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Matthew 27

Mat 27:1 At dawn, a council convened with all the ruling priests and elders of the people to decide how to have Jesus executed.
Mat 27:2 Then they tied him up and handed him over to the governor.
Mat 27:3 When the traitor Judas saw this, he was filled with remorse and tried to return the thirty pieces of silver to the ruling priests and elders:
Mat 27:4 “I have betrayed innocent blood!” “What is that to us?” they retorted. “That’s your problem.”
Mat 27:5 So Judas flung the silver into the temple, then went off and hanged himself.
Mat 27:6 The ruling priests picked up the silver but said, “We can’t use this as a gift offering, because it’s blood money.”
Mat 27:7 So they decided to use the money to buy the potter’s field, which would then serve as a graveyard for foreigners.
Mat 27:8 So it was known from then on as The Field of Blood.
Mat 27:9 This fulfilled what was said by the prophet Jeremiah: “They took the thirty pieces of silver— the price agreed upon by the people of Israel—
Mat 27:10 and bought the potter’s field, as my Master instructed.”
Mat 27:11 Now Jesus was standing before the governor, and he asked him, “Are you the king of the Judeans?” “You said it yourself,” replied Jesus.
Mat 27:12 The ruing priests and elders were hurling many accusations, but Jesus made no responses.
Mat 27:13 So Pilate said, “Don’t you hear all the charges they’re making?”
Mat 27:14 Yet he still said nothing, which mystified the governor.
Mat 27:15 Now the governor had a custom of releasing one prisoner of the crowd’s choosing during the Festival.
Mat 27:16 There happened to be a notorious prisoner called Bar-Abbas,
Mat 27:17 so when everyone was assembled Pilate said to them, “Which one do you want me to release to you: Bar-Abbas or Jesus who is called Anointed?”
Mat 27:18 He knew very well that it was out of envy that Jesus had been handed over.
Mat 27:19 And while Pilate was holding court, his wife sent a message to him: “Have nothing to do with that righteous person, because I have had suffered terribly in a dream about him!”
Mat 27:20 The ruling priests and elders had persuaded the crowd to ask for Bar-Abbas and have Jesus put to death.
Mat 27:21 So when the governor asked them, “Which of the two do you choose to be released to you?” they said, “Bar-Abbas!”
Mat 27:22 “So what should I do with Jesus who is called the Anointed?” asked Pilate. “Crucify him!” they replied.
Mat 27:23 “But why?” asked Pilate. “What crime has he committed?” Yet they only shouted louder, “Crucify him!”
Mat 27:24 And when Pilate saw that it was pointless and that the people were on the verge of rioting, he took some water and washed his hands in front of them all and said, “I hereby declare to you that I am not guilty of this person’s blood!”
Mat 27:25 And all the people said, “May his blood be on our hands, and on the hands of our children!”
Mat 27:26 Then he released Bar-Abbas to them and handed Jesus over to be scourged and crucified.
Mat 27:27 So the soldiers took Jesus from the governor to their headquarters. They got the whole company of soldiers together,
Mat 27:28 stripped him, dressed him in a crimson cloak,
Mat 27:29 and put a braided wreath of thorns on his head. Then they put a stick in his right hand and dropped to their knees and mocked, “Hail, King of the Judeans!”
Mat 27:30 And they spat on him, then took the stick and hit him in the head with it.
Mat 27:31 After they had their fun, they put his own clothes back on him and led him away to be crucified.
Mat 27:32 On their way out they conscripted a Cyrenian named Simon to carry Jesus’ cross.
Mat 27:33 When they got to the place called Golgotha (which means “the place of the skull”),
Mat 27:34 they offered him wine with pain-killer mixed in. But after tasting it, he wouldn’t drink it.
Mat 27:35 So they crucified him, and they threw dice to see who would get which articles of his clothing.
Mat 27:36 Then they sat down to guard him,
Mat 27:37 and above his head they posted the charge against him: “This is Jesus, the King of the Judeans.”
Mat 27:38 Two robbers were also crucified with him, one to his right and the other to his left.
Mat 27:39 Those who passed by slandered him, shaking their heads
Mat 27:40 and saying, “So you were going to demolish the temple and then rebuild it in three days? Then save yourself, if you’re the God-Man! Come down off the cross!”
Mat 27:41 The ruling priests and scripture scholars jeered at him as well:
Mat 27:42 “He saved others, but he can’t save himself! If he’s the King of Israel, let him come down from the cross right now and we’ll put our trust in him!
Mat 27:43 Let God get him out of this if he wants. After all, he said, ‘I am the God-Man!’ ”
Mat 27:44 Then even the robbers being crucified joined in the shameful mockery.
Mat 27:45 Darkness came upon the whole land from about noon until three in the afternoon.
