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Matthew 26

Mat 26:1 After Jesus had finished saying all these things, he told his disciples,
Mat 26:2 “As you know, the Passover is in two days. That’s when the Human will be handed over to be crucified.”
Mat 26:3 Then the ruling priests and elders of the people got together at the palace of the ruling priest Caiaphas,
Mat 26:4 where they recommended the use of treachery to have Jesus arrested and killed.
Mat 26:5 “But not during the festival,” they said, “or the people might riot.”
Mat 26:6 Now when Jesus went into Bethany to the home of Simon the Leper,
Mat 26:7 a woman came up to him with an alabaster flask of very expensive perfumed oil, and she poured it on his head as he reclined for dinner.
Mat 26:8 But the disciples were indignant and said, “What a waste!
Mat 26:9 This could have been sold for a lot of money and the proceeds given to the destitute.”
Mat 26:10 But when Jesus realized this, he scolded them, “Why are you giving this woman such grief? She is doing an honorable thing to me.
Mat 26:11 You will always have the destitute with you, but you will not always have me.
Mat 26:12 By pouring the perfumed oil on me she is anointing my body for burial.
Mat 26:13 And I assure you that wherever the Gospel is proclaimed around the world, what she did will be spoken of in her memory.”
Mat 26:14 Then Judas of Kerioth, one of the Twelve, went off to the ruling priests
Mat 26:15 and said, “What will you give me if I hand Jesus over to you?” So they offered him thirty pieces of silver,
Mat 26:16 and from then on he watched for an opportunity to hand him over.
Mat 26:17 On the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the disciples asked Jesus, “Where do you want us to prepare for you to eat the Passover?”
Mat 26:18 And he replied, “Go into the city and tell a certain person, ‘The teacher says the time is near for him to eat the Passover meal with his disciples at your house.’ ”
Mat 26:19 They did as Jesus instructed and prepared the meal.
Mat 26:20 When evening came and Jesus was reclining at the table having the meal with the Twelve,
Mat 26:21 he exclaimed, “I tell you truly that one of you will betray me!”
Mat 26:22 They all became distraught and said, “I’m not the one, am I, Master?”
Mat 26:23 “One who shares the dipping sauce with me is the one who will betray me.
Mat 26:24 What has been written about the Human being taken away will surely happen to him. But woe to the person who is responsible for having the Human handed over! It would be better if that person had never been born.”
Mat 26:25 Then Judas the Traitor said to him, “I’m not the one, am I, Rabbi?” “You said it yourself!” Jesus replied.
Mat 26:26 While they were eating, Jesus picked up the bread and blessed it, then handed it out to his disciples and said, “Take this and eat it; this is my body.”
Mat 26:27 Then he picked up the cup, gave thanks, and handed it to his disciples and said, “Drink from this, all of you,
Mat 26:28 because this is my blood, with which I am signing the new unilateral contract, and it is being poured out for many to dismiss the charges against them.
Mat 26:29 With absolute certainty I tell you that from now on, I will not drink the fruit of the vine until the day comes when I drink it fresh in the kingdom of my Father.”
Mat 26:30 And after they sang a festive song, they went out to the Mount of Olives.
Mat 26:31 Then Jesus said to them, “All of you will fall into a trap tonight on my account. As it is written, ‘I will strike the shepherd and the whole flock of sheep will scatter.’
Mat 26:32 But when I am raised up, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.”
Mat 26:33 But Peter objected, “Even if everyone else falls into a trap on your account, that will never happen to me!”
Mat 26:34 “On the contrary,” replied Jesus, “you will completely disown me three times before the rooster crows!”
Mat 26:35 “Even if I am bound to die with you, I will not disown you!” Peter insisted. And all the other disciples said the same.
Mat 26:36 Jesus took them to a place called Gethsemane, and he told his disciples, “Sit here while I go over there to pray.”
Mat 26:37 Then he took along Peter and also Zebedee’s two sons. He became extremely sad and depressed
Mat 26:38 and said to them, “My soul is deeply grieved, to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.”
Mat 26:39 He went a short distance away and fell on his face, praying, “My Father, if possible, please let this cup pass me by! But what matters is what you want, not what I want.”
Mat 26:40 Then he returned to his disciples only to find them sleeping, so he said to Peter, “Couldn’t you keep watch with me for one hour?
Mat 26:41 Pray that you will not be put to the test! The spirit is eager but the flesh is weak.”
Mat 26:42 He went off to pray a second time and said, “My Father, if there is no other way except that I go through this, then let your decision stand!”
Mat 26:43 And again he found the disciples sleeping, because their eyes were heavy.
