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Matthew 16

Mat 16:1 The Pharisees and Sadducees came along to test Jesus, so they asked him to show them a miraculous sign from heaven.
Mat 16:2 But instead he said, “If the sky is red in the evening, you say that the weather will be nice the next day.
Mat 16:3 And if it’s red in the morning, you say that the weather will be foul. But why can’t you interpret the signs of the times?
Mat 16:4 An evil and adulterous generation looks for signs, but none will be given except the sign of Jonah.” And with that, he went off and left them behind.
Mat 16:5 When his disciples arrived at the other side of the lake, they realized they had forgotten to get bread.
Mat 16:6 And Jesus said to them, “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees!”
Mat 16:7 But they talked it over among themselves and concluded, “It’s because we forgot to get bread.”
Mat 16:8 But Jesus knew what they were talking about so he said, “Why are you talking about not having bread, you skeptics?
Mat 16:9 Don’t you understand or remember what happened with the five loaves and the five thousand, and how many baskets full of leftovers you picked up?
Mat 16:10 Or what about the seven loaves and the four thousand, and all the leftovers?
Mat 16:11 So how can you possibly think that I was talking about bread when I said, ‘Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees’?”
Mat 16:12 Then it finally dawned on them that he wasn’t referring to literal yeast in bread but to the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees.
Mat 16:13 When Jesus reached the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Human is?”
Mat 16:14 “Some say John the Immerser,” they replied. “Others say Elijah, or maybe Jeremiah or one of the other prophets.”
Mat 16:15 “But who do you say I am?” Jesus asked.
Mat 16:16 And Peter spoke up, “You are the Anointed, the son of the living God.”
Mat 16:17 “You are blessed, Simon son of Jonah,” Jesus replied. “For this was not revealed to you by ordinary means, but by my Father in the heavens.
Mat 16:18 I hereby declare that you are Peter, and it is upon this rock that I will build my Congregation, which will withstand all the assaults of Hades.
Mat 16:19 I will give you the keys to the kingdom of the heavens, so whatever you restrain on earth will also be restrained in the heavens, and whatever you let loose on earth will also be let loose in the heavens.”
Mat 16:20 Then he told his disciples not to say a word about his being the Anointed.
Mat 16:21 And from then on, he began to tell his disciples that he would have to go into Jerusalem to suffer many things at the hands of the elders, ruling priests, and scripture scholars. Then he would be killed yet arise the third day.
Mat 16:22 But Peter scolded him and said, “Master, this will never happen to you!”
Mat 16:23 Jesus turned around to Peter and exclaimed, “Get out of my face, Adversary! You are setting a trap for me, because you are thinking like people instead of God.”
Mat 16:24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone wants to follow me, they must completely renounce themselves, pick up their cross, and follow me.
Mat 16:25 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life on my account will find it.
Mat 16:26 After all, what good is it to gain the whole world but forfeit one’s own life? Or what would a person give in exchange for their life?
Mat 16:27 The Human is going to come with his Messengers in the majesty of his Father, and he will reward each one according to what they have done.
