sacrifice— the official service of your faith— I celebrate with all of you.2:18Come on, share this with me!

2:19I hope by Master Jesus to send Timothy to you very soon, so that I will be cheered up by knowing how you’re doing.2:20For there is no one else who genuinely cares about you as I do;2:21they all are only concerned about themselves and not Jesus the Anointed.2:22But you know the kind of person Timothy is, slaving together with me for the Gospel as a child with their father.2:23So I definitely hope to send him as soon as I know my situation.2:24Even so, I have confidence from the Master that I will come soon myself.

2:25I also feel it necessary to send Epaphroditus, my brother and co-worker and comrade-in-arms, and at the same time your ambassador and the public servant you sent to meet my needs.2:26In fact, he was aching to see you, and even depressed because you heard he was sick.2:27And he was, even to the point of death! But God was merciful to him, and not just to him but also to me, so that I wouldn’t have one sorrow piled on top of another.2:28So I am all the more determined to send him to you, so you can see him again and celebrate, and I can be relieved.2:29So happily accept him as one belonging to the Master, and esteem him highly,2:30since he nearly died in his work for the Master, risking his life so he could fulfill your wishes to be my public servant.