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Matthew 2

Mat 2:1 Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, and in the days of King Herod, official advisors came to Jerusalem from the east.
Mat 2:2 They asked, “Where is the one born King of the Judeans? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.”
Mat 2:3 This disturbed not only King Herod but all of Jerusalem as well.
Mat 2:4 So he summoned all the ruling priests and scripture scholars to determine where the Anointed was to be born.
Mat 2:5 And they told him, “In Bethlehem of Judea. This is how it is written through the prophet:
Mat 2:6 ‘And you, Bethlehem of Judah: you are not at all the least significant among the governors of Judah! For out of you will come a leader who will shepherd my people Israel.’ ”
Mat 2:7 Then Herod consulted privately with the official advisors to determine the precise time when the star appeared.
Mat 2:8 And he sent them into Bethlehem with these instructions: “Go and search carefully for the little one, and if you find him, tell me so that I can come and worship him.”
Mat 2:9 Upon hearing this from the king they went off, when suddenly the star they had seen in the east appeared! It went ahead of them until it came to a stop above the little one’s location.
Mat 2:10 They were extremely happy to see the star.
Mat 2:11 Now when they arrived at the house they saw the little one with his mother Mary. They fell down and worshiped him, and they presented him with gifts such as gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
Mat 2:12 But they were warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, so they took another route to their homeland.
Mat 2:13 After they had gone, suddenly a Messenger of the Master appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Wake up! Take the little one and his mother, and run away to Egypt. Stay there until I talk to you again, because Herod intends to kill the child.”
Mat 2:14 So he woke up and took the child and his mother away that very night to Egypt,
Mat 2:15 where he stayed until Herod died. This was in fulfillment of the word of the Master through the prophet, “Out of Egypt I called my son.”
Mat 2:16 When Herod realized that the official advisors had made him look like a fool, he was extremely furious. So he had all the children in Bethlehem killed if they were two years old or younger, according to the precise time he had learned from the official advisors.
Mat 2:17 Then the writing of the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled:
Mat 2:18 “A sound is heard in Ramah, of wailing and deep grief. Rachel is sobbing for her children, and she cannot be consoled, for they are dead and gone.”
Mat 2:19 After Herod died, a Messenger of the Master appeared to Joseph in a dream while he was still in Egypt.
Mat 2:20 He told him, “Wake up! Take the little one and his mother back to the land of Israel, because those who were out to take the child’s life are dead.”
Mat 2:21 So he woke up and took the little one and his mother to the land of Israel.
Mat 2:22 But when he heard that Archelaus had succeeded his father Herod to rule in Judea, he was afraid to go there. And having been divinely warned in another dream, he went into the province of Galilee.