Mat 26:44 So he gave up on them and went off to pray a third time, repeating what he said before.
Mat 26:45 Then he returned to the disciples and said, “Are you going to sleep and rest forever? Look! The hour has come and the Human is betrayed into the hands of deviants.
Mat 26:46 Wake up, let’s go! See, here comes my betrayer!”
Mat 26:47 While he was still speaking, suddenly Judas, one of the Twelve, came along with a large crowd from the ruling priests and elders of the people, all carrying swords and clubs.
Mat 26:48 The traitor had prearranged this sign: “Whoever I greet affectionately is the one; arrest him!”
Mat 26:49 So he went up to Jesus and said, “Greetings, Rabbi!” while kissing him fondly.
Mat 26:50 “What are you doing here, buddy?” asked Jesus. And they grabbed him and put him under arrest.
Mat 26:51 Suddenly one of those with Jesus reached for his sword, drew it out, and then struck the slave of the ruling priest, cutting off his ear.
Mat 26:52 “Sheath your sword!” said Jesus. “Those who wield swords will die by swords.
Mat 26:53 Don’t you realize that I could say the word and my Father would put at my disposal more than twelve legions of Messengers?
Mat 26:54 But then, how would the scriptures be fulfilled? This has to happen!”
Mat 26:55 Then at that time Jesus turned to the crowd and said, “You came with swords and clubs to arrest me, as if I’m some kind of robber. But every day I sat in the temple compound and taught, and you didn’t arrest me then.
Mat 26:56 Yet all of this happened in order to fulfill what the prophets wrote.” And at that point, all his disciples took off and ran away.
Mat 26:57 Having arrested Jesus, the crowd led him away to the ruling priest Caiaphas, where the scripture scholars and elders had gathered.
Mat 26:58 Now Peter had been following at a distance, right up to the courtyard of the ruling priest. He went inside and sat with the deputies to wait for a verdict.
Mat 26:59 Meanwhile, the ruling priests and the whole Sanhedrin tried to produce false witnesses against Jesus, so they could have him executed.
Mat 26:60 But though many false witnesses came forward, they couldn’t find anything. Finally two of them came forward
Mat 26:61 and said, “We heard him claim that he was going to demolish the temple of God and then rebuild it in three days!”
Mat 26:62 Then the ruling priest stood up and said, “Have you nothing to say to the accusation brought by these two?”
Mat 26:63 But Jesus said nothing. So the ruling priest said, “I am putting you under oath before the living God to tell us if you are the Anointed, the God-Man!”
Mat 26:64 “You said it yourself!” Jesus answered. “Furthermore, I assure you that after this you will see the Human sitting down to the right of The Power, and coming in the clouds of the sky!”
Mat 26:65 At that, the ruling priest tore his tunic and exclaimed, “He has defamed God! Why do we need any further testimony? You heard it yourselves;
Mat 26:66 what is your verdict?” “He deserves the death penalty!” they all replied.
Mat 26:67 Then they spat in his face, and while they were beating and slapping him
Mat 26:68 they mocked, “Prophesy, Anointed One! Who hit you?”
Mat 26:69 Meanwhile, Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard, when a servant girl came up to him and said, “You were with Jesus the Galilean!”
Mat 26:70 But he denied it in front of them all: “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
Mat 26:71 He went out of the gate, but another one saw him and said to the others there, “This one was with Jesus the Nazarene!”
Mat 26:72 Again he denied it: “I swear, I do not know that person!”
Mat 26:73 A short time later, some standing there came up to Peter and said, “You have to be one of them; your accent gives you away!”
Mat 26:74 Then Peter began to curse and swear: “I don’t know the guy!” And immediately a rooster crowed.
Mat 26:75 Then he remembered what Jesus had said: “Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times!” So he went outside, sobbing bitterly.
