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5:1So imitate God as dearly loved children,5:2and walk in love just as the Anointed loved us and gave himself up for our sake as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

5:3As is fitting for holy people, let there be no grounds for charges of promiscuity, dirtiness, or even greed to be brought against you—5:4and no filth or stupid talk or innuendo. Instead of being those things, be thankful.5:5For you know and understand that no promiscuous or dirty or greedy people (who are idolaters) will have a share in the inheritance of the kingdom of the Anointed and of God.

5:6Let no one fool you with hollow words about all this, because the rage of God is coming upon those who stubbornly resist him.5:7No, do not join in with them!5:8For you were once darkness but now, unified with the Master, you are light.5:9So act like people of the light, since light produces all goodness and justice and truth,5:10testing to see what is most pleasing to the Master.5:11And do not join in with the unproductive acts of darkness, but instead expose them.5:12It’s shameful to even talk about what they do.5:13But everything is being exposed under the light appearing everywhere, for light is indeed appearing.

5:14This is why it says, “Wake up, sleeper! Get up, and the Anointed will illuminate you.”5:15So make sure that you are keeping pace— not with the unwise but with the wise,5:16making good use of the time in these evil days.5:17For that reason, do not become dimwitted but intelligent regarding the will of the Master.5:18And don’t get drunk with wine, which shows a lack of discipline, but be filled in spirit:1

5:25Husbands, love your wives in the same way that the Anointed did when he gave himself up for the Congregation,5:26to make her special and bathed clean by his pronouncement.5:27This way he could present the Congregation with himself as esteemed— not blemished, wrinkled, or any other such thing, but special and flawless.5:28Likewise, husbands must love their wives as they love their own bodies. After all, a husband is really loving himself when he loves his wife,5:29since nobody ever hates their own body; they feed it and take care of it. That’s what the Anointed does for the Congregation,5:30a Body of which we are all parts.5:31In this same way, a man leaves his parents to join completely with his wife, and they become one flesh.5:32This is a big secret, but I’m talking about the Anointed and the Congregation.5:33To emphasize: every husband must love his wife as he loves himself, or a wife may live in fear of her husband.

  1. 1The list items all refer back to being “filled in spirit,” and in the last item Paul is using a play on words which is difficult to convey in English: the body holds up (supports) the head, and the head (source) in turn feeds and nourishes the body. This is a picture of unity and interdependence, not hierarchy.