Mat 2:23 He settled in the city of Nazareth in fulfillment of the declaration of the prophet, “He will be called a Nazarene.”
Mat 2:1 του δε ιησου γεννηθεντος εν βηθλεεμ της ιουδαιας εν ἡμεραις ἡρωδου του βασιλεως ιδου μαγοι απο ανατολων παρεγενοντο εις ἱεροσολυμα
Mat 2:2 λεγοντες που εστιν ὁ τεχθεις βασιλευς των ιουδαιων ειδομεν γαρ αυτου τον αστερα εν τη ανατολη και ηλθομεν προσκυνησαι αυτω
Mat 2:3 ακουσας δε ὁ βασιλευς ἡρωδης εταραχθη και πασα ἱεροσολυμα μετ᾽ αυτου
Mat 2:4 και συναγαγων παντας τους αρχιερεις και γραμματεις του λαου επυνθανετο παρ᾽ αυτων που ὁ χριστος γενναται
Mat 2:5 οἱ δε ειπαν αυτω εν βηθλεεμ της ιουδαιας οὑτως γαρ γεγραπται δια του προφητου
Mat 2:6 και συ βηθλεεμ γη ιουδα ουδαμως ελαχιστη ει εν τοις ἡγεμοσιν ιουδα εκ σου γαρ εξελευσεται ἡγουμενος ὁστις ποιμανει τον λαον μου τον ισραηλ
Mat 2:7 τοτε ἡρωδης λαθρα καλεσας τους μαγους ηκριβωσεν παρ᾽ αυτων τον χρονον του φαινομενου αστερος
Mat 2:8 και πεμψας αυτους εις βηθλεεμ ειπεν πορευθεντες εξετασατε ακριβως περι του παιδιου επαν δε εὑρητε απαγγειλατε μοι ὁπως καγω ελθων προσκυνησω αυτω
Mat 2:9 οἱ δε ακουσαντες του βασιλεως επορευθησαν και ιδου ὁ αστηρ ὁν ειδον εν τη ανατολη προηγεν αυτους ἑως ελθων εσταθη επανω οὑ ην το παιδιον
Mat 2:10 ιδοντες δε τον αστερα εχαρησαν χαραν μεγαλην σφοδρα
Mat 2:11 και ελθοντες εις την οικιαν ειδον το παιδιον μετα μαριας της μητρος αυτου και πεσοντες προσεκυνησαν αυτω και ανοιξαντες τους θησαυρους αυτων προσηνεγκαν αυτω δωρα χρυσον και λιβανον και σμυρναν
Mat 2:12 και χρηματισθεντες κατ᾽ οναρ μη ανακαμψαι προς ἡρωδην δι᾽ αλλης ὁδου ανεχωρησαν εις την χωραν αυτων
Mat 2:13 αναχωρησαντων δε αυτων ιδου αγγελος κυριου φαινεται κατ᾽ οναρ τω ιωσηφ λεγων εγερθεις παραλαβε το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου και φευγε εις αιγυπτον και ισθι εκει ἑως αν ειπω σοι μελλει γαρ ἡρωδης ζητειν το παιδιον του απολεσαι αυτο
Mat 2:14 ὁ δε εγερθεις παρελαβεν το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου νυκτος και ανεχωρησεν εις αιγυπτον
Mat 2:15 και ην εκει ἑως της τελευτης ἡρωδου ἱνα πληρωθη το ῥηθεν ὑπο κυριου δια του προφητου λεγοντος εξ αιγυπτου εκαλεσα τον υἱον μου
Mat 2:16 τοτε ἡρωδης ιδων ὁτι ενεπαιχθη ὑπο των μαγων εθυμωθη λιαν και αποστειλας ανειλεν παντας τους παιδας τους εν βηθλεεμ και εν τοις ὁριοις αυτης απο διετους και κατωτερω κατα τον χρονον ὁν ηκριβωσεν παρα των μαγων
Mat 2:17 τοτε επληρωθη το ῥηθεν δια ιερεμιου του προφητου λεγοντος
Mat 2:18 φωνη εν ῥαμα ηκουσθη κλαυθμος και οδυρμος πολυς ῥαχηλ κλαιουσα τα τεκνα αυτης και ουκ ηθελεν παρακληθηναι ὁτι ουκ εισιν
Mat 2:19 τελευτησαντος δε του ἡρωδου ιδου αγγελος κυριου φαινεται κατ᾽ οναρ τω ιωσηφ εν αιγυπτω
Mat 2:20 λεγων εγερθεις παραλαβε το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου και πορευου εις γην ισραηλ τεθνηκασιν γαρ οἱ ζητουντες την ψυχην του παιδιου
Mat 2:21 ὁ δε εγερθεις παρελαβεν το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου και εισηλθεν εις γην ισραηλ
Mat 2:22 ακουσας δε ὁτι αρχελαος βασιλευει της ιουδαιας αντι του πατρος αυτου ἡρωδου εφοβηθη εκει απελθειν χρηματισθεις δε κατ᾽ οναρ ανεχωρησεν εις τα μερη της γαλιλαιας
Mat 2:23 και ελθων κατωκησεν εις πολιν λεγομενην ναζαρετ ὁπως πληρωθη το ῥηθεν δια των προφητων ὁτι ναζωραιος κληθησεται