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James 5

Jms 5:1 As for you rich people, cry and howl because of the misery coming upon you!
Jms 5:2 Your wealth has rotted and your clothes are moth-eaten;
Jms 5:3 your money has corroded, and it will testify against you and eat away your flesh, because you hoarded wealth in the last days.
Jms 5:4 Listen! The wages you withheld from your employees are shouting out, and the distress calls of the workers have reached the ears of the Master of Armies.
Jms 5:5 You live in decadent luxury on the earth, fattening your hearts for slaughter.
Jms 5:6 You convict the innocent and murder those who aren’t even opposing you.
Jms 5:7 So be patient, sisters and brothers, until the Master is here. Observe: The farmer waits for the priceless produce of the land, patiently waiting for the early and late rains.
Jms 5:8 So you be patient too, and be ready, because the Master is almost here!
Jms 5:9 Do not mutter against each other, so that you will not be judged. Look! The Judge stands at the door.
Jms 5:10 My brothers and sisters, take the prophets who spoke in the Name of the Master as examples of suffering evil and enduring it.
Jms 5:11 Happy are those who endure! You heard about the endurance of Job, and you understood how it ended, because the Master is filled with great compassion.
Jms 5:12 Above all, my brothers and sisters, do not take oaths; not by heaven, nor by earth, nor by anything else. Just say “yes” or “no” and mean it, so you won’t come under judgment.
Jms 5:13 If anyone among you is suffering, they should pray; if anyone is happy, they should play music;
Jms 5:14 if anyone is weak, they should call on the elders of the Congregation and have them pray over them, putting olive oil on them in the name of the Master.
Jms 5:15 The claim made in faith will save the weak and the Master will raise them up, and if they have failed they will be forgiven.
Jms 5:16 Admit your failures to each other and stand up for each other, so that you may be healed. The persistent request of the just is very effective.
Jms 5:17 Elijah was a person just like us, and when he prayed for it not to rain, it didn’t rain for three and a half years!
Jms 5:18 He prayed again, and the rains came over the land to make things grow.
Jms 5:19 My brothers and sisters, if anyone among you is led astray from the truth, and someone turns them back,
Jms 5:20 understand that the one who turns them away from deception will save their soul from death and cover up innumerable failures.
Jms 5:1 αγε νυν οἱ πλουσιοι κλαυσατε ολολυζοντες επι ταις ταλαιπωριαις ὑμων ταις επερχομεναις
Jms 5:2 ὁ πλουτος ὑμων σεσηπεν και τα ἱματια ὑμων σητοβρωτα γεγονεν
Jms 5:3 ὁ χρυσος ὑμων και ὁ αργυρος κατιωται και ὁ ιος αυτων εις μαρτυριον ὑμιν εσται και φαγεται τας σαρκας ὑμων ὡς πυρ εθησαυρισατε εν εσχαταις ἡμεραις
Jms 5:4 ιδου ὁ μισθος των εργατων των αμησαντων τας χωρας ὑμων ὁ απεστερημενος αφ᾽ ὑμων κραζει και αἱ βοαι των θερισαντων εις τα ωτα κυριου σαβαωθ εισεληλυθασιν
Jms 5:5 ετρυφησατε επι της γης και εσπαταλησατε εθρεψατε τας καρδιας ὑμων εν ἡμερα σφαγης
Jms 5:6 κατεδικασατε εφονευσατε τον δικαιον ουκ αντιτασσεται ὑμιν
Jms 5:7 μακροθυμησατε ουν αδελφοι ἑως της παρουσιας του κυριου ιδου ὁ γεωργος εκδεχεται τον τιμιον καρπον της γης μακροθυμων επ᾽ αυτω ἑως λαβη προϊμον και οψιμον
Jms 5:8 μακροθυμησατε και ὑμεις στηριξατε τας καρδιας ὑμων ὁτι ἡ παρουσια του κυριου ηγγικεν
Jms 5:9 μη στεναζετε αδελφοι κατ᾽ αλληλων ἱνα μη κριθητε ιδου ὁ κριτης προ των θυρων ἑστηκεν
Jms 5:10 ὑποδειγμα λαβετε αδελφοι της κακοπαθειας και της μακροθυμιας τους προφητας οἱ ελαλησαν τω ονοματι κυριου
Jms 5:11 ιδου μακαριζομεν τους ὑπομειναντας την ὑπομονην ιωβ ηκουσατε και το τελος κυριου ειδετε ὁτι πολυσπλαγχνος εστιν ὁ κυριος και οικτιρμων
Jms 5:12 προ παντων δε αδελφοι μου μη ομνυετε μητε τον ουρανον μητε την γην μητε αλλον τινα ὁρκον ητω δε ὑμων το ναι ναι και το ου ου ἱνα μη ὑπο κρισιν πεσητε
Jms 5:13 κακοπαθει τις εν ὑμιν προσευχεσθω ευθυμει τις ψαλλετω
Jms 5:14 ασθενει τις εν ὑμιν προσκαλεσασθω τους πρεσβυτερους της εκκλησιας και προσευξασθωσαν επ᾽ αυτον αλειψαντες αυτον ελαιω εν τω ονοματι του κυριου
Jms 5:15 και ἡ ευχη της πιστεως σωσει τον καμνοντα και εγερει αυτον ὁ κυριος καν ἁμαρτιας η πεποιηκως αφεθησεται αυτω
Jms 5:16 εξομολογεισθε ουν αλληλοις τας ἁμαρτιας και ευχεσθε ὑπερ αλληλων ὁπως ιαθητε πολυ ισχυει δεησις δικαιου ενεργουμενη
Jms 5:17 ηλιας ανθρωπος ην ὁμοιοπαθης ἡμιν και προσευχη προσηυξατο του μη βρεξαι και ουκ εβρεξεν επι της γης ενιαυτους τρεις και μηνας ἑξ
Jms 5:18 και παλιν προσηυξατο και ὁ ουρανος ὑετον εδωκεν και ἡ γη εβλαστησεν τον καρπον αυτης
Jms 5:19 αδελφοι μου εαν τις εν ὑμιν πλανηθη απο της αληθειας και επιστρεψη τις αυτον
Jms 5:20 γινωσκετω ὁτι ὁ επιστρεψας ἁμαρτωλον εκ πλανης ὁδου αυτου σωσει ψυχην εκ θανατου και καλυψει πληθος ἁμαρτιων