Mat 26:1 και εγενετο ὁτε ετελεσεν ὁ ιησους παντας τους λογους τουτους ειπεν τοις μαθηταις αυτου
Mat 26:2 οιδατε ὁτι μετα δυο ἡμερας το πασχα γινεται και ὁ υἱος του ανθρωπου παραδιδοται εις το σταυρωθηναι
Mat 26:3 τοτε συνηχθησαν οἱ αρχιερεις και οἱ πρεσβυτεροι του λαου εις την αυλην του αρχιερεως του λεγομενου καϊαφα
Mat 26:4 και συνεβουλευσαντο ἱνα τον ιησουν δολω κρατησωσιν και αποκτεινωσιν
Mat 26:5 ελεγον. δε μη εν τη ἑορτη ἱνα μη θορυβος γενηται εν τω λαω
Mat 26:6 του δε ιησου γενομενου εν βηθανια εν οικια σιμωνος του λεπρου
Mat 26:7 προσηλθεν αυτω γυνη εχουσα αλαβαστρον μυρου βαρυτιμου και κατεχεεν επι της κεφαλης αυτου ανακειμενου
Mat 26:8 ιδοντες δε οἱ μαθηται ηγανακτησαν λεγοντες εις τι ἡ απωλεια αὑτη
Mat 26:9 εδυνατο γαρ τουτο πραθηναι πολλου και δοθηναι πτωχοις
Mat 26:10 γνους δε ὁ ιησους ειπεν αυτοις τι κοπους παρεχετε τη γυναικι εργον γαρ καλον ηργασατο εις εμε
Mat 26:11 παντοτε γαρ τους πτωχους εχετε μεθ᾽ ἑαυτων εμε δε ου παντοτε εχετε
Mat 26:12 βαλουσα γαρ αὑτη το μυρον τουτο επι του σωματος μου προς το ενταφιασαι με εποιησεν
Mat 26:13 αμην λεγω ὑμιν ὁπου εαν κηρυχθη το ευαγγελιον τουτο εν ὁλω τω κοσμω λαληθησεται και ὁ εποιησεν αὑτη εις μνημοσυνον αυτης
Mat 26:14 τοτε πορευθεις εἱς των δωδεκα ὁ λεγομενος ιουδας ισκαριωτης προς τους αρχιερεις
Mat 26:15 ειπεν τι θελετε μοι δουναι καγω ὑμιν παραδωσω αυτον οἱ δε εστησαν αυτω τριακοντα αργυρια
Mat 26:16 και απο τοτε εζητει ευκαιριαν ἱνα αυτον παραδω.
Mat 26:17 τη δε πρωτη των αζυμων προσηλθον οἱ μαθηται τω ιησου λεγοντες που θελεις ἑτοιμασωμεν σοι φαγειν το πασχα
Mat 26:18 ὁ δε ειπεν ὑπαγετε εις την πολιν προς τον δεινα και ειπατε αυτω ὁ διδασκαλος λεγει ὁ καιρος μου εγγυς εστιν προς σε ποιω το πασχα μετα των μαθητων μου
Mat 26:19 και εποιησαν οἱ μαθηται ὡς συνεταξεν αυτοις ὁ ιησους και ἡτοιμασαν το πασχα
Mat 26:20 οψιας δε γενομενης ανεκειτο μετα των δωδεκα
Mat 26:21 και εσθιοντων αυτων ειπεν αμην λεγω ὑμιν ὁτι εἱς εξ ὑμων παραδωσει με
Mat 26:22 και λυπουμενοι σφοδρα ηρξαντο λεγειν αυτω εἱς ἑκαστος μητι εγω ειμι κυριε
Mat 26:23 ὁ δε αποκριθεις ειπεν ὁ εμβαψας μετ᾽ εμου την χειρα εν τω τρυβλιω οὑτος με παραδωσει
Mat 26:24 ὁ μεν υἱος του ανθρωπου ὑπαγει καθως γεγραπται περι αυτου ουαι δε τω ανθρωπω εκεινω δι᾽ οὑ ὁ υἱος του ανθρωπου παραδιδοται καλον ην αυτω ει. ουκ εγεννηθη ὁ ανθρωπος εκεινος
Mat 26:25 αποκριθεις δε ιουδας ὁ παραδιδους αυτον ειπεν μητι εγω ειμι ῥαββι λεγει αυτω συ ειπας
Mat 26:26 εσθιοντων δε αυτων λαβων ὁ ιησους αρτον και ευλογησας εκλασεν και δους τοις μαθηταις ειπεν λαβετε φαγετε τουτο εστιν το σωμα μου
Mat 26:27 και λαβων ποτηριον και ευχαριστησας εδωκεν αυτοις λεγων πιετε εξ αυτου παντες
Mat 26:28 τουτο γαρ εστιν το αἱμα μου της διαθηκης το περι πολλων εκχυννομενον εις αφεσιν ἁμαρτιων