Mat 27:46 Then Jesus cried out loudly, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” (which means “My God, my God, why have you deserted me?”).
Mat 27:47 Some standing there said, “Look, he’s calling for Elijah!”
Mat 27:48 So one of them immediately ran and soaked a sponge with wine-vinegar and put it on the end of a stick, then lifted it to him to drink.
Mat 27:49 And they said, “Now leave him alone; let’s see if Elijah comes to save him!”
Mat 27:50 Then Jesus gave one more loud shout and breathed his last.
Mat 27:51 Suddenly the curtain in the temple split in two from top to bottom, and the earth shook and the rocks split apart.
Mat 27:52 Then the graves opened up and the bodies of many righteous people woke from the dead.
Mat 27:53 After Jesus’ resurrection, they left their graves and went into the holy city and appeared to many people.
Mat 27:54 When the Roman army captain and those guarding Jesus saw the earthquake and everything else, they were terrified and exclaimed, “Surely this was the God-Man!”
Mat 27:55 There were many women watching from a distance. They had followed Jesus from Galilee and attended to his needs.
Mat 27:56 Among them were Mary of Magdala, Mary the mother of James and Joseph, and the mother of Zebedee’s sons.
Mat 27:57 When it was getting late, a rich person from Arimathea by the name of Joseph, who was also a disciple of Jesus,
Mat 27:58 approached Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body. Pilate granted the request,
Mat 27:59 so Joseph took the body and wrapped it in clean linen,
Mat 27:60 then placed it in a new tomb that he had quarried out of rock. Then he rolled a very large stone in front of the tomb’s opening and went away.
Mat 27:61 Now Mary of Magdala and the other Mary were sitting in front of the tomb.
Mat 27:62 The next day following the Preparation, the ruling priests went with the Pharisees to Pilate
Mat 27:63 and said, “Sir, we remember that while he was still alive, that deceiver said, ‘I will arise after three days.’
Mat 27:64 So give the order to secure the grave until the three days are past. Then his disciples cannot steal his body and tell people he rose from the dead. The second con would be worse than the first!”
Mat 27:65 “You have guards,” replied Pilate. “Secure it to your satisfaction.”
Mat 27:66 So they went off and secured the grave by sealing it, and the guard was posted.
Mat 27:1 πρωϊας δε γενομενης συμβουλιον ελαβον παντες οἱ αρχιερεις και οἱ πρεσβυτεροι του λαου κατα του ιησου ὡστε θανατωσαι αυτον
Mat 27:2 και δησαντες αυτον απηγαγον και παρεδωκαν πιλατω τω ἡγεμονι
Mat 27:3 τοτε ιδων ιουδας ὁ παραδιδους αυτον ὁτι κατεκριθη μεταμεληθεις εστρεψεν τα τριακοντα αργυρια τοις αρχιερευσιν και πρεσβυτεροις
Mat 27:4 λεγων παραδους αἱμα αθωον οἱ δε ειπαν τι προς ἡμας συ οψη
Mat 27:5 και ῥιψας τα αργυρια εις τον ναον ανεχωρησεν και απελθων απηγξατο
Mat 27:6 οἱ δε αρχιερεις λαβοντες τα αργυρια ειπαν ουκ εξεστιν βαλειν αυτα εις τον κορβαναν επει τιμη αἱματος εστιν
Mat 27:7 συμβουλιον δε λαβοντες ηγορασαν εξ αυτων τον αγρον του κεραμεως εις ταφην τοις ξενοις
Mat 27:8 διο εκληθη ὁ αγρος εκεινος αγρος αἱματος ἑως της σημερον
Mat 27:9 τοτε επληρωθη το ῥηθεν δια ιερεμιου του προφητου λεγοντος και ελαβον τα τριακοντα αργυρια την τιμην του τετιμημενου ὁν ετιμησαντο απο υἱων ισραηλ
