The Gift New Testament

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3:1This is why I, Paul, am a prisoner of Anointed Jesus, for the sake of the non-Judeans.3:2Surely you have heard of the detailed plan of God’s favor to me for your sakes.3:3He revealed the secret to me, as I wrote to you briefly before.3:4By reading what I wrote about that, you are able to grasp my full understanding of the secret of the Anointed.3:5It was not revealed to people in other generations but now is revealed in spirit to his holy Ambassadors and prophets.3:6This secret is that the non-Judeans would be joint-heirs, of the same body, sharing in the promise of Anointed Jesus through the Gospel.3:7I was designated an attendant of this secret according to the gift of God’s favor, a gift granted to me by his power.

3:8This favor was given to me, though I am lower than the lowest of the holy ones, to bring the non-Judeans the Gospel of the Anointed’s unfathomable riches,3:9and to make one and all see the detailed secret plan that God, who created everything, kept hidden for ages.3:10Now, by means of the Congregation, the celestial rulers and authorities can know the multi-faceted wisdom of God,3:11whose purpose from the ages was to make Anointed Jesus our Master.3:12Because of our faith in him, we can approach God boldly and confidently.

3:13I say all of that so you will not be discouraged over my suffering for you; it is in your honor.3:14For this reason I humble myself before the Father,3:15for whom all people groups in heaven and earth are named.3:16I ask that from his rich supply of honor he may empower you through his Spirit,3:17so that the Anointed may live within you by the faith in your hearts. Being rooted and founded in love, I pray3:18that you will be strong and that you will grasp, along with all the other holy ones, the width and length and height and depth of the Anointed’s love,3:19a love that is really beyond us. Then you will be entirely filled with God.

3:20Now all honor belongs to the One who is able to do extravagantly more than we ask or imagine by his power operating in us,3:21the Congregation of Anointed Jesus, for all generations and endless ages, absolutely!