Mat 26:29 λεγω δε ὑμιν ου μη πιω απ᾽ αρτι εκ τουτου του γενηματος της αμπελου ἑως της ἡμερας εκεινης ὁταν αυτο πινω μεθ᾽ ὑμων καινον εν τη βασιλεια του πατρος μου
Mat 26:30 και ὑμνησαντες εξηλθον εις το ορος των ελαιων
Mat 26:31 τοτε λεγει αυτοις ὁ ιησους παντες ὑμεις σκανδαλισθησεσθε εν εμοι εν τη νυκτι ταυτη γεγραπται γαρ παταξω τον ποιμενα και διασκορπισθησονται τα προβατα της ποιμνης
Mat 26:32 μετα δε το εγερθηναι με προαξω ὑμας εις την γαλιλαιαν
Mat 26:33 αποκριθεις δε ὁ πετρος ειπεν αυτω ει. παντες σκανδαλισθησονται εν σοι εγω ουδεποτε σκανδαλισθησομαι
Mat 26:34 εφη αυτω ὁ ιησους αμην λεγω σοι ὁτι εν ταυτη τη νυκτι πριν αλεκτορα φωνησαι τρις απαρνηση με
Mat 26:35 λεγει αυτω ὁ πετρος καν δεη με συν σοι αποθανειν ου μη σε απαρνησομαι ὁμοιως και παντες οἱ μαθηται ειπαν
Mat 26:36 τοτε ερχεται μετ᾽ αυτων ὁ ιησους εις χωριον λεγομενον γεθσημανι και λεγει τοις μαθηταις καθισατε αυτου ἑως οὑ απελθων εκει προσευξωμαι
Mat 26:37 και παραλαβων τον πετρον και τους δυο υἱους ζεβεδαιου ηρξατο λυπεισθαι και αδημονειν
Mat 26:38 τοτε λεγει αυτοις περιλυπος εστιν ἡ ψυχη μου ἑως θανατου μεινατε ὡδε και γρηγορειτε μετ᾽ εμου
Mat 26:39 και προελθων μικρον επεσεν επι προσωπον αυτου προσευχομενος και λεγων πατερ μου ει. δυνατον εστιν παρελθατω απ᾽ εμου το ποτηριον τουτο πλην ουχ ὡς εγω θελω αλλ᾽ ὡς συ
Mat 26:40 και ερχεται προς τους μαθητας και εὑρισκει αυτους καθευδοντας και λεγει τω πετρω οὑτως ουκ ισχυσατε μιαν ὡραν γρηγορησαι μετ᾽ εμου
Mat 26:41 γρηγορειτε και προσευχεσθε ἱνα μη εισελθητε εις πειρασμον το μεν πνευμα προθυμον ἡ δε σαρξ ασθενης
Mat 26:42 παλιν εκ δευτερου απελθων προσηυξατο λεγων πατερ μου ει. ου δυναται τουτο παρελθειν εαν μη αυτο πιω γενηθητω το θελημα σου
Mat 26:43 και ελθων παλιν εὑρεν αυτους καθευδοντας ησαν γαρ αυτων οἱ οφθαλμοι βεβαρημενοι
Mat 26:44 και αφεις αυτους παλιν απελθων προσηυξατο εκ τριτου τον αυτον λογον ειπων παλιν
Mat 26:45 τοτε ερχεται προς τους μαθητας και λεγει αυτοις καθευδετε το λοιπον και αναπαυεσθε ιδου ηγγικεν ἡ ὡρα και ὁ υἱος του ανθρωπου παραδιδοται εις χειρας ἁμαρτωλων
Mat 26:46 εγειρεσθε αγωμεν ιδου ηγγικεν ὁ παραδιδους με
Mat 26:47 και ετι αυτου λαλουντος ιδου ιουδας εἱς των δωδεκα ηλθεν και μετ᾽ αυτου οχλος πολυς μετα μαχαιρων και ξυλων απο των αρχιερεων και πρεσβυτερων του λαου
Mat 26:48 ὁ δε παραδιδους αυτον εδωκεν αυτοις σημειον λεγων ὁν αν φιλησω αυτος εστιν κρατησατε αυτον
Mat 26:49 και ευθεως προσελθων τω ιησου ειπεν χαιρε ῥαββι και κατεφιλησεν αυτον
Mat 26:50 ὁ δε ιησους ειπεν αυτω ἑταιρε εφ᾽ ὁ παρει τοτε προσελθοντες επεβαλον τας χειρας επι τον ιησουν και εκρατησαν αυτον
Mat 26:51 και ιδου εἱς των μετα ιησου εκτεινας την χειρα απεσπασεν την μαχαιραν αυτου και παταξας τον δουλον του αρχιερεως αφειλεν αυτου το ωτιον