Mat 27:10 και εδωκαν αυτα εις τον αγρον του κεραμεως καθα συνεταξεν μοι κυριος
Mat 27:11 ὁ δε ιησους εσταθη εμπροσθεν του ἡγεμονος και επηρωτησεν αυτον ὁ ἡγεμων λεγων συ ει ὁ βασιλευς των ιουδαιων ὁ δε ιησους εφη συ λεγεις
Mat 27:12 και εν τω κατηγορεισθαι αυτον ὑπο των αρχιερεων και πρεσβυτερων ουδεν απεκρινατο
Mat 27:13 τοτε λεγει αυτω ὁ πιλατος ουκ ακουεις ποσα σου καταμαρτυρουσιν
Mat 27:14 και ουκ απεκριθη αυτω προς ουδε ἑν ῥημα ὡστε θαυμαζειν τον ἡγεμονα λιαν
Mat 27:15 κατα δε ἑορτην ειωθει ὁ ἡγεμων απολυειν ἑνα τω οχλω δεσμιον ὁν ηθελον
Mat 27:16 ειχον δε τοτε δεσμιον επισημον λεγομενον βαραββαν
Mat 27:17 συνηγμενων ουν αυτων ειπεν αυτοις ὁ πιλατος τινα θελετε απολυσω ὑμιν βαραββαν η ιησουν τον λεγομενον χριστον
Mat 27:18 ηδει γαρ ὁτι δια φθονον παρεδωκαν αυτον
Mat 27:19 καθημενου δε αυτου επι του βηματος απεστειλεν προς αυτον ἡ γυνη αυτου λεγουσα μηδεν σοι και τω δικαιω εκεινω πολλα γαρ επαθον σημερον κατ᾽ οναρ δι᾽ αυτον
Mat 27:20 οἱ δε αρχιερεις και οἱ πρεσβυτεροι επεισαν τους οχλους ἱνα αιτησωνται τον βαραββαν τον δε ιησουν απολεσωσιν
Mat 27:21 αποκριθεις δε ὁ ἡγεμων ειπεν αυτοις τινα θελετε απο των δυο απολυσω ὑμιν οἱ δε ειπαν τον βαραββαν
Mat 27:22 λεγει αυτοις ὁ πιλατος τι ουν ποιησω ιησουν τον λεγομενον χριστον λεγουσιν παντες σταυρωθητω
Mat 27:23 ὁ δε εφη τι γαρ κακον εποιησεν οἱ δε περισσως εκραζον λεγοντες σταυρωθητω
Mat 27:24 ιδων δε ὁ πιλατος ὁτι ουδεν ωφελει αλλα μαλλον θορυβος γινεται λαβων ὑδωρ απενιψατο τας χειρας απεναντι του οχλου λεγων αθωος ειμι απο του αἱματος τουτου ὑμεις οψεσθε
Mat 27:25 και αποκριθεις πας ὁ λαος ειπεν το αἱμα αυτου εφ᾽ ἡμας και επι τα τεκνα ἡμων
Mat 27:26 τοτε απελυσεν αυτοις τον βαραββαν τον δε ιησουν φραγελλωσας παρεδωκεν ἱνα σταυρωθη
Mat 27:27 τοτε οἱ στρατιωται του ἡγεμονος παραλαβοντες τον ιησουν εις το πραιτωριον συνηγαγον επ᾽ αυτον ὁλην την σπειραν
Mat 27:28 και εκδυσαντες αυτον χλαμυδα κοκκινην περιεθηκαν αυτω
Mat 27:29 και πλεξαντες στεφανον εξ ακανθων επεθηκαν επι της κεφαλης αυτου και καλαμον εν τη δεξια αυτου και γονυπετησαντες εμπροσθεν αυτου ενεπαιξαν αυτω λεγοντες χαιρε βασιλευ των ιουδαιων
Mat 27:30 και εμπτυσαντες εις αυτον ελαβον τον καλαμον και ετυπτον εις την κεφαλην αυτου
Mat 27:31 και ὁτε ενεπαιξαν αυτω εξεδυσαν αυτον την χλαμυδα και ενεδυσαν αυτον τα ἱματια αυτου και απηγαγον αυτον εις το σταυρωσαι
Mat 27:32 εξερχομενοι δε εὑρον ανθρωπον κυρηναιον ονοματι σιμωνα τουτον ηγγαρευσαν ἱνα αρη τον σταυρον αυτου
Mat 27:33 και ελθοντες εις τοπον λεγομενον γολγοθα ὁ εστιν κρανιου τοπος λεγομενος
Mat 27:34 εδωκαν αυτω πιειν οινον μετα χολης μεμιγμενον και γευσαμενος ουκ ηθελησεν πιειν
Mat 27:35 σταυρωσαντες δε αυτον διεμερισαντο τα ἱματια αυτου βαλλοντες κληρον
Mat 27:36 και καθημενοι ετηρουν αυτον εκει
Mat 27:37 και επεθηκαν επανω της κεφαλης αυτου την αιτιαν αυτου γεγραμμενην οὑτος εστιν ιησους ὁ βασιλευς των ιουδαιων
Mat 27:38 τοτε σταυρουνται συν αυτω δυο λησται εἱς εκ δεξιων και εἱς εξ ευωνυμων
Mat 27:39 οἱ δε παραπορευομενοι εβλασφημουν αυτον κινουντες τας κεφαλας αυτων
Mat 27:40 και λεγοντες ὁ καταλυων τον ναον και εν τρισιν ἡμεραις οικοδομων σωσον σεαυτον ει. υἱος ει του θεου και καταβηθι απο του σταυρου
Mat 27:41 ὁμοιως και οἱ αρχιερεις εμπαιζοντες μετα των γραμματεων και πρεσβυτερων ελεγον.
