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James 4

Jms 4:1 Where do battles and fights among you come from, if not from the cravings clashing among you?
Jms 4:2 You want but cannot have; you murder and are jealous but it doesn’t get you anywhere; you fight and battle but gain nothing because you do not ask.
Jms 4:3 And even when you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with the bad intention of squandering it all on self-gratification.
Jms 4:4 You unfaithful spouses! Don’t you realize that to be friends with the world is to be enemies of God? Whoever wants to be a friend of the world is considered an enemy of God.
Jms 4:5 Or do you think the scripture says this for nothing: “The Spirit that lives within us wants us for itself”?
Jms 4:6 Yet he grants favor all the more, which is why he says, “God sets up for battle against the proud but is favorable to the humble.”
Jms 4:7 So align with God. Stand against the Accuser and he will run from you;
Jms 4:8 come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you errant ones, and make up your minds, you who can’t decide!
Jms 4:9 Be miserable and mourn and cry; change your laughter into mourning and your joy into sorrow.
Jms 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Master, and he will lift you up.
Jms 4:11 Don’t cut each other down, brothers and sisters, because those who do that despise the law and judge it. And if you judge the law you are putting yourself in the place of a judge,
Jms 4:12 but there is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who can either save or destroy you. Who are you to judge others?
Jms 4:13 Now see here, you who say “Today or tomorrow we will go to the city for a year and conduct a profitable business,”
Jms 4:14 you have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Your life is a vapor that vanishes as soon as it appears,
Jms 4:15 so instead you should say, “If the Master approves, we will live and do this or that.”
Jms 4:16 But right now you are boasting and showing off, and that is wicked.
Jms 4:17 So, if you know what’s best but don’t do it, you fail.
Jms 4:1 ποθεν πολεμοι και ποθεν μαχαι εν ὑμιν ουκ εντευθεν εκ των ἡδονων ὑμων των στρατευομενων εν τοις μελεσιν ὑμων
Jms 4:2 επιθυμειτε και ουκ εχετε φονευετε και ζηλουτε και ου δυνασθε επιτυχειν μαχεσθε και πολεμειτε ουκ εχετε δια το μη αιτεισθαι ὑμας
Jms 4:3 αιτειτε και ου λαμβανετε διοτι κακως αιτεισθε ἱνα εν ταις ἡδοναις ὑμων δαπανησητε
Jms 4:4 μοιχαλιδες ουκ οιδατε ὁτι ἡ φιλια του κοσμου εχθρα του θεου εστιν ὁς εαν ουν βουληθη φιλος ειναι του κοσμου εχθρος του θεου καθισταται
Jms 4:5 η δοκειτε ὁτι κενως ἡ γραφη λεγειν προς φθονον επιποθει το πνευμα ὁ κατωκησεν εν ἡμιν
Jms 4:6 μειζονα δε διδωσιν χαριν διο λεγειν ὁ θεος ὑπερηφανοις αντιτασσεται ταπεινοις δε διδωσιν χαριν
Jms 4:7 ὑποταγητε ουν τω θεω αντιστητε τω διαβολω και φευξεται αφ᾽ ὑμων
Jms 4:8 εγγισατε τω θεω και εγγιει ὑμιν καθαρισατε χειρας ἁμαρτωλοι και ἁγνισατε καρδιας διψυχοι
Jms 4:9 ταλαιπωρησατε και πενθησατε και κλαυσατε ὁ γελως ὑμων εις πενθος μεταστραπητω και ἡ χαρα εις κατηφειαν
Jms 4:10 ταπεινωθητε ενωπιον κυριου και ὑψωσει ὑμας
Jms 4:11 μη καταλαλειτε αλληλων αδελφοι ὁ καταλαλων αδελφου η κρινων τον αδελφον αυτου καταλαλει νομου και κρινει νομον ει. δε νομον κρινεις ουκ ει. ποιητης νομου αλλα κριτης
Jms 4:12 εἱς εστιν ὁ νομοθετης και κριτης ὁ δυναμενος σωσαι και απολεσαι συ δε τις ει. ὁ κρινων τον πλησιον
Jms 4:13 αγε νυν οἱ λεγοντες σημερον και αυριον πορευσομεθα εις τηνδε την πολιν και ποιησομεν εκει ενιαυτον και εμπορευσομεθα και κερδησομεν
Jms 4:14 οἱτινες ουκ επιστασθε το της αυριον ποια ἡ ζωη ὑμων ατμις γαρ εστε ἡ προς ολιγον φαινομενη επειτα και αφανιζομενη
Jms 4:15 αντι του λεγειν ὑμας εαν ὁ κυριος θεληση και ζησομεν και ποιησομεν τουτο η εκεινο
Jms 4:16 νυν δε καυχασθε εν ταις αλαζονειαις ὑμων πασα καυχησις τοιαυτη πονηρα εστιν
Jms 4:17 ειδοτι ουν καλον ποιειν και μη ποιουντι ἁμαρτια αυτω εστιν