Mat 16:28 And I can assure you that some standing here today will not experience death until they first see the Human coming in his kingdom.”
Mat 16:1 και προσελθοντες οἱ φαρισαιοι και σαδδουκαιοι πειραζοντες επηρωτησαν αυτον σημειον εκ του ουρανου επιδειξαι αυτοις
Mat 16:2 ὁ δε αποκριθεις ειπεν αυτοις οψιας γενομενης λεγετε ευδια πυρραζει γαρ ὁ ουρανος
Mat 16:3 και πρωϊ σημερον χειμων πυρραζει γαρ στυγναζων ὁ ουρανος το μεν προσωπον του ουρανου γινωσκετε διακρινειν τα δε σημεια των καιρων ου δυνασθε
Mat 16:4 γενεα πονηρα και μοιχαλις σημειον επιζητει και σημειον ου δοθησεται αυτη ει. μη το σημειον ιωνα και καταλιπων αυτους απηλθεν
Mat 16:5 και ελθοντες οἱ μαθηται εις το περαν επελαθοντο αρτους λαβειν
Mat 16:6 ὁ δε ιησους ειπεν αυτοις ὁρατε και προσεχετε απο της ζυμης των φαρισαιων και σαδδουκαιων
Mat 16:7 οἱ δε διελογιζοντο εν ἑαυτοις λεγοντες ὁτι αρτους ουκ ελαβομεν
Mat 16:8 γνους δε ὁ ιησους ειπεν τι διαλογιζεσθε εν ἑαυτοις ολιγοπιστοι ὁτι αρτους ουκ εχετε
Mat 16:9 ουπω νοειτε ουδε μνημονευετε τους πεντε αρτους των πεντακισχιλιων και ποσους κοφινους ελαβετε
Mat 16:10 ουδε τους ἑπτα αρτους των τετρακισχιλιων και ποσας σπυριδας ελαβετε
Mat 16:11 πως ου νοειτε ὁτι ου περι αρτων ειπον ὑμιν προσεχετε δε απο της ζυμης των φαρισαιων και σαδδουκαιων
Mat 16:12 τοτε συνηκαν ὁτι ουκ ειπεν προσεχειν απο της ζυμης των αρτων αλλα απο της διδαχης των φαρισαιων και σαδδουκαιων
Mat 16:13 ελθων δε ὁ ιησους εις τα μερη καισαρειας της φιλιππου ηρωτα τους μαθητας αυτου λεγων τινα λεγουσιν οἱ ανθρωποι ειναι τον υἱον του ανθρωπου
Mat 16:14 οἱ δε ειπαν οἱ μεν ιωαννην τον βαπτιστην αλλοι δε ηλιαν ἑτεροι δε ιερεμιαν η ἑνα των προφητων
Mat 16:15 λεγει αυτοις ὑμεις δε τινα με λεγετε ειναι
Mat 16:16 αποκριθεις δε σιμων πετρος ειπεν συ ει ὁ χριστος ὁ υἱος του θεου του ζωντος
Mat 16:17 αποκριθεις δε ὁ ιησους ειπεν αυτω μακαριος ει σιμων βαριωνα ὁτι σαρξ και αἱμα ουκ απεκαλυψεν σοι αλλ᾽ ὁ πατηρ μου ὁ εν τοις ουρανοις
Mat 16:18 καγω δε σοι λεγω ὁτι συ ει πετρος και επι ταυτη τη πετρα οικοδομησω μου την εκκλησιαν και πυλαι ἁδου ου κατισχυσουσιν αυτης
Mat 16:19 δωσω σοι τας κλειδας της βασιλειας των ουρανων και ὁ εαν δησης επι της γης εσται δεδεμενον εν τοις ουρανοις και ὁ εαν λυσης επι της γης εσται λελυμενον εν τοις ουρανοις
Mat 16:20 τοτε διεστειλατο τοις μαθηταις ἱνα μηδενι ειπωσιν ὁτι αυτος εστιν ὁ χριστος
Mat 16:21 απο τοτε ηρξατο ὁ ιησους δεικνυειν τοις μαθηταις αυτου ὁτι δει αυτον εις ἱεροσολυμα απελθειν και πολλα παθειν απο των πρεσβυτερων και αρχιερεων και γραμματεων και αποκτανθηναι και τη τριτη ἡμερα εγερθηναι
Mat 16:22 και προσλαβομενος αυτον ὁ πετρος ηρξατο επιτιμαν αυτω λεγων σοι κυριε ου μη εσται σοι τουτο
Mat 16:23 ὁ δε στραφεις ειπεν τω πετρω ὑπαγε οπισω μου σατανα σκανδαλον ει εμου ὁτι ου φρονεις τα του θεου αλλα τα των ανθρωπων
Mat 16:24 τοτε ὁ ιησους ειπεν τοις μαθηταις αυτου ει. τις θελει οπισω μου ελθειν απαρνησασθω ἑαυτον και αρατω τον σταυρον αυτου και ακολουθειτω μοι
Mat 16:25 ὁς γαρ εαν θελη την ψυχην αυτου σωσαι απολεσει αυτην ὁς δ᾽ αν απολεση την ψυχην αυτου ἑνεκεν εμου εὑρησει αυτην
Mat 16:26 τι γαρ ωφεληθησεται ανθρωπος εαν τον κοσμον ὁλον κερδηση την δε ψυχην αυτου ζημιωθη η τι δωσει ανθρωπος ανταλλαγμα της ψυχης αυτου
Mat 16:27 μελλει γαρ ὁ υἱος του ανθρωπου ερχεσθαι εν τη δοξη του πατρος αυτου μετα των αγγελων αυτου και τοτε αποδωσει ἑκαστω κατα την πραξιν αυτου
Mat 16:28 αμην λεγω ὑμιν ὁτι εισιν τινες των ὡδε ἑστωτων οἱτινες ου μη γευσωνται θανατου ἑως αν ιδωσιν τον υἱον του ανθρωπου ερχομενον εν τη βασιλεια αυτου