Mat 27:42 αλλους εσωσεν ἑαυτον ου δυναται σωσαι βασιλευς ισραηλ εστιν καταβατω νυν απο του σταυρου και πιστευσομεν επ᾽ αυτον
Mat 27:43 πεποιθεν επι τον θεον ῥυσασθω νυν ει. θελει αυτον ειπεν γαρ ὁτι θεου ειμι υἱος
Mat 27:44 το δ᾽ αυτο και οἱ λησται οἱ συσταυρωθεντες συν αυτω ωνειδιζον αυτον
Mat 27:45 απο δε ἑκτης ὡρας σκοτος εγενετο επι πασαν την γην ἑως ὡρας ενατης
Mat 27:46 περι δε την ενατην ὡραν ανεβοησεν ὁ ιησους φωνη μεγαλη λεγων ἡλι ἡλι λεμα σαβαχθανι τουτ᾽ εστιν θεε μου θεε μου ἱνα τι με εγκατελιπες
Mat 27:47 τινες δε των εκει ἑστηκοτων ακουσαντες ελεγον ὁτι ηλιαν φωνει οὑτος
Mat 27:48 και ευθεως δραμων εἱς εξ αυτων και λαβων σπογγον πλησας τε οξους και περιθεις καλαμω εποτιζεν αυτον
Mat 27:49 οἱ δε λοιποι ελεγον. αφες ιδωμεν ει. ερχεται ηλιας σωσων αυτον
Mat 27:50 ὁ δε ιησους παλιν κραξας φωνη μεγαλη αφηκεν το πνευμα
Mat 27:51 και ιδου το καταπετασμα του ναου εσχισθη απ᾽ ανωθεν ἑως κατω εις δυο και ἡ γη εσεισθη και αἱ πετραι εσχισθησαν
Mat 27:52 και τα μνημεια ανεωχθησαν και πολλα σωματα των κεκοιμημενων ἁγιων ηγερθησαν
Mat 27:53 και εξελθοντες εκ των μνημειων μετα την εγερσιν αυτου εισηλθον εις την ἁγιαν πολιν και ενεφανισθησαν πολλοις
Mat 27:54 ὁ δε ἑκατονταρχος και οἱ μετ᾽ αυτου τηρουντες τον ιησουν ιδοντες τον σεισμον και τα γενομενα εφοβηθησαν σφοδρα λεγοντες αληθως θεου υἱος ην οὑτος
Mat 27:55 ησαν δε εκει γυναικες πολλαι απο μακροθεν θεωρουσαι αἱτινες ηκολουθησαν τω ιησου απο της γαλιλαιας διακονουσαι αυτω
Mat 27:56 εν αἱς ην μαρια ἡ μαγδαληνη και μαρια ἡ του ιακωβου και ιωσηφ μητηρ και ἡ μητηρ των υἱων ζεβεδαιου
Mat 27:57 οψιας δε γενομενης ηλθεν ανθρωπος πλουσιος απο ἁριμαθαιας τουνομα ιωσηφ ὁς και αυτος εμαθητευθη τω ιησου
Mat 27:58 οὑτος προσελθων τω πιλατω ητησατο το σωμα του ιησου τοτε ὁ πιλατος εκελευσεν αποδοθηναι
Mat 27:59 και λαβων το σωμα ὁ ιωσηφ ενετυλιξεν αυτο εν σινδονι καθαρα
Mat 27:60 και εθηκεν αυτο εν τω καινω αυτου μνημειω ὁ ελατομησεν εν τη πετρα και προσκυλισας λιθον μεγαν τη θυρα του μνημειου απηλθεν
Mat 27:61 ην δε εκει μαριαμ ἡ μαγδαληνη και ἡ αλλη μαρια καθημεναι απεναντι του ταφου
Mat 27:62 τη δε επαυριον ἡτις εστιν μετα την παρασκευην συνηχθησαν οἱ αρχιερεις και οἱ φαρισαιοι προς πιλατον
Mat 27:63 λεγοντες κυριε εμνησθημεν ὁτι εκεινος ὁ πλανος ειπεν ετι ζων μετα τρεις ἡμερας εγειρομαι
Mat 27:64 κελευσον ουν ασφαλισθηναι τον ταφον ἑως της τριτης ἡμερας μηποτε ελθοντες οἱ μαθηται αυτου κλεψωσιν αυτον και ειπωσιν τω λαω ηγερθη απο των νεκρων και εσται ἡ εσχατη πλανη χειρων της πρωτης
Mat 27:65 εφη αυτοις ὁ πιλατος εχετε κουστωδιαν ὑπαγετε ασφαλισασθε ὡς οιδατε
Mat 27:66 οἱ δε πορευθεντες ησφαλισαντο τον ταφον σφραγισαντες τον λιθον μετα της κουστωδιας