Mat 26:52 τοτε λεγει αυτω ὁ ιησους αποστρεψον την μαχαιραν σου εις τον τοπον αυτης παντες γαρ οἱ λαβοντες μαχαιραν εν μαχαιρη απολουνται
Mat 26:53 η δοκεις ὁτι ου δυναμαι παρακαλεσαι τον πατερα μου και παραστησει μοι αρτι πλειω δωδεκα λεγιωνας αγγελων
Mat 26:54 πως ουν πληρωθωσιν αἱ γραφαι ὁτι οὑτως δει γενεσθαι
Mat 26:55 εν εκεινη τη ὡρα ειπεν ὁ ιησους τοις οχλοις ὡς επι ληστην εξηλθατε μετα μαχαιρων και ξυλων συλλαβειν με καθ᾽ ἡμεραν εν τω ἱερω εκαθεζομην διδασκων και ουκ εκρατησατε με
Mat 26:56 τουτο δε ὁλον γεγονεν ἱνα πληρωθωσιν αἱ γραφαι των προφητων τοτε οἱ μαθηται παντες αφεντες αυτον εφυγον
Mat 26:57 οἱ δε κρατησαντες τον ιησουν απηγαγον προς καϊαφαν τον αρχιερεα ὁπου οἱ γραμματεις και οἱ πρεσβυτεροι συνηχθησαν
Mat 26:58 ὁ δε πετρος ηκολουθει αυτω απο μακροθεν ἑως της αυλης του αρχιερεως και εισελθων εσω εκαθητο μετα των ὑπηρετων ιδειν το τελος
Mat 26:59 οἱ δε αρχιερεις και το συνεδριον ὁλον εζητουν ψευδομαρτυριαν κατα του ιησου ὁπως αυτον θανατωσωσιν
Mat 26:60 και ουχ εὑρον πολλων προσελθοντων ψευδομαρτυρων ὑστερον δε προσελθοντες δυο
Mat 26:61 ειπαν οὑτος εφη δυναμαι καταλυσαι τον ναον του θεου και δια τριων ἡμερων οικοδομησαι
Mat 26:62 και αναστας ὁ αρχιερευς ειπεν αυτω ουδεν αποκρινη τι οὑτοι σου καταμαρτυρουσιν
Mat 26:63 ὁ δε ιησους εσιωπα και ὁ αρχιερευς ειπεν αυτω εξορκιζω σε κατα του θεου του ζωντος ἱνα ἡμιν ειπης ει. συ ει ὁ χριστος ὁ υἱος του θεου
Mat 26:64 λεγει αυτω ὁ ιησους συ ειπας πλην λεγω ὑμιν απ᾽ αρτι οψεσθε τον υἱον του ανθρωπου καθημενον εκ δεξιων της δυναμεως και ερχομενον επι των νεφελων του ουρανου
Mat 26:65 τοτε ὁ αρχιερευς διερρηξεν τα ἱματια αυτου λεγων εβλασφημησεν τι ετι χρειαν εχομεν μαρτυρων ιδε νυν ηκουσατε την βλασφημιαν
Mat 26:66 τι ὑμιν δοκει οἱ δε αποκριθεντες ειπαν ενοχος θανατου εστιν
Mat 26:67 τοτε ενεπτυσαν εις το προσωπον αυτου και εκολαφισαν αυτον οἱ δε εραπισαν
Mat 26:68 λεγοντες προφητευσον ἡμιν χριστε τις εστιν ὁ παισας σε
Mat 26:69 ὁ δε πετρος εκαθητο εξω εν τη αυλη και προσηλθεν αυτω μια παιδισκη λεγουσα και συ ησθα μετα ιησου του γαλιλαιου
Mat 26:70 ὁ δε ηρνησατο εμπροσθεν παντων λεγων ουκ οιδα τι λεγεις
Mat 26:71 εξελθοντα δε εις τον πυλωνα ειδεν αυτον αλλη και λεγει τοις εκει οὑτος ην μετα ιησου του ναζωραιου
Mat 26:72 και παλιν ηρνησατο μετα ὁρκου ὁτι ουκ οιδα τον ανθρωπον
Mat 26:73 μετα μικρον δε προσελθοντες οἱ ἑστωτες ειπον τω πετρω αληθως και συ εξ αυτων ει και γαρ ἡ λαλια σου δηλον σε ποιει
Mat 26:74 τοτε ηρξατο καταθεματιζειν και ομνυειν ὁτι ουκ οιδα τον ανθρωπον και ευθεως αλεκτωρ εφωνησεν
Mat 26:75 και εμνησθη ὁ πετρος του ῥηματος ιησου ειρηκοτος ὁτι πριν αλεκτορα φωνησαι τρις απαρνηση με και εξελθων εξω εκλαυσεν πικρως